Friday, March 2, 2012

Beamish Wins Columbia 5000 -- Fails to Qualify for NCAA Meet

Villanova's Hugo Beamish, who won the Big East title in 14:06.40 two weekends ago, went to the Armory tonight in the hopes of getting close to the 13:44.60 auto qualifier for the NCAA indoor championship meet. Beamish went out hard at tonight's Columbia Last Chance meet, and was on 13:45 pace through 3800 meters. At that point, his limited training base caught up with him and things fell apart over the final 1200. Beamish still won the race easily, but was well off his Big East time and not close to the NCAA qualifier.

Men's 5,000m Run
1. Beamish, Hugo Villanova 14:17.28
2. Zitek, Andrew NYU 14:35.59
3. Cleary, Brian Unattached 14:46.17
4. Rosas, Howie Unattached 15:03.03
5. Lobo, John Unattached 15:04.58
6. Yernye, Seth Syracuse Chargers 15:34.09
7. Kramer, Alex Brandeis NT
8. Ackerman, Bradford Unattached NT

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