Monday, January 31, 2011

Sheila Reid Blisters 8:56 for NCAA #1 Time Over 3000 Meters || Lipari Debuts at the Mile

Sheila Reid ran a virtually solo 3000 meter race Saturday at the Armory, her winning time of 8:56.92 a new PR and 17.5 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher. That NCAA #1 performance places Reid 5 seconds clear of the next best time in the nation so far this season. Reid currently sits #2 on the NCAA mile performance list as well.
Freshman Emily Lipari finished second over the mile this weekend, in 4:47.03, 26th best in the nation and #6 in the Big East. Bogdana Mimic was 4th in the mile, in 4:47.98, ranking #7 in the Big East and #40 nationally.
Also of note, freshman Nicky Akande ran 2:11.81 for 800 meters, 4th in the meet, but #7 in the Big East.

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