Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Jordy Williamsz Interview

Here's an interview posted today by The Hub of Distance Running. Click HERE to go the site and explore other items.

1. How did you get started in running?
I got started in running when I was about 10 when I made the state team in cross country; before then I only dabbled in the sport. When I started making some more serious teams my training began to get serious.

2. What do you tell people that don't get our sport of distance running?
I tell them I run 15 miles on a Sunday, its generally good for an interesting reaction.

3. What are you current PR's?
My current PR's are:
400- 48.4
800- 1:47.3
1500- 3:36.7
3000- 8:13

4. How do you manage being a college student with being a college distance runner?
The first semester was tough for me, it has taken me the first semester to get used to running and college together. Villanova is a fairly tough school, but not only do I like to succeed in running I also like to succeed academically.

5. Who are your favorite professional and/or college distance runner(s) past and/or present & why?
I really look up to my current coach Marcus O'Sullivan. If I can achieve half of what he has I'll consider it a successful career. I also like any Aussie athlete out there, I realise how hard it can be running out of Australia compared to America.

6. Best or Worst thing about being a distance running?
The best part of being a distance running is that feeling after finishing off a tough session. Everybody who has ever been there knows what I'm talking about. There really is nothing else like it. The worst part of being a distance runner is probably behaving at college, but ultimately its worth it. I get far greater satisfaction from running than I ever would from some party.

7. Your Favorite Moment of your distance running career?
The best moment of my distance running career has been the last year as a whole. It had its ups and downs, but I really put in a huge effort and it paid off.

8. Goals for 2013?
In 2013 I just want to do the best I can while wearing a Villanova jersey. Of course I'd love to make a senior Australian team, but I feel like the team we have at Villanova can do some very special things and that has my full attention.

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