Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oxy High Performance Meet Start Lists: Villanova Athletes

Several Villanova athletes past and present will compete this Friday night in Los Angeles at Occidental College's Oxy High Performance meet. Specifically, the women's 1500 meter race (8:20 pm PT) will showcase the following Villanovans: Carmen Douma-Hussar, Marina Muncan, Nicole Schappert, Jen Rhines, and current NCAA defending champion Sheila Reid. In the 5000 meters (women 9:35 pm PT, men 9:55 pm PT) Carrie Tollefson will attempt to achieve the entry standards for the US Olympic Trials; the "B" standard is 15:50 and the "A" is 15:35. Tollefson has run two 5000 meter races this spring, hitting 16:26.63 at the Hamline Invitational on April 8th and 16:12.64 at Stanford on April 29th. On the men's side, Adrian Blincoe will try to rebound from a fall/DNF in the 10,000 race at Stanford. He ran very well on April 15th to finish 4th at the B.A.A. road 5K in 13:46. Blincoe, a 2008 Olympian at 5000 meters, already owns the Olympic "A" for the London Games, having run 13:18.27 in Barcelona on July 22, 2011.

Each of these races includes an impressive list of top talent, so the times should be fast. Here are the respective start lists:
Event 5  Women 1500 Meter Run
Friday 5/18/2012 - 8:20 PM
     Name                        Year Team                                  
  1  Gabriele Anderson                Brooks                      
  2  Lauren Bonds                     adidas/Raleigh              
  3  Sarah Bowman                     New Balance                 
  4  Lauren Centrowitz                New Balance                 
  5  Emma Coburn                      U of Colorado               
  6  Kim Conley                       SRA Elite                   
  7  Heidi Dahl                       New Balance                 
  8  Amanda Dunne                     Unattached                  
  9  Malindi Elmore                   Speed River TC              
 10  Brie Felnagle                    adidas                      
 11  Lindsey Gallo                    Unattached                  
 12  Dawn Grunnagle                   Nike O T C                  
 13  Lauren Hagans                    Asics                       
 14  Ashley Hinther                   Canada                      
 15  Carmen Husser                    New Balance                 
 16  Maggie Infeld                    NYAC-Nike                   
 17  Julia Kawamoto                   Canada                      
 18  Annick Lamar                     New York AC                 
 19  Julia Lucas                      Nike O T C                  
 20  Katie Mackey                     Brooks                      
 21  Elizabeth Maloy                  New Balance                 
 22  Brenda Martinez                  New Balance                 
 23  Amy Mortimer-Garman              Saucony                     
 24  Treniere Moser                   Nike                        
 25  Marina Muncan                    New Balance                 
 26  Dacia Perkins                    adidas/Rogue AC             
 27  Anna Pierce                      Nike                        
 28  Natalja Piliusina                Oklahoma St                 
 29  Sheila Reid                      Villanova                   
 30  Jen Rhines                       adidas                      
 31  Shannon Rowbury                  Nike                        
 32  Nicole Schappert                 New York AC                 
 33  Nicole Sifuentes                 Saucony                     
 34  Hilary Stellingwerff             Speed River TC              
 35  Renee Tomlin                     Nike                        
 36  Morgan Uceny                     adidas                      
 37  Kate Van Buskirk                 Canada                      
 38  Sara Vaughn                      Nike                        
 39  Maggie Vessey                    Unattached                  
 40  Lea Wallace                      Nike                        
 41  Phoebe Wright                    Nike                        

Event 7  Women 5000 Meter Run
Friday 5/18/2012 - 9:35 PM
     Name                        Year Team                                  
  1  Jackie Areson                    Nike                        
  2  Annie Bersagel                   N B Silicon Vlly            
  3  Addie Bracy                      Italy                       
  4  Emily Brichacek                  Australia                   
  5  Georgie Clarke                   Australia                   
  6  Melissa Cook                     Unattached                  
  7  Lisa Corrigan                    Australia                   
  8  Liz Costello                     Tennessee AC                
  9  Kaitlin Gregg                    N B Silicon Vlly            
 10  Amy Hastings                     Brooks                      
 11  Deena Kastor                     Asics                       
 12  Monica Kinney                    Unattached                  
 13  Julia Lucas                      Nike O T C                  
 14  Tarah McKay-Korir                Canada                      
 15  Sarah Porter                     Zap Fitness                 
 16  Stephanie Reilly                 Ireland                     
 17  Kristen Rohde                    Unattached                  
 18  Blake Russell                    Reebok                      
 19  Sara Slattery                    Unattached                  
 20  Carrie Tollefson                 adidas                      
 21  Lisa Uhl                         Nike O T C                  

Event 8  Men 5000 Meter Run
Friday 5/18/2012 - 9:55 PM
     Name                        Year Team                                  
  1  Bolota Asmerom                   Unattached                  
  2  Chris Barnicle                   New Balance                 
  3  Juan Luis Barrios                Nike                        
  4  Scott Bauhs                      Mammoth TC                  
  5  Brandon Bethke                   Michigan Elite              
  6  Adrian Blincoe                   New Zealand                 
  7  Josphat Boit                     Mammoth TC                  
  8  Forest Braden                    Unattached                  
  9  Sam Chelanga                     Nike O T C                  
 10  Robert Cheseret                  U S Army                    
 11  Ian Dobson                       Oregon TC                   
 12  Rory Fraser                      UK Athletics                
 13  Elliott Heath                    Unattached                  
 14  Sean Houseworth                  Falcon Dst Prjct            
 15  Jeremy Johnson                   Brooks                      
 16  Tony Okello                      Santa Monica TC             
 17  Stephen Pifer                    Oregon TC                   
 18  Jacob Riley                      Unattached                  
 19  Dathan Ritzenhein                Nike O T C                  
 20  Jake Robertson                   New Zealand                 
 21  Zane Robertson                   New Zealand                 
 22  Matt Tegenkamp                   Nike O T C                  
 23  Lane Wurthy                      Unattached 

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