Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bobby Curtis Goes 13:46.30 at Italian 5000

Bobby Curtis ran 13:46.30 this evening at the Roverto meet in the north of Italy. He finished in 13th place in the race's third clump of runners. Hayle Ibrahimov won the race as a front runner, breaking away from the pack and gapping the second-place finisher by a whopping 17 seconds. After three races at 3000 meters and a two-miler in Birmingham, England, this was Curtis' longest race since the US Olymic Trials 10,000 meters. Curtis carries a 13:18.97 PR at this 5000 meter distance, set in August 2010. Next up on Sunday is another 3000 meter race, this time at the fast track at Rieti.

Rovereto 5000 meters
 1.  Hayle IBRAHIMOV       AZE    13:11.34   MR
 2.  Andrew BUMBALOUGH     USA    13:28.34
 3.  Daniele MEUCCI        ITA    13:28.91
 4.  Philemon MARITIM      KEN    13:32.55
 5.  Zelalem REGASA        ETH    13:39.17
 6.  Andrew BADDELEY       GBR    13:41.01
 7.  Lousshaine OUKHRID    MAR    13:41.79
 8.  Jamel CHATBI          ITA    13:41.93
 9.  Tiidrek NURME         EST    13:42.09
10.  Elliot HEALTH         USA    13:44.05
11.  Patrick NASTI         ITA    13:44.49
12.  Philipp BANDI         SUI    13:45.03
13.  Bobby CURTIS          USA    13:46.30
14.  Suguri OSAKO          JPN    13:49.29
DNF  Jamal HITRANE         MAR   
DNF  Christoph RYFFEL      SUI 
DNF  Abdellah HAIDANE      ITA 
DNS  Peter LANZINER        ITA 
DNS  Ismal KOMBICH         KEN 
DNS  Geoffrey BARUSEI      KEN

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