Tuesday, January 31, 2012

John Coghlan Joins Father Eamonn in the Sub 4:00 Miler Club

John Coghlan, Eamonn Coghlan's son who was briefly on Villanova's recruiting radar a few years ago before deciding to stay in Ireland and run at Dublin City University, has run a sub-4:00 mile, running 3:59.32 at the Terrier Classic in Boston. As a result, the father-son Coghlans now join the Browns, Centrowitzes, Keinos and Bairs as the only father-son sub-four minute milers in history. Interestingly, John ran his first sub-4:00 mile at Boston University's track, less than two miles from the track at Harvard University where his father Eamonn recorded his final sub-4:00 mile (at the age of 41).

The father-son sub-4:00 miler duos (with their initial sub-4:00 mile time listed) are:

3:54.16 Kip Keino 08/30/65
3:58.73 Martin Keino 06/04/94

3:58.7 Sam Bair 06/23/67
3:59.72 Sam Bair, Jr. 02/13/10

3:58.8 Barry Brown 05/13/72
3:59.99 Darren Brown 04/05/03

3:59.2 Matt Centrowitz 05/24/75
3:57.92 Matt Centrowitz, Jr. 02/14/09

3:56.2 Eamonn Coghlan 5/10/75
3:59.32 John Coghlan 01/28/12

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