Friday, March 23, 2012

Despite Signs to the Contrary, Carrie Tollefson Not Retired?

Notwithstanding her utter absence from competitive racing for at least two years, former Villanova all-american and 2004 US Olympian at 1500 meters Carrie Tollefson claims (or should it be "hopes"?) that she's still got some juice left. She'll try to get the 15:50 "B" standard for the Olympic Trials 5000 meters at the Peyton Jordan meet at Stanford later this spring. This interview from Runner's World, though, reveals the pulls and tugs of motherhood and career in the life of a professional runner. There's a sense of denial in many of Carrie's comments, though, and the Peyton Jordan meet will tell us a lot about Carrie's future on the track.

To see the Runner's World Q&A with Carrie, go HERE.

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