Head Coach:

Marcus O’Sullivan (15th Year)

Last Year:
1st Big East
1st Mid-Atlantic Region
18th NCAA

Probable Top Five:
SO Patrick Tiernan (7:57 3k; 13:31 5k; 9th NCAA XC '13)
SR Sam McEntee (3:36 1500m; 7:54 3k; 14:12 5k; 27th NCAA XC '13)
JR Jordy Williamsz (3:36 1500m; 8:04 3k; 10th Mid-Atlantic XC '13; 205th NCAA XC '13)
SR Brian Basili (8:17 3k; 14:08 5k; 12th Mid-Atlantic XC '13; 143rd NCAA XC '13)
JR Robert Denault (3:41 1500m; 8:15 3k; 9th Mid-Atlantic XC '13; 6th Big East XC '13)

Impact Freshman/Recruits:
Grant Wiggins - Norfolk Academy, VA (4:20 1600m; 15:41 5k)
Ishmael Muhammed - Oakcrest, NJ (4:16 1600m; 1:48 800m)

Villanova’s three boys from Down Under guarantee that Coach Marcus O’Sullivan can book their flights to Terre Haute, a little earlier than most. Patrick Tiernan was 9th as a freshman, and his 13:31 5k on the track is indicative of what this guy from Toowoomba (Australia) can produce on the day. His projected low stick may even be as good as top three at the Big Race. He is that good. Sam McEntee (Perth, Australia) was a terrific 27th at last year’s race, and he has as good a set of wheels as anyone in the race with a 3:36 for 1500. Jordy WIlliamsz (Melbourne, Australia) is not likely to have the nightmare he had at last year’s bogfest race where he finished 205th. He is much better than that, so look for him to redeem himself this time around.

Solid senior Brian Basili finished 12th in last year’s Region race, and he has improved throughout his years at Villanova as indicated by his PR last year of 14:08 for 5k on the track. He will be the lone American in O’Sullivan’s top five. Canadian Robert Denault leaped on to the list of Villanova’s many top 1500 meter runners with a 3:41 last spring. Showing he can run longer, he was 9th in the Mid Atlantic Region cross meet last year.

So, does anybody want to race Villanova over 1500 meters? How about 10,000 meters on grass?

Maybe no on both counts.

A winner in Coach O’Sullivan  and some very talented foreigners will make the Wildcats a team to be feared in November.