Friday, September 28, 2012

Villanova Men Win Paul Short Run with 3 in the Top 10

The Villanova men made a nice statement this morning at the Paul Short Run at Lehigh University, defeating #15 Georgetown and #28 Columbia handily in the process. #17 Princeton did not run its top men. Villanova won the meet with 69 total places, after a 4-7-9-23-26-(39)-(55) finish. William & Mary was next, with 100 places; Georgetown was third, with 101 places. Sam McEntee led the way with a 4th place overall finish in 24:13 -- the 6th fastest time for a Villanova runner on this course over the past 12 year. Freshman Jordy Williamsz -- only yesterday OK'd by the NCAA Clearinghouse -- donned the Villanova singlet for the first time and finished 9th overall, one second behind veteran Mathew Mildenhall. Villanova's 6th man Matt Kane came home before any other team's 5th finisher, and the team's top five finished in a tight 24 second spread.

Quotes from head coach Marcus O'Sullivan:

"I was very happy to see us come out on top. During the race I thought that Georgetown looked very strong and I didn't fully realize until the end of the race that William & Mary had packed their top four and run as well as they did. It took a great performance for us to come in first."

"Of all the noteworthy runs today we got a really great performance from Greg Morrin. He ran very well at Haverford this week and today he stepped up and had an excellent result to be our fourth runner. I am very proud of the way Greg has run in the first two races of the season."

"Not everyone ran their best but we had enough depth to overcome that. It has been rare for me to have the whole team running together this early in the season and I think we will only get better from here. I am hoping that having all the guys run together will be a good omen for us and I do think that will be the case as the season progresses."

The full results are HERE.

2012 Paul Short Top-10 Team Results
 1. Villanova                69    4    7    9   23   26   39   55 
 2. William & Mary          100   10   11   13   16   50   87  121
 3. Georgetown              101    1   12   15   33   40   54   72
 4. Dartmouth College       175    5   22   29   59   60   62   70
 5. Providence College      194    8   35   45   49   57   58   68
 6. Cornell University      202   14   20   27   66   75  107  115
 7. Yale University         255   21   30   61   67   76   80   93
 8. Columbia University     309   38   42   56   73  100  117  163
 9. Lehigh University       312   19   36   47  101  109  149  176
10. Saint Josephs           332   34   43   63   94   98  129  150

Villanova Results
  4.  Samuel McEntee         24:13  
  7.  Mathew Mildenhall      24:22  
  9.  Jordy Williamsz        24:23  
 23.  Greg Morrin            24:37  
 26.  Robert Denault         24:37  
 39.  Matthew Kane           24:50  
 55.  Brian Basili           25:00
 65.  Alex Tully             25:06
 68.  John Pickhaver         25:08
118.  Tom Trainer            25:37
Total Time = 2:02:09     Total Places = 69

Other team members ran in the Open Race. Here's how they fared:
12.  Dusty Solis            25:34
13.  Harry Warnick          25:35
23.  Kevin Corbusier        25:54
33.  Chris O'Sullivan       26:10
34.  Charles Bates          26:10
40.  Chris Pietrocarlo      26:16
54.  Danny Harris           26:28
64.  Rob Hurlbut            26:39

Villanova Women Stumble to 7th at Paul Short Run

Today at Lehigh University's course, the Villanova women finished 7th at the Paul Short Run, in sharp contrast to their #9 national ranking. Nicky Akande ran well, coming 8th overall in 20:33, as she looks to be the 2012 team's standard-bearer. On a day when the Villanova men made a strong statement that their current #22 national ranking is far too low, the Villanova women under-performed against expectations and will no doubt tumble mightily when the new polls are released early next week. For the second week in a row, Villanova's key distance recruit Angel Piccirillo was nowhere in sight, still struggling with an injury. A sobering result today to be sure for the Villanova women.

2012 Paul Short Top-7 Team Results
1. Cornell University       55    2    4    9   13   27   28   57    
2. College of William      102    5    6   19   34   38   59   62
3. Georgetown              106   10   12   16   31   37   45   77
4. Yale University         147   14   18   35   39   41   49   80
5. Dartmouth College       149    1   22   24   48   54   83  107
6. Providence College      167    3    7   36   52   69   86  120
7. Villanova               184    8   29   44   50   53   78  126

The full results of the Women's Gold race are HERE.

Villanova Results
  8.  Nicky Akande               20:33  
 29.  Summer Cook                21:02  
 44.  Emily Lipari               21:15  
 50.  Stephanie Schappert        21:23  
 53.  Megan Venables             21:24  
 78.  Courtney Chapman           21:54  
126.  Meghan Smith               22:25 
140.  Kelsey Margey              22:28 
242.  Arianne Neutts             23:23
307.  Leanne Tucker              24:18
Total Time = 1:45:35     Total Places = 184

Villanova also had runners in the Open Race, which was run by recent Villanova graduate (and 3-time cross country All-American) Bogdana Minic. Here's how those women ran:
 1.  Bogdana Mimic (unattached)  20:14
26.  Amanda Borroughs            22:40
28.  Caitlin Bungo               22:42
49.  Mary Bohi                   23:12
82.  Anna Francis                23:45

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Inside a Melbourne Track Club Pre-Olympic Workout

Here's a video from just before this year's London Olympics. It provides a glimpse at a Melbourne Track Club workout as several members of the team prepare for their Olympic events. The group is training at St. Mary's College in England, and former Villanova NCAA champion Bobby Curtis, who trains for portions of the year with the club, is featured thoughout the video.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sydney Maree's 3:47.52 -- Still the Fastest 5th Avenue Mile

It's been 31 years since Villanova's own Sydney Maree won the inaugural 5th Avenue Mile in 1981. Maree entered that race as the newly minted American Record Holder in the mile, having run 3:48.83, which was then the #3 time in history. And in the subsequent 31 runnings of the 5th Avenue Mile, no one has run it faster than Maree did on that day. As the video above shows, this race was packed with legendary milers, including: John Walker, Steve Cram, Steve Scott, Villanova's Eamonn Coghlan, Kenyan Mike Boit, Thomas Wessinghage, Craig Masback, Tom Byers, Ray Flynn, Villanova alum Ross Donohue, Vince Draddy, and Omer Khalifa of the Sudan. Not surprisingly, it took a freakishly fast 3:47.52 for Maree to win this race -- a time that has stood the test of three decades.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Akande & Lipari Lead Villanova Women at Haverford

The #10 Villanova women opened the 2012 cross country campaign today at the Main Line Invitational at Haverford. The squad was headed up by the top two returning harriers from last year's team that finished 3rd at the NCAA national meet. With Sheila Reid and Bogdana Mimic gone, the ladies have to find a new 1-2 tandem for 2012. Akande and Lipari -- who toggled back and forth last year in the 3 and 4 spots on the squad -- looked to be the logical candidates; they did not disappoint today.

The race was won by LaSalle's Meghan McGlinchey, who came home 10 seconds ahead of a train of seven straight Villanova women. Villanova's top five had a very nice 1-5 spread of only 29 seconds over this 3 mile course. Akande and Lipari were followed next by Summer Cook (who ran 51 seconds faster than at last year's meet) and Stephanie Schappert (who likewise improved by 25 seconds) in 4th and 5th. Coach Gina Procaccio debuted frosh Margey Kelsey, who ran impressively and finished 6th overall (5th for the team). The other two parts of Procaccio's super distance recruiting class -- Angel Piccirillo and Caitlin Bungo -- were held out of today's meet.

Villanova's competitors finished this way:

Villanova Finishers 2012
    Name                  Time      (2011 meet time)
2.  Akande, Nicky         16:26.10  (16:49.49)      
3.  Lipari, Emily         16:34.90  --       
4.  Cook, Summer          16:49.30  (17:40.03)       
5.  Schappert, Stepanie   16:51.50  (17:16.90)       
6.  Margey, Kelsey        16:55.10  --     
7.  Venables, Megan       17:12.50  (17:34.41)       
8.  Chapman, Courtney     17:12.70  (17:06.62)       
12. Smith, Meghan         17:24.70  (17:57.76)       
25. Neutts, Ariann        18:10.70  --       
29. Bohi, Mary            18:22.60  (19:03.29)       
30. Borroughs, Amanda     18:23.20  (18:09.61)       
37. Francis, Anna         18:49.30  (19:15.24)

Complete Results
1.   McGlinchey, Meghan     LaSalle University      16:16.30       
2.   Akande, Nicky          Villanova University    16:26.10       
3.   Lipari, Emily          Villanova University    16:34.90       
4.   Cook, Summer           Villanova University    16:49.30       
5.   Schappert, Stepanie    Villanova University    16:51.50       
6.   Margey, Kelsey         Villanova University    16:55.10       
7.   Venables, Megan        Villanova University    17:12.50       
8.   Chapman, Courtney      Villanova University    17:12.70       
9.   Bearish, Stephanie     LaSalle University      17:17.80       
10.  Hutchinson, Wendy      LaSalle University      17:22.10       
11.  Capozzi, Michelle      LaSalle University      17:24.20       
12.  Smith, Meghan          Villanova University    17:24.70       
13.  Kronauer, Kristina     Bryn Mawr College       17:33.20       
14.  Weathers, Nora         Haverford College       17:43.20       
15.  Cody, Jenna            Swarthmore College      17:47.80       
16.  Walker, Elizabeth      LaSalle University      17:50.10       
17.  Strycharz, Christa     LaSalle University      17:51.80       
18.  Lutz, Meghan           LaSalle University      17:52.10       
19.  Balmer, Katie          Haverford College       17:52.30       
20.  O'Malley, Hayley       Unattached              17:54.20       
21.  Hammond, Rebecca       Swarthmore College      18:05.10       
22.  Gallagher, Sam         LaSalle University      18:08.90       
23.  Hess, Sara             Haverford College       18:09.70       
24.  McMenamin, Katie       Swarthmore College      18:10.40       
25.  Neutts, Ariann         Villanova University    18:10.70       
26.  Scott, Emily           Haverford College       18:20.90       
27.  Hendry, Fiona          Haverford College       18:21.20       
28.  Tocci, Andrea          Haverford College       18:21.90       
29.  Bohi, Mary             Villanova University    18:22.60       
30.  Borroughs, Amanda      Villanova University    18:23.20       
31.  Keep, Claudia          Bryn Mawr College       18:25.30       
32.  Thorsheim, Chelsea     Haverford College       18:36.60       
33.  Saarel, Emma           Swarthmore College      18:41.70       
34.  Lellman, Charlotte     Haverford College       18:42.40       
35.  Berklein, Flora        Haverford College       18:43.30       
36.  Areias, Anne           LaSalle University      18:44.30       
37.  Francis, Anna          Villanova University    18:49.30       
38.  Keifer, Cara           Haverford College       18:50.40       
39.  Nielsen, Sarah         Swarthmore College      18:52.60       
40.  Hefferman, Maggie      Haverford College       18:54.20       
41.  Freeley, Bridget       Haverford College       19:05.10       
42.  Allen, Molly           Haverford College       19:09.60       
43.  Riffenburg, Kelley     Haverford College       19:14.10       
44.  Vamos, Csilla          Haverford College       19:26.70       
45.  Dalton, Colleen        Gwynedd Mercy College   19:31.40       
46.  Tawa, Liz              Swarthmore College      19:31.90       
47.  Potter, Rachael        Haverford College       19:37.70       
48.  Uddin, Olivia          Haverford College       19:49.30       
49.  Craig, Rebecca         Bryn Mawr College       19:52.90       
50.  Duffy, Margaret        Haverford College       19:55.10       
51.  Howe, Nora             Haverford College       19:57.50       
52.  Creighton, Emily       Gwynedd Mercy College   20:02.60       
53.  McGarrity, Holly       Gwynedd Mercy College   20:03.50       
54.  Wiley, Kim             Bryn Mawr College       20:05.60       
55.  Robles, Georgia        Bryn Mawr College       20:05.80       
56.  Medendorp, Kellie      Widener University      20:06.80       
57.  Crowley, Kate          Swarthmore College      20:12.20       
58.  Smith, Christina       Gwynedd Mercy College   20:16.50       
59.  Manzi, Lauren          Gwynedd Mercy College   20:18.50       
60.  Trofa, Erica           Widener University      20:26.20       
61.  Letner, Dorothea       Haverford College       20:43.60       
62.  Greifeld, Katie        Haverford College       20:47.30       
63.  Cina-Sklar, Zoe        Swarthmore College      20:48.40       
64.  Sannio, Chelsea        Widener University      21:09.80       
65.  Englert, Brianna       Widener University      21:10.10       
66.  Beda, Alexandra        Bryn Mawr College       21:10.30       
67.  Chung, Elsie           Bryn Mawr College       21:14.80       
68.  Piatkowski, Ashley     Gwynedd Mercy College   21:17.30       
69.  Callahan, Ashley       Widener University      21:17.60       
70.  Englert, Taylor        Widener University      21:27.80       
71.  Rella, Kaitlin         Gwynedd Mercy College   21:30.90       
72.  Bell, Emily            Bryn Mawr College       21:31.80       
73.  Schmidt, Elaine        Bryn Mawr College       21:42.10       
74.  Martinez, Marina       Swarthmore College      21:47.80       
75.  Kantor, Rachael        Haverford College       21:51.70       
76.  Myrvang, Annie         Swarthmore College      21:57.80       
77.  Philips, Grace         Gwynedd Mercy College   22:10.90       
78.  Farley, Helen          Haverford College       22:11.50       
79.  Morrison, Chelsea      Widener University      22:32.60       
80.  Miller, Courtney       Gwynedd Mercy College   22:43.80       
81.  Schneider, Amy         Gwynedd Mercy College   22:51.70       
82.  Allan, Nina            Haverford College       23:21.10       
83.  Rudich, Simone         Gwynedd Mercy College   24:00.20       
84.  Torrente, Samantha     Gwynedd Mercy College   25:12.70

Results of 2012 Main Line Invitational Compare Well

A comparison of the today's results at the Main Line Invitational with this same meet in previous years reveals plenty of room for optimism about the 2012 edition of the team. For those more seniors harriers who have competed on this course in past years, there is plenty of evidence of significant improvement over time. For example, Matt Kane has run this race five consecutive years and has run it increasingly faster each year, going from 20:37.14 as a true freshman in 2008 to 19:29.60 today. Likewise, Brian Basili has improved almost 80 seconds since his initial effort two years ago. Similar stories abound throughout the list. If nothing else, Villanova looks to be quite deep at the top end, signalling a spirited competition for the top seven slots. Finally, Marcus O'Sullivan likely will have to ponder the the status of true freshman Jordy Williamsz, the 3:36 1500 meter man from Melbourne who ran unattached today. Williamsz finished 3rd overall in a super quick 19:15.30: this guy looks to be too fast to redshirt.

Comparison of Results at the Main Line Invitational, 2008-2012
                         2012       2011       2010       2009       2008     
2.   McEntee, Sam        19:13.50   19:35.91   --         --         --
3.   Williamsz, Jordy    19:15.30   --         --         --         --
5.   Mildenhall, Mathew  19:22.50   19:35.73   19:54.45   19:51.17   --
6.   Tully, Alex         19:28.30   20:04.50   --         20:37.14   --
7.   Kane, Matthew       19:29.60   19:43.03   19:53.37   20:07.61   20:37.14
11.  Basili, Brian       19:37.50   20:06.85   20:54.56   --         --
12.  Morrin, Greg        19:37.80   19:37.72   20:16.93   20:24.93   --
18.  Pickhaver, John     19:57.10   20:02.20   20:21.35   20:52.39   --
21.  Trainer, Tom        19:59.40   20:33.79   --         --         --
22.  O'Sullivan, Chris   20:02.50   20:24.40   20:46.73   --         --
24.  Warnick, Harry      20:05.30   --         --         --         --
29.  Corbusier, Kevin    20:16.80   --         --         --         --
31.  Harris, Danny       20:18.80   --         21:29.33   --         --
34.  Solis, Dusty        20:19.90   20:31.61   20:37.30   --         --
40.  Pietrocarlo, Chris  20:35.30   20:55.92   21:15.22   --         --
42.  Bates, Charlie      20:41.80   21:41.11   --         --         --
43.  Hurlburt, Robert    20:43.60   20:35.70   --         --         --
46.  Lampron, Josh       20:46.80   --         --         --         --
48.  Golato, Andrew      20:47.90   20:41.98   21:20.32   21:47.41   --
61.  Long, Brian         21:09.80   19:34.60   20:37.04   --         --
63.  Ackerman, Brad      21:13.10   --         --         22:09.89   --
70.  Bohny, Richard      21:43.30   22:45.37   22:26.22   --         --

Villanova Men Kick Off Season at Main Line Invitational

A large contingent of Villanova runners (including many unattached and a few alumnae competitors) competed in the first cross country meet of the 2012 season this afternoon at Haverford College, which hosted the annual Main Line Invitational. Not surprisingly, the Villanova harriers dominated the event. Recent Villanova graduate Hugo Beamish won the individual crown, impressively breaking 19:00 on the 4-mile course. A large group of Villanova harriers broke 20:00, something of a target time for coach Marcus O'Sullivan on this course. Five men -- McEntee, Williamsz, Mildenhall, Alex Tully and Matt Kane -- came home faster than last year's winning time of 19:34.60 by Brian Long. Sam McEntee come home first among the collegiate runners, in a very fine 19:13, two seconds ahead of true freshman Jordy Williamsz from Australia, and 3 seconds ahead of the previous school record set by Bobby Curtis on this course in 2007. New Zealander Mathew Mildenhall was fifth overall, seven seconds in arrears of Williamsz. Here are the Villanova results, with current Villanova unattached runners included for comparative purposes.

Villanova Finishers
2.   McEntee, Samuel            Villanova         19:13.50       
3.   Williamsz, Jordy           Unattached        19:15.30       
5.   Mildenhall, Mathew         Villanova         19:22.50       
6.   Tully, Alex                Villanova         19:28.30       
7.   Kane, Matthew              Villanova         19:29.60       
11.  Basili, Brian              Villanova         19:37.50       
12.  Morrin, Greg               Villanova         19:37.80       
18.  Pickhaver, John            Villanova         19:57.10       
21.  Trainer, Tom               Villanova         19:59.40       
22.  O'Sullivan, Chris          Villanova         20:02.50       
24.  Warnick, Harry             Unattached        20:05.30       
29.  Corbusier, Kevin           Unattached        20:16.80       
31.  Harris, Danny              Villanova         20:18.80       
34.  Solis, Dusty               Villanova         20:19.90       
40.  Pietrocarlo, Christopher   Villanova         20:35.30       
42.  Bates, Charlie             Villanova         20:41.80       
43.  Hurlburt, Robert           Villanova         20:43.60       
46.  Lampron, Josh              Unattached        20:46.80       
48.  Golato, Andrew             Unattached        20:47.90       
61.  Long, Brian                Unattached        21:09.80       
63.  Ackerman, Brad             Unattached        21:13.10       
70.  Bohny, Richard             Villanova         21:43.30

Villanova Alumnae
1.   Bemish, Hugo               Unattached                   18:57.10    
58.  Mackenzie, Carl            Unattached                   21:03.10

Complete Results
Men 4 Mile Run CC
     Name                        School                           Time
1.   Bemish, Hugo               Unattached                   18:57.10       
2.   McEntee, Samuel            Villanova University         19:13.50       
3.   Williamsz, Jordy           Unattached                   19:15.30       
4.   Santana, Alfredo           LaSalle University           19:17.90       
5.   Mildenhall, Mathew         Villanova University         19:22.50       
6.   Tully, Alex                Villanova University         19:28.30       
7.   Kane, Matthew              Villanova University         19:29.60       
8.   Crits, Nick                Unattached                   19:31.60       
9.   Perozze, Vince             LaSalle University           19:34.10       
10.  Ross, Nick                 LaSalle University           19:36.90       
11.  Basili, Brian              Villanova University         19:37.50       
12.  Morrin, Greg               Villanova University         19:37.80       
13.  Kissin, Peter              Haverford College            19:39.10       
14.  Schilit, Jordan            Haverford College            19:41.80       
15.  Greco, Nico                LaSalle University           19:43.40       
16.  Sokas, Brian               Haverford College            19:49.30       
17.  Stadler, Chris             Haverford College            19:54.90       
18.  Pickhaver, John            Villanova University         19:57.10       
19.  Arnold, Eric               Unattached                   19:58.30       
20.  Barnhill, Ian              LaSalle University           19:58.90       
21.  Trainer, Tom               Villanova University         19:59.40       
22.  O'Sullivan, Chris          Villanova University         20:02.50       
23.  Kubiak, Brett              Gwynedd Mercy College        20:03.10       
24.  Warnick, Harry             Unattached                   20:05.30       
25.  Bregman, Avi               Haverford College            20:07.90       
26.  Day, Dan                   LaSalle University           20:08.30       
27.  Riley, Paul                LaSalle University           20:12.20       
28.  Topita, Ryan               LaSalle University           20:16.30       
29.  Corbusier, Kevin           Unattached                   20:16.80       
30.  Murphy, James              LaSalle University           20:17.50       
31.  Harris, Danny              Villanova University         20:18.80       
32.  Pershall, Ben              LaSalle University           20:19.30       
33.  Hulleberg, Anders          Unattached                   20:19.60       
34.  Solis, Dusty               Villanova University         20:19.90       
35.  Marquardt, Charlie         Haverford College            20:20.30       
36.  Garrity, Chris             Widener University           20:21.10       
37.  Milic-Strkalj, Ivo         Haverford College            20:24.30       
38.  Duncan, Jeff               Haverford College            20:24.80       
39.  Mulroy, Sean               Unattached                   20:31.70       
40.  Pietrocarlo, Christopher   Villanova University         20:35.30       
41.  Schindler, Charles         Widener University           20:35.70       
42.  Bates, Charlie             Villanova University         20:41.80       
43.  Hurlburt, Robert           Villanova University         20:43.60       
44.  Siqueiros, Ben             Unattached                   20:45.60       
45.  Christian, Joel            Haverford College            20:46.30       
46.  Lampron, Josh              Unattached                   20:46.80       
47.  Fujimori, Sam              Haverford College            20:47.30       
48.  Golato, Andrew             Unattached                   20:47.90       
49.  Roza, David                Haverford College            20:48.60       
50.  Dumont-McCaffrey, Aidan    Swarthmore College           20:49.20       
51.  Gandolfo-Lucia, Nick       Haverford College            20:49.80       
52.  Rooke, Tyler               Gwynedd Mercy College        20:54.40       
53.  Verner-Crist, Dylan        Haverford College            20:56.90       
54.  Gallagher, Ryan            Widener University           20:57.50       
55.  Russell, Stuart            Swarthmore College           20:57.90       
56.  Castro-Wehr, Dominic       Swarthmore College           20:58.30       
57.  McNeilly, Jack             Haverford College            21:00.20       
58.  Mckenzie, Carl             Unattached                   21:03.10       
59.  RJ, Every                  Unattached                   21:04.10       
60.  Quinn, Michael             Widener University           21:08.40       
61.  Long, Brian                Unattached                   21:09.80       
62.  Kalamarides, Dan           Swarthmore College           21:11.80       
63.  Ackerman, Brad             Unattached                   21:13.10       
64.  McCullough, Seamus         Widener University           21:14.50       
65.  Haswell, Ethan             Haverford College            21:24.90       
66.  Keny, Gebby                Haverford College            21:29.60       
67.  McCurry, Patrick           Gwynedd Mercy College        21:32.90       
68.  Counsel, Quadree           Widener University           21:35.60       
69.  Joniec, Joe                Gwynedd Mercy College        21:39.50       
70.  Bohny, Richard             Villanova University         21:43.30       
71.  Colletta, Dave             Haverford College            21:46.10       
72.  Buikema, Aaron             Haverford College            21:48.80       
73.  Rasmussen, Soren           Haverford College            21:50.50       
74.  Friske, Spencer            Swarthmore College           21:52.30       
75.  Toro, Alec                 Swarthmore College           21:53.80       
76.  Green, Paul                Swarthmore College           21:54.60       
77.  Stackman, Daniel           Haverford College            21:54.80       
78.  Anthony, Peter             Unattached                   21:58.50       
79.  Benkhadra, Brian           Widener University           21:58.80       
80.  White, Erick               Swarthmore College           21:59.90       
81.  Devine, Miles              Unattached                   22:02.80       
82.  Marsico, David             Haverford College            22:18.50       
83.  Mendelsohn, Richard        Haverford College            22:19.80       
84.  Graham, Barrett            Haverford College            22:21.10       
85.  Drake, Henri               Haverford College            22:25.60       
86.  Wikler, Matt               Unattached                   22:28.80       
87.  Hoskere, Dhanush           Unattached                   22:29.30       
88.  Schug, Jorin               Swarthmore College           22:29.80       
89.  Shaddock, Kevin            Widener University           22:38.70       
90.  Cooper, Andrew             Widener University           22:45.90       
91.  Brogan, Kyle               Widener University           22:49.60       
92.  Jasper, Jihad              Widener University           22:49.90       
93.  McBride, Ryan              Widener University           22:56.60       
94.  Gooding, Ryan              Haverford College            22:59.70       
95.  Smart, John                Gwynedd Mercy College        23:04.50       
96.  Decker, Dylan              Widener University           23:17.50       
97.  Rogers, James              Gwynedd Mercy College        23:18.90       
98.  Fortin, Stephen            Widener University           23:29.40       
99.  Landis, Will               Unattached                   23:34.60       
100. Smith, Joseph              Gwynedd Mercy College        23:46.20       
101. Priver, Kyle               Haverford College            23:48.60       
102. Gonzaga, Craig             Gwynedd Mercy College        23:49.30       
103. Lignore, Shawn             Widener University           24:13.10       
104. Pascali, Nick              Gwynedd Mercy College        24:29.30       
105. Tranchitella, Mike         Gwynedd Mercy College        24:45.50       
106. Kelly, Thomas              Gwynedd Mercy College        24:53.70       
107. Selke, Chris               Gwynedd Mercy College        24:54.50       
108. Oladele, Tolu              Haverford College            25:11.50       
109. Gabor, Zach                Haverford College            27:15.30       
110. Keba, Nick                 Gwynedd Mercy College      2:02:18.10 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Curtis: Two Races in Two Days = Too Much

Bobby Curtis started off reasonably well in yesterday's BUPA Great North Run Half-Marathon in England. Through 9 miles, he was motoring along at 1:02 or 1:03 pace -- not exactly in line for a new PR (which is 1:01.52), but a very respectable time that would have placed him in the top 10-12 finishers. However, at about mile nine Curtis experienced ever increasing pain in his foot, and he decided to ease off the throttle and coast into the finish. As a result, Curtis came home in 37th place, in 1:09:06. After the race, Curtis tweeted that he needed to stick to running one race a week. What he was referring to, of course, was the fact that on the day prior to Sunday's half marathon, Curtis ran the two mile at the Great North City Games in Newcastle. There, as chronicled below in a separate post, Curtis ran very well, finishing second to double Olympic champion Mo Farah, and ahead of two Olympians from Australia (Collis Birmingham and Ryan Gregson). Coming back the very next morning to run the very competitive BUPA Great North Run was too much for Curtis and he paid for it with the pain in his foot.

Here are the top results from the race.

BUPA Great North Run Half-Marathon
 1.  WILSON KIPSANG         59:06
 2.  MICAH KOGO             59:07
 3.  IMANE MERGA            59:56
 4.  MIKE KIGEN           1:00:18
 5.  EMMANUEL BETT        1:00:56
 6.  CHRIS THOMPSON       1:01:00
 7.  COLLIS BIRMINGHAM    1:01:25
 8.  RYAN VAIL            1:02:04
 9.  NICK MCCORMICK       1:02:44
10.  MUSTAFA MOHAMED      1:03:12
37.  BOBBY CURTIS         1:09:06        

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bobby Curtis 2nd to Mo Farah at Great North City Games 2 Mile

Bobby Curtis ran a strong second in the 2 mile to double Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah today at the Great North City Games in Newcastle/Gateshead, England. In so doing, Curtis came home ahead of Australian Olympians Collis Birmingham and Ryan Gregson. As described below, the race was a two-loop road circuit, with at least two substantial hills per loop. As a result, the times were not noteworthy (for example, Curtis ran 14 seconds faster over two miles on the track earlier this summer, and Collis Birmingham has a track two-mile PR of 8:17). The meet was televised live by the BBC throughout the UK. So, two nice performances by Curtis over the past week (he set a 3000 meter PR of 7:43 last weekend in Rieti). He'll run the BUPA Great North Run Half Marathon tomorrow, hopefully with fresh legs.

Great North City Games 2 miles
1.  MO  FARAH          GBR  08:40.0
2.  BOBBY CURTIS       USA  08:42.8
4.  RYAN GREGSON       AUS  08:48.4
5.  AYAD LAMDASSEM     ESP  09:02.7
6.  PAUL ROBINSON      IRE  09:21.0
7.  RUI SILVA          POR  09:29.1
8.  JASON SIMPSON      USA  09:51.1

Here's how today's race was described by Larry Elder of Run Blog Run:
The distance races, the mile and two mile were loops around the city center (two for the two mile), with a strong hill around 1000 meters and across the Millenium Bridge, which rises twice a day (a site to see).

Mo Farah, who was beat after the London Olympics, and now the birth of his twin daughters, Aisha and Amani in late August, dreamed of a relaxed race with, probably a group of senior citizens for his last race of the season. However, Collis Birmingham, fresh off a 7:37 PB for 3,000 meters took Mo through 4:10 in the mile. Mo Farah waited until 500 meters to go, and right on the Sling Bridge, took off, winning in 8:40.0, with Bobby Curtis of the US taking Birmingham out of second place, Curtis running 8:42.8. "Collis was tough today, and I had cut back in my training, " noted Mo Farah, happy his season was over. " It is a great event and I wanted to see the fans who brought their kids out to see me today."

Friday, September 14, 2012

Curtis Going Long
BUPA Great North Run Half Marathon on Sunday

Bobby Curtis will warm up with a brisk two-miler on Saturday in England, followed on Sunday by the BUPA Great North Run Half Marathon. Curtis is coming off an 11-second PR over 3000 meters in Rieti and brings into the race a half-marathon PR of 1:01.52.

Here's the elite men's start list:

1.  WILSON KIPSANG     KEN         
    2:03.42 MARATHON; 58:59 HALF M

2.  IMANE MERGA        ETH    
    2011 WORLD XC CHAMPION; 2011 WORLD 10000M BRONZE MEDALLIST; 26:48.35 10000M

3.  MICAH KOGO         KEN    
    60:03; 26:35.63 10000M

    2010 EUROPEAN 10000M SILVER MEDALLIST; 2012 LONDON OLYMPIAN; 27:27.36 10000M;


    FASTEST 10000M  RUNNER IN THE WORLD IN 2012, 26:51.16 10000M



9.  MINORU IKEBE       JAP  
    63:25 HALF M

10. BOBBY CURTIS       USA    
    7:43.65 3000M; 13:18.97 5000M; 27:24.67 10000M; 28:37 10K; 61:52 HALF M

    7:35.45 3000M; 13:09.57 5000M; 27:29.73 10000M; 63:10 HALF M; 6TH PLACE 2010

    13:55.73 5000M; 28:13.20 10000M; 48:13 10 MILES; 63:29 HALF M

    2012 LONDON OLYMPIAN; 13:18 5000M; 3:52 MILE; 29:04 10K; HALF MARATHON DEBUT

    8:05.75 3000M SCH NATIONAL RECORD; 13:32.08 5000M; 28:12 10K; 62:40 HALF M;

15. RYAN VAIL         USA
    27:51.07 10000M; 62:51 HALF M; 2:12.43 MARATHON

    13:46.56 5000M; 28:49.42 10000M; 63:37 HALF MARATHON

    13:49.45 5000M; 28:30.39 10000M; 64:18 HALF M; 2:17.16 MARATHON

    29:56 10K; 47:51 10 MILE; 63:31 HALF M; 2ND PLACE 2012 BUPA GREAT NORTH 10K; 

19. ANDI JONES        GBR
    29:28 10K; 49:07 10 MILES: 64:22 HALF MARATHON; 2:15.20 MARATHON

20. MATT GUNBY        GBR
    29:42 10K; 14:29.38 5000M

    14:09.48 5000M; 30:12.1 10000M

    14:04.82 5000M; 29:23 10K; 64.22 HALF M; 2:18.58 MARATHON

23. MATT BOND         GBR
    13:51.03 5000M; 29:08.69 10000M; 65:29 HALF M

    14:10.06 5000M; 29:40 10K

    14:10.6 5000M; 29:42.95 10000M; 65:14 HALF M

    14;19.1 5000M; 29:54 10K; 65:35 HALF M

    14:00.46 5000M; 29:17 10K; 49:17 10 MILE; 65:26 HALF M

    14:03.01 5000M; 30:06 10K; 65:40 HALF M

    30:26 10K; 67:21 HALF M

    14:13.31 5000M; 29:58 10K; 67:42 HALF M

    67:23 HALF M

    13:46.90 5000M; 28:35.11 10000M; 62.53 HALF M; 2:15.47 MARATHON

    67:29 HALF M; 2:22.22 MARATHON

    30:04 10K; 67:19 HALF M

    30:25 10K

    30:12 10K; 66:40 HALF M

    14:13.32 5000M; 29:26.51 10000M; 68:51 HALF M

38. TOM DOE           GBR
    30:06 10K; 66:30 HALF M

    30:49 10K

    30:15 10K

    30:22.7 1000

44. ROSS FLOYD        GBR

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Q&A with 2013 Recruting Target Tom Coyle of LaSalle High

LaSalle College High School senior Tom Coyle is firmly ensconced on Villanova's recruiting radar. The 2012 Pennsylvania state champion at 1600 meters, Coyle won Philadelphia Catholic League outdoor titles in 2012 at both the mile and 3200 meters, to go with those he won indoors at 3000 meters and the mile. Last fall, he took both the Philadelphia Catholic League and the District 12 cross country crowns before finishing 8th at the state cross country championship. The Lansdale, PA native hails from the same high school that sent Tom Donnelly, John Mastronardo, John Burns, Alvin Clay, Kyle Rodden, Colin McManus, and current team member Tom Trainer to Villanova. He is coached at LaSalle by former Haverford All-American Greg Bielecki, and ended his junior year with PRs of 1:51.78 (800), 4:11.97 (1600), 8:55.55 (3000i), and 15:56.20 (5K XC). Here is an interview with Coyle from the Pennsylvania Mile Split site:

1. Talk about your summer training. Where did you do your running (trails, roads)? How miles/week did you run? Any fun runs from the summer you want to share?

My summer training has gone pretty well so far! I took some time off after the Henderson Distance Festival and started up with easy running at about 20 miles, taking a few days off here and there. From there, I've steadily built my mileage up to around 70 miles, and by the end of the summer I'm getting up to 80. Lansdale, where I live, doesn't have many soft surfaces so I like to drive to some nearby trails to run. I've been so blessed to have the opportunity to take a service trip to Browning, Montana, where I had some of the most beautiful runs of my life. The road on which we ran, we saw more horses than people! On the way out, we looked straight into the sunrise and we could see the Great Plains and rolling hills for miles. When we would turn back, the Rocky Mountains looked like nature's version of the Philadelphia skyline. I was awestruck by scenery especially during our runs for that whole week.

2. What are your expectations for the 2012 cross country season?

Personally, I have a couple loose goals for the upcoming season. My first one is to be happy. I have always felt like you can't run fast without being happy, and I want to take in everything about my final year. My second loose goal is to be healthy and run fast. Much of my summer training revolved around improving fitness but staying healthy at the same time. My other expectations are to run a PR at our home course, and try to win the state title.

3. What did you learn last year (cross country or track) that you hope will help you coming into this season?

Heading into the indoor state championship, I felt as if I never ran to my potential at a state meet. In 2011, I was in the lead halfway by 20 meters and crashed hard the last mile. During my sophomore year, I succumbed to nerves and went out way too hard at the state meets we competed in. It took me until my junior year, but at the indoor state meet and at outdoors, I learned how to race at the championship level. It took a lot of training and a lot of disappointing races, but I feel like I finally know how to use my strengths in the championship races. It will take some testing in the invitationals, but I have learned how to cope with the nerves and run smart on the big stage.

4. Talk about some of the races your are looking forward to competing in?

We are running new races this year in order to get more experience on hilly courses in a fast race. Our lack of experience really cost us at the state meet, but learning how to race on the big stage can be crucial. We are starting up with the Briarwood Invitational, which is on our home course and will give us a fast race and we can use our experience there to our advantage. The next invitational we head to Hershey for the Foundation Meet. This will get us used to racing on the Hershey course before the state meet, and it will help with the young guys on our squad. Before the championship season, we race the Shore Coaches Invitational where we run at the historic Holmdel Park. It's possible that I can get a rematch with Edward Cheresek and that meet always brings in the best of New Jersey.

5. What are your expectations for your team? What do you think you all can do this year?

Everyone of our guys has been working their butts off this summer and this year the work will pay off. We return our top 5 and we have good credentials for this upcoming season. Our main goal is to perfect the process (putting in the work everyday and doing the right things) but we are looking forward to a championship season. We look to win our league, which is a very respected title. In order to qualify for states, we have to run a tough race at districts and win. Finally at states, we are looking to grab a spot on the podium. But again, the only way we can even talk about these goals is to put in the work in the summer and do the right things.

6. As a mile state champion, what is the toughest training adjustment from track to cross country?

The hardest adjustment for me is the lack of speed work! I love putting in the miles and I'm used to putting in pretty good weeks of training. Especially toward the end of outdoor track, I felt like I could run 200s in a workout with ease. Now, I feel like the aerobic and strength work has taken away from my speed. When October rolls around, we will move toward faster workouts once our strength base has been established. I love long workouts, but I certainly do miss the faster track workouts.

7. What are the pros and cons on running on such a hilly course like Belmont Plateau on a regular basis?

Belmont Plateau has been my home course since the 1st grade, so I know a lot about it. The first con is comparing PRs. We don't get too many chances to run fast courses, so I always feel our PRs are a lot slower than my friends in the SOL or from around the state. Also, running there every dual meet REALLY takes a toll on your body. Working out, racing at Belmont and putting in the miles can really make you sore. But Belmont provides what other courses don't -- long, steep hills. As much as some of the guys on the team hate the notorious hills, they give us experience that proves really valuable at the state meet. Not only does the experience help us, but I think Belmont is a crucial tool to just get our team tougher. It hurts to run a fast race at Belmont, regardless of age, sex, distance or skill level. But by putting ourselves through the pain, we get better both mentally and physically.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eamonn Coghlan's Career Highlights

Here's an excellent overview of the highs (a world championship and numerous world records) and lows (finishing just outside the medals at the 1976 and 1980 Olympics) of Eamonn Coghlan's fine career. Few runners captured the imagination of track fans as did Coghlan in his "Chairman of the Boards" phase. Coghlan is now serving in the Irish Senate and remains perhaps the most well known product of the Villanova program.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bobby Curtis Rips 11 Second PR 7:43.65 at Rieti 3000

As we thought might happen on this very fast track, Bobby Curtis ran his best race of the European season, coming second at the Rieti 3000 in a new PR of 7:43.65. This performance greatly outpaces his previous PR at this distance (7:54.25 set earlier this summer in Dublin) and showed his true ability to run very fast when the conditions are right.

The race went out smartly, with 1000 splits at 2:31.21 and 5:04.76.

Rieti 3000
 1.  BIRMINGHAM, Collis      AUS      7:37.77
 2.  CURTIS, Bobby           USA      7:43.65   PB
 3.  KIPRUTO, Conselus       KEN      7:44.09
 4.  HITRANE, Jamal          MAR      7:44.23   PB
 5.  KEMBOI, Ezekiel         KEN      7:44.24   PB
 6.  HEATH, Elliott          USA      7:45.08   PB
 7.  LONGOSIWA, Thomas       KEN      7:49.19
 8.  SEBAHIRE, Eric          RWA      7:53.04   
 9.  FERNANDEZ, German       USA      7:53.61
10.  OSAKO, Suguru           JPN      7:54.68   PB
--   BARUSEI, Geofrey        KEN      DNF (pace)
--   BUMBALOUGH, Andrew      USA      DNF
--   CHELIMO, Elijah         KEN      DNF (pace)
--   MUTAHI, Sammy Alex      KEN      DNF

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Men's 2012 Cross Country Roster Released
No True Freshman on Squad

Marcus O'Sullivan has released the names of the harriers on the 2012 edition of Villanova cross country. Evidently, none of the members of Villanova's heralded 2012 recruiting class of distance men -- Jordy Williamsz, Josh Lampron, Harry Warnick, Kiernan Reilly, and Kevin Corbusier -- will compete this season, donning redshirts for the 2012 campaign. This approach, which is not at unusual for O'Sullivan, contrasts with Gina Procaccio's decision to utilize all three of her key distance recruits -- Angel Piccirillo, Kelsey Margey, and Caitlin Bungo -- on this season's cross country squad. Several members of last year's team who had eligibility remaining (Joe LoRusso, John Castillo, Mark Lee, and Philip O'Connell) are also absent from the 2012 men's roster. That being said, O'Sullivan squad has several experienced men who will compete for the top 7 spots on the A team. The team returns key standard-bearers from 2011: Sam McEntee, Mathew Mildenhall, and Matt Kane from last year's top 7, as well as veteran returners looking to break into the top group. Promising 2011 redshirts Rob Denault, Tom Trainer, Charlie Bates, and Rob Hurlbut look to make a charge as well. Finally, graduate student Andrew Golato, who ran for nearby Haverford College as an undergraduate, will mark his final year of collegiate eligibility as a Villanova Wildcat.

Name               Cl./Elig    Hometown/High School                       
Brian Basili        Jr./So.    South Orange, N.J./Columbia
Charlie Bates       So./Fr.    Hoboken, N.J./Saint Peter's Prep
Richie Bohny        Jr./So.    Holmdel, N.J./Christian Brothers Academy
Rob Denault         So./Fr.    Aurora, Ont./Aurora
Chris FitzSimons    Jr./So.    Hamden, Conn./Hamden
Andrew Golato       Gr./Sr.    Springfield, Pa./Monsignor Bonner
Dan Harris          Jr./So.    Clifton Park, N.Y./Shenendehowa
Robert Hurlbut      So./Fr.    Rochester, N.Y./McQuaid Jesuit
Matt Kane           Gr./Sr.    Fairfield, Conn./Fairfield Warde
Sam McEntee         Jr./So.    Perth, Australia/Hale School
Mathew Mildenhall   Gr./Sr.    Auckland, New Zealand/Auckland Grammar School
Greg Morrin         Sr./Jr.    Hockessin, Del./St. Mark's
Chris O'Sullivan    Jr./So.    Havertown, Pa./St. Joseph's Prep
John Pickhaver      Sr./Jr.    Drexel Hill, Pa./St. Joseph's Prep
Chris Pietrocarlo   Jr./So.    Hampstead, N.H./Pinkerton Academy
Dusty Solis         Jr./So.    Colorado Springs, Colo./Coronado
Tom Trainer         So./Fr.    Havertown, Pa./La Salle College
Alex Tully          Sr./So.    Little Rock, Ark./Catholic

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fast Time for Bobby Curtis at Rieti 3000?

Bobby Curtis will run his fourth 3000 meter race of the European season on Sunday on the fast track at Rieti. So far this season at that distance, Curtis has run 8:09.64 off an injury in Cork, Ireland (July 17), 7:54.25 PR in Dublin (July 25), and 7:57.48 at the Joensuu meet in Finland (August 18). It was on this track at Rieti on September 1, 1996 that Daniel Komen set the world record of 7:20.67, and the track has produced lots of quality times over the years. Listed below are the Rieti 3000 meter winners' times since 2001, as well as the top 20 times ever run over 3000 meters at this meet. Given the recent history of the race at this meeting, Sunday's race looks to provide an opportunity for Curtis to latch on and be towed to his best time of the summer. Curtis carries a lifetime 3000 meter PR of 7:54.25 (2012) outdoors and 7:50.17 (2008) indoors.

Previous Rieti Meeting winners             
2011 Bernard LAGAT            USA   7:32.13
2010 Tariku BEKELE            ETH   7:28.70
2009 Joseph Kitur KIPLIMO     KEN   7:31.20
2008 Edwin Cheruiyot SOI      KEN   7:31.83
2007 Thomas Pkemei LONGOSIWA  KEN   7:32.79
2006 Isaac Kiprono SONGOK     KEN   7:28.72
2005 Sileshi SIHINE           ETH   7:29.92
2004 Augustine Kiprono CHOGE  KEN   7:36.82
2003 Paul Kipsiele KOECH      KEN   7:38.48
2002 Patrick Mutuku IVUTI     KEN   7:38.69
2001 Mark Kipkinyor BETT      KEN   7:36.66

All-Time Top 20 in Rieti                              
7:20.67   Daniel KOMEN (KEN)                01.09.1996
7:28.70   Tariku BEKELE (ETH)               29.08.2010
7:28.72   Isaac Kiprono SONGOK (KEN)        27.08.2006
7:29.00   Bernard LAGAT (USA)               29.08.2010
7:29.11   Tariku BEKELE (ETH)               27.08.2006
7:29.36   Noureddine MORCELI (ALG)          05.09.1995
7:29.75   Edwin Cheruiyot SOI (KEN)         29.08.2010
7:29.92   Sileshi SIHINE (ETH)              28.08.2005
7:31.20   Joseph Kitur KIPLIMO (KEN)        06.09.2009
7:31.33   Boniface Kiprotich SONGOK (KEN)   27.08.2006
7:31.41   Sammy Alex MUTAHI (KEN)           06.09.2009
7:31.48   Edwin Cheruiyot SOI (KEN)         06.09.2009
7:31.81   Abraham Cherkos FELEKE (ETH)      06.09.2009
7:31.83   Edwin Cheruiyot SOI (KEN)         07.09.2008
7:32.13   Bernard LAGAT (USA)               10.09.2011
7:32.25   Silas KIPRUTO (KEN)               06.09.2009
7:32.38   Vincent Kiprop CHEPKOK (KEN)      10.09.2011
7:32.57   Isaac Kiprono SONGOK (KEN)        06.09.2009
7:32.71   Thomas Pkemei LONGOSIWA (KEN)     10.09.2011
7:32.72   John KIPKOECH (KEN)               29.08.2010

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bobby Curtis Goes 13:46.30 at Italian 5000

Bobby Curtis ran 13:46.30 this evening at the Roverto meet in the north of Italy. He finished in 13th place in the race's third clump of runners. Hayle Ibrahimov won the race as a front runner, breaking away from the pack and gapping the second-place finisher by a whopping 17 seconds. After three races at 3000 meters and a two-miler in Birmingham, England, this was Curtis' longest race since the US Olymic Trials 10,000 meters. Curtis carries a 13:18.97 PR at this 5000 meter distance, set in August 2010. Next up on Sunday is another 3000 meter race, this time at the fast track at Rieti.

Rovereto 5000 meters
 1.  Hayle IBRAHIMOV       AZE    13:11.34   MR
 2.  Andrew BUMBALOUGH     USA    13:28.34
 3.  Daniele MEUCCI        ITA    13:28.91
 4.  Philemon MARITIM      KEN    13:32.55
 5.  Zelalem REGASA        ETH    13:39.17
 6.  Andrew BADDELEY       GBR    13:41.01
 7.  Lousshaine OUKHRID    MAR    13:41.79
 8.  Jamel CHATBI          ITA    13:41.93
 9.  Tiidrek NURME         EST    13:42.09
10.  Elliot HEALTH         USA    13:44.05
11.  Patrick NASTI         ITA    13:44.49
12.  Philipp BANDI         SUI    13:45.03
13.  Bobby CURTIS          USA    13:46.30
14.  Suguri OSAKO          JPN    13:49.29
DNF  Jamal HITRANE         MAR   
DNF  Christoph RYFFEL      SUI 
DNF  Abdellah HAIDANE      ITA 
DNS  Peter LANZINER        ITA 
DNS  Ismal KOMBICH         KEN 
DNS  Geoffrey BARUSEI      KEN

Villanova Releases Women's Cross Country Roster

At long last Villanova's athletic department has released as least one roster for the Cross Country season. Here are the Villanova women harriers for 2012; note the three true freshman on the squad: Caitlin Bungo, Kelsey Margey, and Angel Piccirillo. This squad is currently ranked #10 in the country in the pre-season polls.

Name                   Class/Elig    Hometown/High School                    
Nicky Akande           Jr./Jr.       Lawrenceville, Ga./Collins Hill
Mary Bohi              Jr./Jr.       Shamong, N.J./Seneca
Amanda Borroughs       So./Fr.       Saratoga Springs, N.Y./Saratoga Springs
Shannon Browne         Sr./Sr.       Staten Island, N.Y./Curtis
Caitlin Bungo          Fr./Fr.       Pittsburgh, Pa./Sewickley Academy
Courtney Chapman       So./So.       Fayetteville, N.Y./Fayetteville-Manlius
Summer Cook            Sr./Sr.       Thornton, Colo./Mountain Range
Anna Francis           Sr./Sr.       Brookhaven, N.Y./Bellport
Sydney Harris          So./Fr.       Colorado Springs, Colo./St. Mary's
Emily Lipari           Jr./Jr.       Greenvale, N.Y./Roslyn
Kelsey Margey          Fr./Fr.       Huntington, N.Y./Friends Academy
Ariann Neutts          Sr./Jr.       Succasunna, N.J./Roxbury
Angel Piccirillo       Fr./Fr.       Homer City, Pa./Homer-Center
Stephanie Schappert    So./So.       Delray Beach, Fla./Pope John Paul II
Meghan Smith           Sr./Sr.       Newark, Del./Padua
Leanne Tucker          So./Fr.       Tewksbury, Mass./Tewksbury Memorial
Megan Venables         So./So.       Laurel Springs, N.J./Highland Regional

Monday, September 3, 2012

Eamonn Coghlan Presents
Brother Colm O'Connell: Man on a Mission

Here is the fantastic 55-minute documentary presented by former world indoor mile record holder, 1983 World Champion at 5000 meters, and Villanova legend Eamonn Coghlan. Inspired to take up running by Kenya’s two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Kip Keino, Coughlan travels to St. Patrick’s High School in Iten, Kenya, to meet Brother Colm O’Connell, an Irish Patrician missionary and former headmaster of the school. O’Connell was the man who coached Wilson Kipketer to a World Record in the 800 meters, and currently coaches the man who broke that World Record, David Rudisha, and former Commonwealth 5000m champion Augustine Choge, among others.

Coughlan wants to find out what it is about the Kenyan distance runners, and especially those living and training in Iten, which makes them produce so many world beaters. Through conversations with O’Connell, Rudisha, Keino, and his contemporary Mike Boit, Coughlan gives us a fascinating insight into the training practices, both mental and physical, which leave the Kenyan athletes a few steps ahead of the rest of the world. The video won the award for Irish Sports Programme of the Year at the 2011 Irish Film and Television Awards.

Presented by Eamonn Coghlan, Directed by Maurice Sweeney. Video from jamieleedalton, hosted on Vimeo HERE.

Amanda Marino Comes 18th at USA 20K Championship

At New Haven today, Amanda Marino finished 18th (69th overall) at the USA 20K championship. Marino finished the 12.4 mile course in 1:13:24, at 5:55 pace. Here are the top 20 female finishers.

     Name                  Age   City             Time       Pace   
 1.  Baillie Renee         30    Boulder          1:07:07    5:25 
 2.  Pritz Molly           24    Rochester        1:07:21    5:26 
 3.  Rothstein Stephanie   28    Flagstaff        1:07:59    5:29 
 4.  Burla Serena          29    Falls Church     1:08:44    5:32 
 5.  Pirtea Adriana        32    Fort Collins     1:09:06    5:34 
 6.  Williams Alisha       30    Colo Springs     1:09:10    5:34 
 7.  Faber Jeannette       30    Portland         1:09:35    5:36 
 8.  Pezzullo Stephanie    30    Charlotte        1:09:36    5:37 
 9.  Nelson Brianne        31    Fort Collins     1:09:36    5:37 
10.  McGregor Katie        35    St Louis Park    1:09:59    5:38 
11.  Fryburg Kristen       31    Boulder          1:10:32    5:41 
12.  Thomas Wendy          33    Windsor          1:10:40    5:42 
13.  Suver Mattie          24    Boulder          1:10:53    5:43 
14.  Bracy Addie           26    Boulder          1:11:05    5:44 
15.  Piers Sheri           41    Falmouth         1:12:00    5:48 
16.  Peyton Meghan         26    Minneapolis      1:12:20    5:50 
17.  Westover Heidi        31    Boulder          1:13:05    5:53 
18.  Marino Amanda         22    Jackson          1:13:24    5:55 
19.  Gossels Jennifer      21    Sudbury          1:14:31    6:00 
20.  Slade Cassie          29    Indian Hills     1:15:32    6:05 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bobby Curtis in Italian 5000 on Tuesday

Bobby Curtis will compete in the 5000 meters at Rovereto, in the north of Italy on Tuesday. There is an excellent field of runners in the event:

Men's 5000 Meters -- Palio della Quercia Rovereto -- START LIST

Daniele MEUCCI
Garrett HEATH
Suguru OSAKO
Abdellah HAIDANE
Yassine RACHIK
Zelalem REGASA
Philippe BANDI
Patrick NASTI
Geoffrey BARUSEI