Friday, February 5, 2010

Villanova Women's DMR Posts USA #2 Time

In a thrilling DMR at the New Balance Collegiate Invitational on February 5 at the Armory, the Villanova women defeated the defending DMR national champions from Tennessee and 2009 5th place finisher Georgetown, all of whom finished within one second of each other. Sheila Reid ran the 1600 meter anchor and out-leaned Tennessee's defending NCAA 800 meter champion Phoebe Wright for the win. Villanova's time of 11:02.83 is the #2 time in the NCAA this season (behind only Oregon) and an NCAA automatic qualifier.

Here's how the Armory's Christopher Hunt described the race:

The Tennessee women are accustomed to championship racing at the Collegiate Invitational, especially in the distance medley relay, where they first set the American record last year. This time, the Lady Vols were again in the lead in the closing stages with NCAA 800 champ, Phoebe Wright holding the baton on the mile anchor leg. But for lap after lap she towed the field and Villanova’s Sheila Reid took advantage and pounced in the last 50 meters.

Wright nearly held her off but Reid won on a lean and Villanova claimed victory in 11:02.83. Tennessee finished in 11:02.85.

“If you’re giving the baton to someone on the anchor leg I’d want it to be Phoebe Wright,” said Chanelle Price, who put the team in the lead on the third leg. “If it comes down to 50 meters, 9 times out of 10 Phoebe’s got it. Today she didn’t. She did all the work. If it was the other way around maybe it would have been different. But it’s okay. It’s good to get your butt kicked once in a while.”

For a video interview with the DMR girls, click here:

Event 26 Women Distance Medley Championship

School Finals

1 Villanova 'A' 11:02.83
1) Schappert, Nicole 2) Verdier, Christie
3) Neutts, Ariann 4) Reid, Sheila

2 Tennessee 'A' 11:02.85
1) Sheffey, Brittany 2) Wortham, Ellen
3) Price, Chanelle 4) Wright, Phoebe

3 Georgetown 'A' 11:03.80
1) Tomlin, Renee 2) Johnson, Abigail
3) Whalen, Christine 4) Infeld, Emily

4 Arkansas 'A' 11:06.56
1) Learch, Samantha 2) Williams, Shelise
3) Brown, Stephanie 4) Gillespie, Kristen

5 Texas Tech 'A' 11:10.28
1) Biwott, Purity 2) Clarke, Trudeann
3) Kipsang, Gladys 4) Karunde, Caroline

6 Brigham Young 'A' 11:10.89
1) Wagner, Angela 2) Stewart, Natalie
3) Stewart, Nachelle 4) Cramer, Lacey

7 University of Michigan 'A' 11:13.69
1) Addison, Becca 2) Smith, Jillian
3) Tauro, Danielle 4) Vinson, Shana

8 Boston College 'A' 11:17.64
1) King, Caroline 2) Cioffredi, Anna
3) Bailey, Caitlin 4) King, Jillian

9 West Virginia 'A' 11:17.68
1) Bland, Keri 2) Rotilio, April
3) Christopher, Kaylyn 4) O'Connell, Jessica

10 UCLA 'A' 11:39.02

11 Wisconsin 'A' 11:44.51
1) Beutler, Ashley 2) Ditscheit, Carli
3) Grinaker, Hanna 4) Donath, Amanda

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