Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rhines Gets 5000 "A" Standard with 15:10.44 in London

Jen Rhines ran a 2011 season best 5000 today in London, besting the World Championship "A" standard in the process. Her 15:10.44 was good for 5th place in race won by Lauren Fleshman. Fellow American Amy Hastings, who was second at the USA Championships at 5000 meters, failed again to achieve the "A" standard (15:14.00), meaning that Angela Bizzarri (3rd at USA's) is still on the outside looking in for the World Championship team. IAAF rules stipulate that three runners can compete for each country in each event, but only one of those three competitors can be a "B" standard athlete. USATF is dedicated to sending athletes to the World Championships based on the finishing order at the USA Championship meet. The top eight finishers in the 5000 at the USA meet, with their "A" or "B" standard, are:

1. Molly Huddle (A)
2. Amy Hastings (B)
3. Angela Bizzarri (B)
4. Jen Rhines (A)
5. Julie Culley (B)
6. Desiree Davila (A)
7. Neely Spence (B)
8. Lauren Fleshman (A)

Since neither Hastings nor Bizzarri have attained the "A" standard, only one of these athletes can compete in the race. Since Hastings beat Bizzarri at the USA meet, she has the option over Bizzarri. As a result, USATF now has the option, at its discretion, to send a three-person 5000 team of Huddle-Hastings-Rhines or Huddle-Hastings-Davila or Huddle-Hastings-Fleshman. However, Molly Huddle is nursing an injury and doesn't look to be at Worlds. In any event, it is not clear at this point if Rhines wishes to double at Worlds (she's running the 10,000 already), so the USA 5000 meter squad is still in doubt. Desiree Davila, who got the "A" standard today as well, was 6th at the USA Championship 5000, and Lauren Fleshman, who ran a very fast 15:00.57 today, was 8th at the USA meet.

Aviva London Grand Prix London (CP) (GBR) - Saturday, Aug 06, 2011
5000 Metres - W

1. Lauren Fleshman USA 15:00.57
2. Helen Clitheroe GBR 15:06.75
3. Grace Kwamboka Momanyi KEN 15:07.49
4. DesireƩ Davila USA 15:08.64
5. Jennifer Rhines USA 15:10.44
6. Genet Yalew ETH 15:12.42
7. Amy Hastings USA 15:17.22
8. Jessica Augusto POR 15:19.60
9. Waganesh Mekasha ETH 15:27.97
10. Julia Bleasdale GBR 15:49.59
Kaila McKnight AUS DNF

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