Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Marcus O'Sullivan: 1996 Atlanta Olympics 1500 Meters

Here is a video of Marcus O'Sullivan's final race as an Olympian.  It's heat 4 (of 5) in the qualifying rounds of the men's 1500 meters at the 1996 Atlanta Games. It is O'Sullivan's fourth Olympic Games, and in this heat he's wearing the white vest, bib 1678.  The top four finishers from each of the 5 heats (plus the next 4 fastest non-automatic qualifiers across all the heats) advanced to the semi-finals.  In this heat O'Sullivan finished 6th and his time of 3:38.16 is a bit too slow to advance to the semi-finals: he was the fastest non-qualifier -- first man out, as it were. In fact, the last man into the semi-finals on time was Luis Fieteira of Portugal (3:38.09) who finished one spot ahead of O'Sullivan in this heat.  The gold medal was won at this Olympics by Noureddine Morceli of Algeria in 3:35.78.

Heat 4TeamTime
1. Hicham el GuerroujMAR3:37.66
2. William TanuiKEN3:37.72
3. Kader ChekhemaniFRA3:37.81
4. Isaac ViciosaESP3:37.93
5. Luis FeiteiraPOR3:38.09
6. Marcus O'SullivanIRL3:38.16
7. Peter PhilippSUI3:41.60
8. Werner Edler-MuhrAUT3:45.02
9. Alexis SharangaboRWA3:46.42
10.Ali Mabruk EzayediLBA3:51.49
-. Graham HoodCANDNF

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