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Rhines, Koons, Tollefson & Hussar in Stanford 5000

Aside from Muncan, Stanford Payton Jordan a Downer

There was much to look forward to on the Villanova front at last night's Payton Jordan Invitational at Stanford. Eight Villanovans were among the competitors in events ranging from 1500 to 10,000 meters. Aside from Marina Muncan (see video of race above) running her best 1500 in three years (4:10.78), the only silver lining that could be culled from the meet was the fact that New Zealand's Nick Willis (13:29.56) was unable to threaten Adrian Blincoe's 5000 meter national record (13:10.19). That was the only good news for Blincoe. In the 10,000 he got tangled up with other runners and hit the deck. He picked himself up and tried to soldier on for another three laps but was out of whack and decided to pack it in and fight another day. Other results were lackluster: Jen Rhines went 15:41.31 in the 5,000, after an almost identical 15:42.70 three weeks ago on the same track. Frances Koons ran 16:00.74 in the same race, a full 31 seconds slower than the time she ran last year at this same event. Carrie Tollefson, on the comeback trail and seeking to qualify for the US Olympic Trials in the 5000 meters (which will require at minimum a 15:50; a 15:35 would qualify her automatically), ran 16:12.64. The good news is that the time was a 14 second improvement on her outdoor debut (16:26.63) in Minnestota three weekends ago. Carmen Douma-Hussar, primarily a 1500/mile specialist, also competed in the 5000, coming 21st in 16:20.11. Dan Lewis was in the steeplechase, finishing 5th in his section, in 8:51.93. Finally, Brian Long ran 14:38.98 in the 5000, well short of his PR of 13:59.72.

Villanova Results
1500 meters
 8.  Marina Muncan         4:10.78

3000 meter Steeplechase
5.  Dan Lewis              8:51.93

5000 meters
14.  Jen Rhines           15:41.31
18.  Frances Koons        16:00.74
20.  Carrie Tollefson     16:12.64
21.  Carmen Douma-Hussar  16:20.11

22.  Brian Long           14:38.98

10,000 meters
DNF  Adrian Blincoe

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Top Fifty 10,000 Meter Times Run on US Soil

With the Payton Jordan 10,000 meter races being run tonight, here's a look at the top 10,000 meter times ever run on American soil. Villanova's Bobby Curtis sits at #40. His time of 27:24.67 is the 3rd fastest time ever run in the US by a native-born American, behind Chris Solinsky and Galen Rupp.

The 50 Fastest Men's 10Ks On U.S. Soil
(by K. Ken Nakamura)

US All Comers Performance List – Men’s 10000m

    Time       Name                 Nat   Place  Meet         Date
1.  26:25.97   Kenenisa Bekele      ETH     1    Prefontaine  8 June 2008
2.  26:46.57   Mo Farah             GBR     1    Prefontaine  3 June 2011
3.  26:48.35   Imane Merga          ETH     2    Prefontaine  3 June 2011
4.  26:48.99   Josphat Bett         KEN     3    Prefontaine  3 June 2011
5.  26:50.63   Paul Tanui           KEN     4    Prefontaine  3 June 2011
6.  26:51.09   Zersenay Tadese      ERI     5    Prefontaine  3 June 2011
7.  26:52.84   Sileshi Sihine       ETH     6    Prefontaine  3 June 2011
8.  26:54.25   Matthew Kisorio      KEN     7    Prefontaine  3 June 2011
9.  26:54.64   Mark Kiptoo          KEN     8    Prefontaine  3 June 2011
10. 26:55.29   Leonard Pat Komon    KEN     9    Prefontaine  3 June 2011
11. 26:59.60   Chris Solinsky       USA     1r1  Cardinal Inv 1 May 2010
12. 27:04.20   Abraham Chebii       KEN     1    Cardinal Inv 4 May 2001
13. 27:06.5    Geoffrey Kipsang     KEN    10    Prefontaine  3 June 2011
14. 27:07.34   Haile Gebrselassie   ETH     1    Olympics     29 July 1996
15. 27:07.55   Benjamin Maiyo       KEN     2    Cardinal Inv 4 May 2001
16. 27:07.85   Daniel Salel         KEN     2r1  Cardinal Inv 1 May 2010
17. 27:08.17   Paul Tergat          KEN     2    Olympics     29 July 1996
18. 27:08.39   Sam Chelanga         KEN     3r1  Cardinal Inv 1 May 2010
19. 27:10.05   Moses Masai          KEN    11    Prefontaine  3 June 2011
20. 27:10.74   Galen Rupp           USA     4r1  Cardinal Inv 1 May 2010
21. 27:11.57   Gebre Gebremariam    ETH     1    Pay Jordan   29 May 2005
22. 27:12.22   Dejene Berhanu       ETH     2    Pay Jordan   29 May 2005
23. 27:12.24   Lucas Rotich         KEN    12    Prefontaine  3 June 2011
24. 27:12.37   Luke Kipkosgei       KEN     3    Cardinal Inv 4 May 2001
25. 27:13.67   Bedan Karoki         KEN     1    Pay Jordan   1 May 2011
26. 27:13.85   Ibrahim Jeylan       ETH     2    Prefontaine  8 June 2008
27. 27:13.98   Meb Keflezighi       USA     4    Cardinal Inv 4 May 2001
28. 27:14.13   Terefe Maregu Zewdie ETH     3    Prefontaine  8 June 2008
29. 27:14.67   Mark Kosgei Kiptoo   KEN     4    Prefontaine  8 June 2008
30. 27:15.17   Tadese Tola          ETH     5    Prefontaine  8 June 2008
31. 27:16.49   Kiplimo Kimutai      KEN     6    Prefontaine  8 June 2008
32. 27:16.99   Abdi Abdirahman      USA     7    Prefontaine  8 June 2008
33. 27:19.79   Albert Chepkurui     KEN     1rA  Cardinal Inv 3 May 2002
34. 27:20.15   Meb Keflezighi       USA     2rA  Cardinal Inv 3 May 2002
35. 27:22.09   John K Cheruiyot     KEN    13    Prefontaine  4 June 2011
36. 27:22.54   Abera Kuma           ETH    14    Prefontaine  4 June 2011
37. 27:23.63   Simon Bairu          CAN     5r1  Cardinal Inv 1 May 2010
38. 27:24.10   Meb Keflezighi       USA     1rA  Cardinal Inv 30 Apr 2004
39. 27:24.67   Salah Hissou         MAR     3    Olympics     29 July 1996
40. 27:24.67   Bobby Curtis         USA     2r1  Pay Jordan   1 May 2011
41. 27:24.95   Ben St Lawrence      AUS     3r1  Pay Jordan   1 May 2011
42. 27:26.43   Hammou Boutayeb      MAR     1    GoodWill     25 July 1990
43. 27:27.36   Chris Thompson       GBR     4r1  Pay Jordan   1 May 2011
44. 27:28.08   Joseph Kimani        KEN     2    Sea Ray      6 Apr  1995
45. 27:28.19   Tim Nelson           USA     5r1  Pay Jordan   1 May 2011
46. 27:28.22   Matt Tegenkamp       USA     6r1  Pay Jordan   1 May 2011
47. 27:28.48   Sam Chelanga         KEN     1    B Hamilton   24 Apr 2009
48. 27:28.64   Stephen Sambu        KEN     7r1  Pay Jordan   1 May 2011
49. 27:29.40   Leonard Korir        KEN     8r1  Pay Jordan   1 May 2011
50. 27:29.61   Chris Thompson       GBR     6r1  Cardinal Inv 1 May 2011

Villanova Signee Harry Warnick 7th in Penn Relays 3000

Villanova signee Harry Warnick (Fairfield, CT) ran a 7 second PR over 3000 meters yesterday at the Penn Relays, finishing 7th of 22 runners in the event. His time of 8:36.37 easy surpassed his old PR of 8:43.14. Warnick is the reigning New England indoor mile champion.

Hile School Boys 3000 meters Championship

1.   Thomas Madden       Skyline  (Front Royal, VA)          8:25.54 
2.   Dustin Wilson       Chestnut Hill (Philadelphia, PA)    8:30.18 
3.   Sam Parsons         Tatnall (Wilmington, DE)            8:31.52 
4.   Jonathon Harper     Phillipsburg (Phillipsburg, NJ)     8:32.23 
5.   Adam Visokay        Albemarle (Charlottesville, VA)     8:34.71 
6.   Marc Violone        Byram Hills (Armonk, NY)            8:35.46 
7.   Harry Warnick       Fairfield Warde (Fairfield, CT)     8:36.37
8.   Brendan Shearn      North Schuylkill (Ashland, PA)      8:36.65 
9.   Paul Gates          W.T. Woodson (Fairfax, VA)          8:37.50 
10.  Nick Tuck           Lake Braddock (Burke, VA)           8:39.44 
11.  Matthew Schwartzer  Princess Anne (Virginia Beach, VA)  8:39.65 
12.  Orane Wint          Bellefield (Mandeville, JAM)        8:39.83 
13.  Kris Moran          North Babylon (North Babylon, NY)   8:40.72 
14.  Ronnie Calkins      Douglas Freeman (Richmond, VA)      8:40.77 
15.  Sam Hibbs           Hatboro-Horsham (Horsham, PA)       8:41.19 
16.  Billy Bragg         Christian Bros (NJ) (Lincroft, NJ)  8:42.72 
17.  Austin Lane         Greenwich Central (Greenwich, NY)   8:49.45 
18.  Michael Wegner      Loyola Blakefield (Baltimore, MD)   8:49.78 
19.  Thomas Awad         Chaminade (Mineola, NY)             8:52.55 
20.  Matthew Nelson      Barnegat (Barnegat, NJ)             8:53.20 
21.  Mitchell Kun        Sheepshead Bay (Brooklyn, NY)       8:53.71 
22.  Christian Costello  Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, NJ)         8:57.40

Saturday, April 28, 2012

O'Sullivan "Frustrated but Not Disappointed" in Men's 4 x 800

Fourth-place finish in 4x800 leaves Villanova 'frustrated'

By Joe Juliano
Philadelphia Inquirer
April 29, 2012

Villanova men's track coach Marcus O'Sullivan thought for a long time before deciding that the Wildcats had a better shot at winning the 4x800-meter relay than they did the 4-by-mile.

And the Wildcats almost pulled a surprise, staying competitive for the entire race before finishing fourth to Penn State by 1.28 seconds.

"I'm frustrated, but I'm not disappointed," said O'Sullivan, who watched his distance-medley relay team run a similarly tough race on Friday. "I figured with the bookends [1,200- and 1,600-meter legs] on the DMR falling a bit short, not having that big of a pop, and teams like Princeton, Indiana, and Oklahoma all strong and deep, then our best bet was to move into the 4x8."

O'Sullivan said he thought the 4x800 would give Wildcats anchor Samuel Ellison "a fighting shot." And Ellison, an Upper Dublin High grad and one of three sophomores on the relay team, almost pulled it off before tiring in the final 25 meters.

"I felt pretty good," Ellison said. "Elijah Greer [Oregon] and Robby Creese [Penn State] are two of the best runners in the country. I was just trying to stay in it as long as I could. I tried my best."

1. Penn State  7:19.76  
     Dawson (1:50.8), Brennan (1:50.8), Loxsom (1:49.3), Creese (1:48.9)
2. Oregon  7:20.22  
     Thompson (1:51.2), Hornsby (1:50.2), Guyota (1:49.6), Greer (1:49.1) 

3. Columbia  7:20.80
     Claflin (1:51.2), Fish (1:49.9), Tansey (1:49.8), McFann (1:49.9)
4. Villanova  7:21.04  
     Tetreault (1:51.2), McEntee (1:49.6), Fitzsimons (1:50.1), Ellison (1:50.1)
5. Texas A&M  7:21.59
     Bonn (1:52.5), Roberts (1:47.9), Ramirez (1:50.4), Preble (1:50.8)
6. Cornell  7:26.38
     Bice (1:52.7), Wade (1:50.8), Weinlandt (1:51.3), Admirand (1:52.4)
7. Princeton  7:29.34
     Dinkins (1:50.9), Paternostro (1:49.4), Palmisano (1:53.3), Van Ackeren (1:55.7)
8. Houston  7:30.19
      Kaapa (1:52.0), Coleman (1:50.0), Fernando (1:52.3), Pineda (1:55.9)
9. Georgia Tech  7:31.10
     Fanelty (1:53.0), Scheff (1:51.9), Clifford (1:54.1), Roberts (1:52.1)
10. Tennessee  7:33.98
      Kaiser (1:52.1), Thompson (1:52.6), Franklin (1:53.2), Carter (1:56.0)
11. Indiana  7:37.63
      Holahan (1:52.4), Hindes (1:53.3), Turner (1:54.5), Stockberger (1:57.2)
12. St. Francis (NY)  7:43.91
      Ksepka (1:55.4), Gilhuley (1:55.7), Gilhuley (1:58.0), Nersten (1:54.8)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Q&A with Sheila Reid from Athletics Illustrated

Sheila Reid

Christopher Kelsall
April 26, 2012

© Copyright – 2012 – Athletics Illustrated

Sheila Reid of Toronto, Ontario is seeking to represent Canada at the 2012 London Olympic Games in the 1500m or 5000m distance. The 23-year-old is in the final year of eligibility at Villanova University. She is considered to be the best or one of the best all-time track and field athletes to run for the school.

Reid is a nine-time All-American, two-time recipient of the Honda Sports Award in track and field as part of the The Collegiate Women Sports Awards program and two-time participant at IAAF World Cross Country Championships.

Reid finished fifth in the 5000m race at the Mt. SAC Relays Saturday, April 20th, achieving the Olympic B standard, finishing in 15:23.64. She just missed the A Standard of 15:20.00.

Despite all of her success, she has not won at the Penn Relays [Reid anchored the victorious DMR the day after this interview was published -- VR]. When asked about this she told the Journal Register News Service of the PA Network, “Oh man, it’s a monkey on my back,” Reid said. “It’s pretty crazy that with all the success that I’ve had and the team has had I still can’t seem to tie down a Penn Relay’s wheel, but we’re working on it this year and we’re going to get it together for sure this year.”

Personal bests
1500m – 4:11.85
Mile – 4:35.30
3000m – 8:56.92
5000m – 15:23.64

Christopher Kelsall: How much of a role did coach Gina Procaccio influence your development as an athlete while at Villanova?

Sheila Reid: It goes without saying that Gina’s coaching has played a major role in my development. As a former US Champion, she understands both the mental and physical aspect of being an athlete.

CK: At what age did you decide that you wanted to get serious with your running? Was there a defining moment?

SR: I always considered myself a soccer player and I dreamed of going to the US on a scholarship. I started to train with a running club in 2004, but I didn’t love it and continued to play competitive soccer. My defining moment came after I won two silver medals at OFSAA in 2005 in the 1500m and 3000m. I was really disappointed I didn’t win, so I trained really hard that summer (instead of taking three months off of running to play soccer). The next cross country season I made my first junior national team.

CK: What positions did you play?

SR: I played mid-field mostly, but also left and right forward. Running definitely helped me develop my speed and endurance as a soccer player.

CK: So do you love the running now?

SR: I do. In my first couple years of high school I didn’t necessarily love running; I did it because it was something at which I was moderately successful. Maturity and competitiveness has fueled my love of the sport.

CK: You excel at both the 1500m and 5000m distances. You achieved the B Canadian Olympic standard at Mt. Sac with your 15:23. Are you going to work more towards achieving standard in the 1500m or continue pursuing the 5000m?

SR: The 5000m didn’t go as planned, as I was hoping to achieve the A standard, but it has always been in my plans to pursue the 1500m as well.

CK: How did the plan go awry? Was it simply performance related or was it a tactical issue?

SR: Perhaps a little of both. After a few laps I didn’t feel right, and tactically I was much too caught up with running a time as opposed to doing what I do best, which is racing. I’m disappointed that I missed the A standard and that I was so far off the lead, but I fought really hard during the last 2k.

CK: Having a 4:11.85 1500m personal best, what do you need to do to drop into the 4:06-range? Is it just a matter of getting into the right race?

SR: I ran 4:11 in my first race of the season last year, without the huge base I built this year. I definitely think I was in 4:0x shape last summer, but shut it down in anticipation of my last cross country season at ‘Nova. I am looking forward to getting into a competitive race to hit that kind of time, and I hope I can get the A standard!

CK: So are you pursuing both distances this spring?

SR: Yes. I hope to run more 800m races too.

CK: Are you racing the 800s as under-distance efforts to work on intensity or are you hoping to get standard at that distance too?

SR: I think that to be a great 1500m runner, you should be able to step up to the 5000m and down to the 800m. I don’t think that sub-2 is going to happen right now, but I think that I have some good 800m times left to run.

Canadian Olympic Standards for the 800m distance
A+ – 1:59.90
A – 1:59.90
B – 2:01.30

CK: Obviously your immediate goals are to achieve A and B or A+ within the window then compete in the Olympics. Are you going to race in Europe and the National Track League to try to achieve standard? Which meets do you have in mind?

SR: I just want to enjoy my final collegiate races at Penn Relays, Big East, and NCAAs. I have loose plans to go to Europe this summer, and I will have to pursue a 1500m standard in North America before I do anything, but I’m not sure where that will happen yet.

Nova Men Comes 6th in Razor Thin Penn Relays DMR

In a race where the top 6 teams finished within 8/10s of a second, Villanova's men's DMR finished out of the money and out of luck. Villanova got off to a good start in the 1200 meter leg with Canadian Rob Denault, who replaced Brian Tetreault. Denault went 2:59.9 -- one of only 4 to get under the 3:00 barrier and about 1 second off the lead at the first exchange. Bryan Murphy ran the 5th fastest 400 meter leg, in 48.0. At the end of that leg, Villanova was 2.6 seconds behind eventual winner Oregon. Sam Ellison took the 800 leg in 1:48.9, the 3rd fastest of the race, essentially wiping out Oregon's lead. The final 1600 leg turned tactical as a lead group clumped together in anticipation of a sprint finish over the final 200 meters. That's what occurred and the top 6 teams had a cluster finish. Sam McEntee went 4:06.5, the 7th fastest anchor leg of the day. Donn Cabral's 4:05.8 leg was good enough to win the race for Princeton over Indiana.

1.  Princeton     9:42.45   
       Stilin (2:59.0), Hopkins (46.3), Williams (1:51.4), Cabral (4:05.8)

2.  Indiana     9:42.68
       Turner (3:00.6), Vaughn (46.5), Stockberger (1:49.5), Bayer (4:06.1)

3.  Binghamton     9:43.08
       Garn (3:01.4), Gilbert (49.0), Fernandez (1:51.6), van Ingen (4:01.1)

4.  Oregon     9:43.11
       Greer (2:59.2), Hornsby (47.8), Guyota (1:49.4), Dunbar (4:06.7)

5.  Columbia     9:43.21
       Gregorek (3:00.2), Boyd (48.2), McFann (1:47.8), Merber (4:07.0)

6.  Villanova     9:43.28
       Denault (2:59.9), Murphy (48.0), Ellison (1:48.9), McEntee (4:06.5)

7.  Texas     9:44.64
       Jessett (3:01.2), Dreyer (48.1), Thompson (1:47.4), McGregor (4:07.9)

8.  Oklahoma     9:45.45
       Masters (2:59.8), Wood (46.6), Casey (1:51.1), Harasyn (4:08.0)

9.  Albany     9:47.78
       Lagno (3:03.4), Santana (48.6), Rowell (1:53.0), Burke (4:02.8)

10. Navy     9:48.37
       Kennedy (3:02.2), Jackson (49.2), DellaPelle (1:53.2), Rome (4:03.8)

11. Texas A&M     9:48.91
       Bonn (3:03.0), Young (48.3), Ramirez (1:51.5), Lelei (4:06.1)

12. La Salle     9:50.47
       Crits (3:01.0), Bartholomew (49.5), Reilly (1:51.7), Ross (4:08.2)

13. Duke     9:58.03
       Clark (3:03.5), Raskin (50.7), Beach (1:52.8), DeMatteo (4:11.0)

14. Penn     10:02.95
       Fulton (3:01.1), Rosenthal (49.0), Bekelja (1:54.3), Cunningham (4:18.5)

15. Ok Christian   10:13.64
       Barrientez (3:03.1), Block (59.2), Mesta (1:57.3), Kisorio (4:14.0)

Villanova Women 3rd in Penn Relays 4 x 1500 Meters

The Oregon women dominated the 4 x 1500 meter race today at the Penn Relays, winning by an impressive 12 seconds over second-place Georgetown. Villanova's squad finished in third place.

Women's 4 x 1500 Championship of America

1.  Oregon       17:29.00    Thompson, Kosinski, Kesselring, Friday     
2.  Georgetown   17:40.99    Chambers, Schneider, Coogan, Infeld    
3.  Villanova    17:41.12    Mimic, Lipari, Akande, Reid  
4.  Dartmouth    17:44.95    Supino, Pappas, Vailas, D'Agostino
5.  Indiana      18:13.34    Ehrman, Duerksen, Raby, Blanchard
6.  Iona         18:22.25    Gregson, Neumeyer, Niblock, Stewart   
7.  Toledo       18:40.63    Kertesz, Belair, Pusateri, Wright 

Penn Relays DMR 2011 vs 2012: The Agony & the Ecstacy

'Going down in history with Sheila Reid'

Philadelphia Daily News
April 27, 2012

THE MOMENT was mostly about Sheila Reid, for all the obvious story lines. Still, it's called a relay for a reason. You usually need all four legs of the race to make it happen. Heading into Thursday's Distance Medley Championship of America at Franklin Field, everyone knew that Villanova had the best anchor, even if the fifth-year senior star had never won at the Penn Relays. But it turns out the Wildcats also sent out a threesome ahead of her who took care of their business about as well as coach Gina Procaccio could have possibly game-planned.

So by the time Reid got the baton for the finishing 1,600-meter leg, well, this one in reality was pretty much a matter of by how much.

Reid still needed to handle the rest by outlasting Tennessee's Brittany Sheffey over the final four laps to make it official. But her teammates had already made that a much more manageable proposition.

"It was perfect," Procaccio said. "I kept thinking, 'They're doing it, they're doing it.' They're pretty tough kids. In order for [Reid] to get it done, you need to have three studs in front of her. I'm just blown away by those guys. They really stepped it up. I was pretty relaxed when [Reid] got it in that position. Everyone knows it's not about any one runner. But . . . "

There was a singular objective, to put their closer where she needed to be. For the first time here, finally.

"I really didn't have to do anything," Reid noted. "I just did my job. It was about everyone doing their jobs today."

The result was the program's record 11th victory in that event, but first in 6 years.

Last April, then-freshman Emily Lipari, who had been battling strep throat, fell behind in the opening 1,200 (see photo to left in the aftermath of the 2011 debacle). Then junior Christie Verdier got hit as she began the 400 and dropped the stick. There was never a chance after that.

This time, Lipari stayed right on the pace by going around in 3 minutes, 22.9 seconds. Verdier kept the Wildcats there with a personal-best 52.8. Sophomore Nicky Akande, the only one who wasn't part of last year's team, did likewise by following with a PR 2:04.5 in the 800. That allowed Reid to come home in a rather comfortable 4:40.8 for a combined 11:01.33 that was a little more than 2 seconds better than the Vols, who won in 2009 and '10.

"All last year, I put a lot of blame on myself," Lipari said. "This is [Reid and Verdier's] last year. I wanted them to go out with a bang, and not let them down this time.

"You go to practice every day with these girls, and see how hungry they are and how much everyone wants it. When I step on the line it's everything for the girls.

"Sheila's a racer. We wanted to set her up to race. That's Sheila's strength. It takes four girls to do it . . . [We knew] she'd bring it home for all of us."

While the focus was on the face of the program, in this group effort there was plenty of redemption to share.

"Before the Penn Relays, I was thinking about [last year] a lot," Verdier said. "But I have to learn from my mistakes. I was pretty excited to run today. I'm happy with what we did.

"I couldn't stop screaming."

Akande's performance was particularly impressive. Especially when you consider that it was her first Carnival experience.

"I wasn't thinking about anything except getting Sheila into position," she said. "So I didn't even realize I'd gone out that fast [on her first lap]. All I knew is I had to stay in it."

And when she passed it off to Reid well within striking distance?

"I felt pretty good," Akande said.

All that was left was a serious hug and of course that elusive victory lap.

Now, Reid will no longer have to answer the question that had shadowed her for 12 months. But she hardly was a solo act.

"It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience," Lipari said. "To capture that moment with these three girls, we couldn't ask for anything else.

"I mean, Sheila's a great leader. And all of us are so honored to have her as a teammate. And we're so happy she came back for her fifth year. As young people, we have someone to look up to. Without Sheila on the team, it would be a totally different team. All the hype she gets is so well-deserved. She has a great attitude, she's a great person and a great friend. We wouldn't have run as well if not for her, because of her positive attitude and training with her and everything she does for us.

"We did it together, but we couldn't have done it without her. Going down in history with Sheila Reid is kind of special."

Penn Relays: Day 1 Report

Aside from the headline-grapping victory for the Villanova women's DMR, other solid performances were registered on day 1 of the Penn Relays:

College Women 3000 meters College
8. Courtney Chapman 9:35.02

College Men's 5000 meters College
25. John Pickhaver 14:53.98

College Women's Javelin College
1. Jamie Klein 45.10 meters

College Women's High Jump College
4. Samantha Yeats 1.75 meters

College Women's Pole Vault College
13. Melissa Meggiolaro 3.50 meters

College Women's Pole Vault Championship
6. Alex Wasik 3.90 meters

Post-Race Presser for Women's DMR

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Legs 1-2-3 the Key to Villanova's DMR Victory

Amazing Race: Wildcats Capture Championship of America Distance Medley Relay Title
Incredible team effort from start to finish delivers Villanova its 30th Penn Relays title, 11th in the DMR

Villanova Sports Information
April 26, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - A perfect race from start to finish culminated in celebration at the finish line as Villanova won the Championship of America title in the distance medley relay at Franklin Field on Thursday night. It is the 30th title at the Penn Relays and the 11th in the DMR for the Wildcats, who won tonight's race with a lineup of sophomore Emily Lipari (Greenvale, N.Y.), senior Christie Verdier (Baldwin, N.Y.), sophomore Nicky Akande (Lawrenceville, Ga.) and senior Sheila Reid (Newmarket, Ont.).

In the first three legs of the race the trio of Lipari (1200 meters), Verdier (400 meters) and Akande (800 meters) each produced career best splits and Akande handed off to Reid for the 1600 meters anchor leg with Villanova and Tennessee virtually even with each other at the front of the pack. The winning time for the Wildcats wound up being 11:01.03, a margin of victory of 2.5 seconds over the Volunteers and the rest of the field of 11 teams.

"It is extremely exciting to bring home this win," head coach Gina Procaccio said. "I am blown away by our first three legs of the race. Emily, Christie and Nicky all stepped up and did a great job. I am incredibly proud of them and I was very confident that Sheila could finish off the win because we had run so great through the entire race."

This is the fourth Penn Relays title that Procaccio has won at Villanova, including her first in 1987 as a student-athlete for the Wildcats as well as three during her career as a head coach. Three of those four wins have come in the distance medley relay, the signature event for Villanova in its remarkable history at the Penn Relays.

Reid also joined a select group of women from the Wildcats program with her first career Penn Relays championship. She is now one of five Villanova runners to have won at least one Penn Relays title in addition to at least one national championship in cross country, indoor track and outdoor track. Combining all four of those events Reid has a total of six titles in her Wildcats career, including tonight's win at the Penn Relays to go along with five national championships that have all been won in the last 18 months.

After the race Reid alluded to the emotions of winning a Penn Relays title in her final season of collegiate eligibility.

"This is what Villanova is all about," Reid said. "When you hit the backstretch and hear the `Go Nova' chant the emotion of the moment definitely gets the best of you. A lot has to go right to win a race at the Penn Relays but there was no luck involved today. These three girls sitting here with me ran the race of their lives and put me in perfect position to do my job."

The description of the race by Reid was spot on, as then story of this particular win in her career will always be told while invoking the efforts of the three runners that came before her.

Lipari led off the race with a split of 3:22.9 in the first 1200 meters and was never further back than second place while running against Tennessee leadoff runner Chanelle Price (3:21.8). She was under pressure from the runners behind her at the hand-off but secured the Wildcats standing in second place when she gave the baton to Verdier, who ran a 400 meters split of 52.8 before handing off to Akande.

When Akande received the baton Villanova trailed the Volunteers by two seconds. By the time Akande made it halfway through her first lap around the track the gap had disappeared. She split 2:04.5 for her 800 meter leg and gave the baton to Reid with a margin of just two-tenths of a second separating the Wildcats and Tennessee.

Reid comfortably did the rest, running perfectly even with Volunteers anchor Brittany Sheffey for three laps before taking the lead at the start of the bell lap. She started to pull away with 200 meters left and surged across the finish line with a big smile on her face as her teammates waited to greet her.

DMR Victory Sweet for Villanova Foursome

Villanova women win DMR at 118th Penn Relays
April 26, 2012, 7:52 p.m. EDT
Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Villanova dominated down the stretch and showed it can still beat the elite at the Penn Relays.

The Wildcats turned back the clock in the women's distance medley relay and won the signature event Thursday in 11 minutes, 1.03 seconds.

Emily Lipari, Christie Verdier, Nicky Akande and Sheila Reid helped bring the title back to Villanova for the first time since 2006. Reid, the senior anchor, ran a fantastic final 400 meters, urged on by yells of "Go Nova!" down the backstretch.

"Our school puts a lot of emphasis on this," Reid said. "Once I had the baton in my hand, I wanted it to be strictly business."

Tennessee was second in 11:03.53, and Penn State third in 11:08.41.

The gloomy weather and threat of rain early didn't deter fans at Franklin Field on the University of Pennsylvania's usually quiet campus, which hosted the famed track and field meet for the 118th time.

Most of the fans who came out to the ancient stadium were there to root on the Wildcats.

Reid became the fifth Villanova woman to have won an individual cross country national championship, at least one indoor national title and outdoor national title, as well as at least one Penn Relays title.

Reid was aware of the pressure entering the event to win the marquee race.

By the time she built a comfortable lead with 50 meters left, Reid broke out a wide smile that fans didn't need the videoboard to see.

"She was definitely feeling pressure to not leave Villanova without a Penn Relays victory," coach Gina Procaccio said. "But, in order for her to get that done, you need to have three studs in front of her putting her in the race."

Villanova took the lead at the bell that signaled the final 400-meter leg of the race.

Lipari ran 3:22.9, Verdier 52.8, Akande 2:04.5, and Reid 4:40.8.

Winning the DMR used to be routine for the Wildcats. They won from 1987-91 and three of four DMR's from 1994-97.

"It puts us in some good company with some really great women that came before us," Reid said.

Villanova Signee Angel Piccirillo 2nd in Penn Relays Prep Mile

The two-time defending Penn Relays prep mile champion Angel Piccirillo was defeated today by Mary Cain, who broke the Penn Relays all-time record by a full two seconds in running the #1 prep time in the USA this year.

Girls 1 Mile Championship
1.   Mary Cain          Bronxville (NY)          4:39.28  
2.   Angel Piccirillo   Homer Center (PA)        4:47.49  
3.   Samantha George    Millbrook (NC)           4:48.11  
4.   Ajee' Wilson       Neptune (NJ)             4:52.89  
5.   Kennedy Weisner    Elk County (PA)          4:53.71  
6.   Kimberley Ficenec  Mountain View (VA)       4:53.77  
7.   Sarah Gillespie    Northwest Catholic (CT)  4:54.36  
8.   Audrey Batzel      Ocean Lakes (VA)         4:54.82  
9.   Cayla Del Piano    South Brunswick (NJ)     4:58.32  
10.  Jackie Choucair    Hockaday School (TX)     4:58.52  
11.  Caroline Alcorta   West Springfield (VA)    4:58.79  
12.  Maria Seykora      Notre Dame Academy (PA)  5:01.48  
13   Katie Fortner      Cave Spring (VA)         5:03.34  
14.  Sara Sargent       Pennsbury (PA))          5:03.63 

VIDEO: Villanova Women's DMR Victory at Penn Relays

Villanova Women Take Penn Relays DMR

For the first time in 6 years, the Villanova women have won the Distance Medley Relay at the Penn Relays. Running second to Tennessee throughout the race, Villanova anchor Sheila Reid took the baton in close contact to Tennessee's anchor Brittany Sheffey. Reid attacked at the bell and took Villanova to its 11th Penn Relays DMR Championship of America. Reid split 4:40.8, almost 3 seconds faster than Tennessee's Brittany Sheffey. Here are the results.

1.   Villanova     11:01.03
     Lipari (3:22.9), Verdier (52.8), Akande (2:04.5), Reid (4:40.8)

2.   Tennessee     11:03.53  
     Price (3:21.8), Wortham (51.7), Ruff (2:06.5), Sheffey (4:43.5)

3.   Penn State  11:08.41

4.   Boston College  11:12.41

5.   Princeton  11:13.40

6.   Indiana  11:16.09  

7.   Georgetown  11:18.34
     Chambers (3:24.0), Cox (56.8), Neczypor (2:11.0), Kasper (4:46.5)  

8.   Navy  11:46.46    

9.   Lehigh  11:51.27     

10.  Ohio State  11:52.34     

11.  Central Connecticut  11:59.12

Crunch Time for Villanova's Sheila Reid

Villanova's Reid faces unfinished business
Mike Kern
Philadelphia Daily News
April 26, 2012

“We see all the great names on the wall [at school], every day. They’ve got Penn Relay champions, and national champions. It’s kind of funny to have one without the other...It would be great to put our names right up there in Villanova history.”

— Wildcats’ fifth-year senior Sheila Reid, before the 2011 Penn Relays

SO WHEN DOES a void become a burden?

Because 12 months later, nothing has changed. And at this point, fun probably has little to do with that quest.

Reid, who could be competing for Canada in this summer’s Olympic Games, will leave the Main Line as one of the school’s most accomplished runners. Which puts her in rarefied company.

She’s on a short list of those who’ve won back-to-back individual cross-country titles, while helping the Wildcats take consecutive team crowns. At last June’s NCAA outdoor championships she became the first woman to win the 1,500 and 5,000 meters in the same year. Last week she broke Sonia O’Sullivan’s 22-year-old school record in the outdoor 5,000. One of three finalists for the 2011 Honda Award that goes to the nation’s top female athlete, she twice has been honored by the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association as its top amateur.


She’s never taken a victory lap at Franklin Field.

“Any superstar that comes through here is expected to do that,” said Villanova coach Gina Procaccio, who got to experience such a moment in West Philly back in her heyday. “It’s something you can really share with your teammates. She’s proven herself individually. But if you ask her about her high points here, she’d tell you about the team titles. You can do that at Penn. I just want her to know what it feels like.

“Even [Olympian] Carrie Tollefson only had one [there]. I know [Reid] thinks about it. It doesn’t have to be said.”

Whatever the remainder of her career holds, this is Reid’s last Carnival. She once again will run the closing 1,600-meter leg in Thursday’s Distance Medley Relay and anchor Friday’s 4 x 1,500. She also could anchor Saturday’s 4 x 800 meters, an event Villanova hasn’t even entered since she’s been here.

“I think it would relieve some of the pressure if we could get it done the first day,” Reid acknowledged. “But I’ll take any day. I’d be thrilled with one, and not get greedy, but ... it is kind of this thing hanging over me.”

The Wildcats have won the DMR a record nine times, four more than anybody else. Yet they haven’t done it since 2006. They’ve won a meet-best eight 4 x 1,500s. Again, nobody’s close. But their most recent victory was a dozen years ago. They also have a record nine 4 x 800 titles. The last, though, came in 1997.

Competitively, times have changed. The expectations, not so much.

“I like our chances, but I like our chances every year,” Reid said. “It’s not daunting, but there’s just something about it that’s elusive. It’s always been a special place for Villanova. I’ll never not be in awe of the people that have come before me. It’s just something we want to win so badly, for each other and the program. [It’s] home turf.

“I think our whole team puts a lot of pressure on itself, especially last year. We came in planning to do big things and it didn’t turn out the way we wanted. But we’re going to approach it the same way. We’re not giving ourselves a way out of it.”

Last April they were coming off a DMR win at the NCAA Indoor nationals, where they broke a program record that had stood since 1988. At Penn they got a “sluggish” leadoff 1,200 from freshman Emily Lipari, who as it turns out was not fully healthy. Then Christie Verdier got hit on the 400 leg and dropped the baton. Game over.

They have the same group back (Nicky Akande will run the 800). Reid, who redshirted the outdoor season as a freshman, didn’t run in the recently completed indoor campaign because she’d used up her eligibility. Defending champ Georgetown, Oregon and 2009-10 winner Tennessee figure to be significant factors.

“It was like watching a car accident,” Reid recalled. “I couldn’t look away. I knew the girls were hurting.”

The reality is, relays are a joint effort. Many of Villanova’s greats have anchored victories that were basically already history when they got the baton. The details aren’t noted when they list the winners in the record books. Procaccio only hopes Reid is within a stride or so of the lead when it’s time to do her thing.

“I think she’s the best anchor in the field,” Procaccio explained. “I think she’d be OK.”

Maybe we’ll finally get a chance to find out.

“I’ll take a win any way I can,” Reid said. “A comfortable buffer would be nice. If I screwed that up I’d have to readjust some training.

“It hurts more when you’re trying to do something for a team than just yourself. It affects other people. That’s why I love the Penn Relays. Running for times is different than racing. I’ve always said it takes a certain degree of magic to win at Penn, because how often do four girls feel absolutely brilliant on the same day? You need that lightning to strike.

“I don’t really get a lot of interview requests until the Penn Relays. I don’t get sick of it. I understand how important it is, and not just to the girls on the team. A lot of people want to see us win.”

So, has she ever allowed herself to contemplate what it could be?

“I’ve got to run four laps, after my teammates run a bunch of laps, before we can all [celebrate] together,” she said. “If it did happen, it would rank pretty high. But we’ve had teams we thought could win before and didn’t. You don’t want to jinx yourself. One little thing could go wrong.

“While they’re running, I’m definitely excited and anxious, just kind of waiting for my turn. I can’t imagine what they’re feeling when they’re done and they’re watching me.

“We’re coming in a little bit smarter, a little bit fitter. Everyone seems to be kind of on the upswing, as opposed to kind of beaten up. This time I’m really going to try and enjoy it.”

The wall wouldn’t want it any other way.

Penn Relays = Plenty of Pressure on Villanova Athletes

Wildcats in the crosshairs at Penn Relays
By Joe Juliano
Philadelphia Inquirer
April 26, 2012

Villanova athletes know that they have targets on their backs whenever they compete in the Penn Relays, representing the expectations of local fans as well as the goal of out-of-town teams to defeat them.

Those prospects are back for the Wildcats as the 118th edition of the world's oldest and largest relay carnival prepares for launch at Franklin Field.

"This is as big as it gets," Villanova men's track coach Marcus O'Sullivan said. "This is a rite of passage in my mind to go on to the next level in terms of experiencing that intensity, particularly if you're Villanova. There's more expectations put on you.

"All I try to do is encourage people to have fun when they're doing it because it's a tremendous experience. It's a lifelong experience."

The Wildcats hope to make memories Thursday in the women's distance medley relay when they try to get their ace, Sheila Reid, her first Penn Relays watch. Reid's outstanding career on the Main Line includes two individual NCAA track championships and two NCAA cross-country titles.

It won't be easy. Defending champion Georgetown, the reigning NCAA cross-country title-holder, is strong with anchor Emily Infeld. Tennessee is led by Channelle Price, the former Easton High star who has earned five carnival watches in her career, and Oregon will field a strong team.

"For many years, Villanova has kind of owned these [distance] races," Oregon coach Vin Lananna said. "We certainly respect their history and tradition and toughness. But we fully expect to compete as well as we can and give them and the others - they're not the only team - a run for their money."

The same four schools also will battle for the giant wheel trophy in the 4x800 and 4x1,500 relays, although it's possible that a team or two could decide to skip one and load up in the other.

Villanova's men will defend their title in Friday's distance medley relay with a new anchor, freshman Samuel McEntee, who ran the mile in 3 minutes, 57.86 seconds during the indoor season.

Texas A&M is one of the teams expected to contend. The Aggies, normally known for strong men's and women's sprint teams that have won 18 men's and women's Championship of America events at Penn, are loaded in the DMR and the 4x800.

And the Texas A&M sprinters will resume their rivalry with Louisiana State in the men's and women's relays.

Ameer Webb, the NCAA 200-meter indoor champion, will make his Relays debut.

"We have Michael Bryan and P.J. Hardy, both sophomores who were there last year," Texas A&M coach Pat Henry said. "So we bring a little bit of experience. But this is all underclassmen; we don't have a senior in the group."

On the women's side, LSU and Texas A&M own the two fastest times this year in the 4x100 and the 4x400. The Aggies have won four consecutive 4x200 relays at the carnival, but the Tigers are looking for their sixth straight win in Friday's sprint medley, which would be the longest streak by a women's team in the same relay.

Look for LSU's Kimberlyn Duncan and Texas A&M's Dominique Dunn to log multiple race duties.

The carnival once again will feature competition in the USA vs. the World relays on Saturday. Relay teams will be announced Friday.

Also, former Texas Christian star Bill Collins, now 61, won the 60, 200, and 400 in his age group at this year's World Masters Indoor Championships and will compete this weekend

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In Her Own Words: Carrie Tollefson on the Comeback Trail

Here's a new video from 2004 USA Olympian Carrie Tollefson in which she describes her reunion with former coach Dennis Barker and her training on the track after a three-year absence from competitive racing. Her first track race in the comeback was a 5000 meter race at the Hamline Invitational in her native Minnesota earlier this month. She finished 2nd to Katie McGregor, in 16:26.63. Tollefson is entered in the 5000 meters at Sunday's Payton Jordan meet at Stanford, and is hoping to hit the Olympic Trials standards ("A" standard = 15:35; "B" standard = 15:50) to assure herself a spot in the Trials.

Villanova is Penn's "Big Brother" at Penn Relays

Penn looks to return to relevance at Relays
Dave Zeitlan
April 25, 2012

Not very much was expected of the 4x400 relay team that Robin Martin (pictured, right) anchored at the 1997 Penn Relays, and the expectations weren’t exactly raised when Martin grabbed the baton for the anchor leg in fourth place in the IC4A championship race.

But with a burst of speed and adrenaline, Martin passed the three runners in front of him to lead Penn to a stunning and dramatic victory on their home track.

What happened next, the former Quaker middle-distance star and current Penn men’s track and field head coach remembers vividly.

“The crowd went bananas,” recalled Martin, a sophomore on that ’97 winning relay team. “The professional athletes that were there all came and jumped on us and were giving us hugs. People poured from the stands onto the track. It paused Penn Relays. It was crazy. That kind of thing really doesn’t happen.”

Martin – who took over for Penn’s longtime track coach Charlie Powell on an interim basis last December – hopes things like that happen more often for the host school in the country’s oldest and largest track and field competition. And he hopes they begin to happen this weekend at the 118th running of the historic Penn Relays, his first as head coach.

“You don’t hear Penn’s name on the loudspeaker at the Penn Relays,” said Martin, who was a two-time All-American during his career at Penn from 1996-2000. “We host it – but we’re usually just the hosts. The number of times that we’re really competitive is small.

“We’re not nationally competitive right now,” Penn’s new coach continued. “But the big part of our drive is to get there.”

The Quakers’ best chance at a championship this weekend will likely be in the men’s high jump, where Maalik Reynolds will defend his title Saturday afternoon. Last year, Reynolds jumped 7 feet, 3 ¼ inches to become the Quakers’ first Penn Relays high jump champion since 1955. And the sophomore continues to improve.

Martin believes the Quakers also will be competitive in the men’s distance medley relay, where they earned a spot in the top Championship of America heat. Last year, Villanova captured the national title in that race, traditionally one of the most exciting at the Penn Relays Carnival.

“This year we want to be in the mix,” Martin said. “This year, with 300 meters to go, my dream is to hear, “It’s Villanova, Oregon … and Penn! That would be incredible.”

Martin knows, however, there’s a lot of work to do to catch Villanova, which is home to some of the nation’s premier distance runners.

“I don’t know the last time we’ve beaten them, so it’s hard to call them a rival,” the Penn men’s track coach said. “They’re big brother right now. But we’re looking to change that.”

On top of going for their second straight (see photo of 2011 winners, left) – and 25th overall – men’s DMR Championship of America title Friday afternoon, Villanova will also be a part of many other distance relay events, including Thursday’s women’s DMR.

Last year, the Wildcats fizzled out in that race, finishing in 13th place after many thought they’d shatter the Penn Relays record. But with senior Sheila Reid – one of the top college distance runners ever – back for one last shot at her first Penn Relays title, Villanova women’s coach Gina Procaccio appeared confident in last week’s pre-carnival press conference.

“I think we have our best shot in the last few years to bring home another wheel,” Procaccio said. “We’re definitely looking forward to having a really strong DMR. And what I am most excited about is I think this year we are actually going to have a 4x800. We haven’t had a 4x8 in this meet in over 10 years.”

Villanova men’s track coach Marcus O’Sullivan was equally optimistic about the Wildcats’ chances to bring home some hardware – while also excited for his athletes to compete against the best this country has to offer, on one of the sport’s biggest stages.

“This is as big as it gets,” said O’Sullivan, who competed in four Olympics during his own running career. “I compare it to the nervous energy that I would expect I would have gotten at the Olympic Games or World Championships. This is my barometer. This is what I can compare it to. This is a rite of passage, in my mind, to go on to the next level.”

A Closer Look at Villanova's Sheila Reid

Getting a Reid on Villanova track star Sheila
Philadelphia Daily News
April 25, 2012

THE SHEILA REID nobody knows loves pancakes, bowling and whatever.

Yes, whatever. That was one of the interests, along with shopping mall, culled after an exhaustive investigation of 30 seconds and three or four clicks on her Facebook page.

It was on Facebook so it had to be true, although the identifying photo in the lefthand corner looked suspiciously like a young Bruce Springsteen. Reid, the Villanova superstar runner, is much more attractive and might own a guitar but definitely does not have a beard.

"Bruce is on there, because my dad is a big fan," Reid said. "I'm a fan, too, but it's a tribute for my dad. He has been to a bunch of concerts and drug me to a few, too."

Excuse me Boss for this, but she is the one who was born to run.

Go ahead, Google Reid and you'll reinforce what you already know. The woman can beat you in a race. She can smoke you, especially if the race is long distance. But the search here is not for the Canada native who will anchor at least two if not all three Villanova distance events this week at the Penn Relays at Franklin Field.

We're looking for the Sheila Reid who lists "Dumb and Dumber" as one of her favorite movies and Stephen King's "Misery" as one of her favorite books. She's not a machine. She merely plays one on the track.

"I'm not an athlete, 24/7," said Reid. "I'm intense when I'm running and I know I might run 50 miles a week but when I stop I'm relaxed. I'm normal."

She even breaks training once in a while to devour Ben and Jerry's Late Night Snack ice cream and one of her favorite cheats occurs during Restaurant Week in Philly.

"I love those things," she said. "I don't eat a bunch of stuff I shouldn't eat but when I splurge I will eat a lot of one thing, like steak. The next day I pay for it, sweating like crazy."

Can't imagine what the recovery time is for Late Night Snack, which consists of vanilla ice cream, fudge-covered, potato chip clusters and salty caramel swirl.

Why, it must be the dessert of champions.

Reid has won NCAA individual and team championships in cross country, the NCAA distance medley relay championship indoors, the unbelievable 1,500/5,000 double at last year's NCAA outdoor championships.

She is chasing the elusive Penn Relays watch, the one award that has escaped her wrist and her grasp but you have heard these sagas. Inquiring minds want to know why "Dumb and Dumber" is on her list of favorite movies.

"I'm a big Jim Carrey fan," said Reid.

They both hail from Newmarket, Ontario. So does the late John Candy, yet surprisingly "Cool Runnings," starring Candy as the coach of the Jamaican bobsled team, wasn't on her list.

"No, I'm not the most famous person to come from there," Reid answered with a laugh. "I'm clearly behind those two."

She's clearly ahead of them in the track world. In the real world she's wise beyond her 22 years.

"Guess if I said I was cool I wouldn't be that cool," answered Reid to what was probably an uncool question. "So, I'd say I'm a nerd. I'm closer to a nerd than being cool."

One of her favorites things is to pig out on pancakes, especialy her mom's when she's home. I'd say she's pretty cool.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wildcats on the NCAA Outdoor Performance List

Here's where Villanova's athletes presently sit on both the NCAA and Big East outdoor performance lists (only those who appear on the NCAA top 95 list are included). Sheila Reid and Bogdana Mimic are the only Villanovans with NCAA top-10 times so far this outdoor season. Emily Lipari (#12 at 1500 meters) and Shericka Ward (#11 in the 100 meter hurdles) are just outside the current top-10.


Sam Ellison           800 m          1:49.04      NCAA # 38    BE #  1   
Nicoy Hines           400 m H          51.75      NCAA # 42    BE #  4 
Sam McEntee          1500 m          3:45.15      NCAA # 51    BE #  3
Elbert Maxwell         HJ           6'10.75"      NCAA # 64    BE #  1


Sheila Reid          5000 m        15:23.64       NCAA #  3    BE #  1
Sheila Reid          1500 m         4:20.78       NCAA # 34    BE #  5
Sheila Reid           800 m         2:07.65       NCAA # 59    BE #  6
Bogdana Mimic        5000 m        15:44.15       NCAA #  8    BE #  4
Bogdana Mimic        1500 m         4:23.03       NCAA # 75    BE #  9
Emily Lipari         1500 m         4:17.17       NCAA # 12    BE #  2
Shericka Ward         100 m H         13.16       NCAA # 11    BE #  1
Shericka Ward         200 m           23.85       NCAA # 75    BE #  5
Nicky Akande          800 m         2:06.09       NCAA # 25    BE #  2
Nicky Akande         1500 m         4:23.31       NCAA # 78    BE # 10
Ariann Neutts        1500 m         4:23.70       NCAA # 87    BE # 11
Christie Verdier      400 m           54.06       NCAA # 69    BE #  2
Samantha Yeats         HJ             5'10"       NCAA # 25    BE #  2
Julia Arduini         JAV            151'6"       NCAA # 47    BE #  6
Alex Wasik             PV          12'8.25"       NCAA # 84    BE #  5
Jamie Klein           JAV            143'2"       NCAA # 92    BE #  7

Monday, April 23, 2012

Villanova's Sam Ellison Making a Name for Himself

’Nova’s Ellison a top attraction
The Philadelphia Tribune
by Donald Hunt Friday, 20 April 2012

It didn’t take Sam Ellison very long to establish himself as a terrific distance runner for Villanova’s track and field team. In fact, Ellison was quite impressive running the third leg (800 meters) of the distance medley to help the Wildcats capture the Championship of America crown at the Penn Relays last year.

That was a big day for Ellison, who was just a freshman. He’s looking forward to competing at Franklin Field this week. Ellison should be one of the top local attractions.

“I think the Penn Relays is one of those Philly traditions,” Ellison said. “It offers a kind of atmosphere that you can’t find anywhere else. A lot of people come out and watch. The stadium is always packed.

“When you’re out there competing, it’s kind of surreal, especially for us Villanova athletes because we have our own cheering section. We still have the records for the most Penn Relays titles. It’s a pride thing and the longer you’re here the more you realize how important it is. It’s real exciting.”

Marcus O’Sullivan, Villanova track and field head coach, has watched his sophomore distance runner develop over the last year. O’Sullivan feels Ellison has just scratched the surface in terms of his ability.

“Sam is a tremendous individual,” O’Sullivan said. “He’s top notch. He’s first class. I love having him on the team. He’s making tremendous progress. He split a 46 at William & Mary on our 4x400 (meter relay) the week before in Miami.”

Ellison recently won the 800 meters at the Hurricane Alumni Invitational at Cobb Stadium in Miami. The former Upper Dublin High standout had a personal best time of 1:49.04 in the 800 meters. This was the second time he improved his time in the event. Ellison had previously clocked a time of 1:49.35 at Penn State.

“I’ve been kind of focusing on that event this year,” Ellison said. “I’ve tweaked my training a little bit to be sure I was strong enough for the event. It’s really starting to pan out. I’m looking to get down around 1:47. I’m capable of doing that right now. I just have to run the right race.”

Ellison plans to participate in the distance medley again at the Penn Relays. He could also run on the 4x800 meter relay team.

Ellison had a great scholastic career in track and field. In 2009, he guided Upper Dublin High to a third place finish at the state championships in the indoor and outdoor meets. In 2010, Ellison was selected as the Suburban One American Conference Athlete of the Year.

Ellison is interested in having a career in journalism. He has written several sports articles for the school newspaper. He lives in Dresher and attends the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas near 63rd and Lancaster Avenue where his mother (Patricia), father (Roy) and sister (Simone) are members. They will be following his exploits at the Penn Relays.

“My mom and dad will be coming to the Penn Relays,” Ellison said. “I don’t think Simone will be able to make it. She goes to Howard (University). She’ll be able to watch it online. I really appreciate all the support.”

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Villanova Pros Eye the Payton Jordan Invite at Stanford

Several former Villanova athletes will be competing at the Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational at Stanford next Sunday. All the distance events are crowded into a packed evening schedule. Among those competing will be New Zeland national record holder at 5000 meters and Villanova assistant coach Adrian Blincoe. Interestingly, Blincoe is entered in the 10,000 meters, not the 5,000 (the latter is expected to be his event as he vies for his second Kiwi Olympic team). Also, it is worth noting that his countryman Nick Willis, an Olympic silver medalist at 1500 meters, is entered in the 5000 meters. Willis has stated his intention earlier this spring to attack Blincoe's national record of 13:10.19. The races at the Payton Jordan meet are usually quite fast, so perhaps Willis believes he is ready for an assault on that record.

Other Villanovans to compete will be Carrie Tollefson, Jen Rhines, and Carmen Douma-Hussar in the 5000 meters. All three are former Olympians. Tollefson won the US Olympic Trials 1500 meters title back in 2004 and is hoping to qualify for this year's Trials at 5000 meters. Rhines is a three-time Olympian, at three different distances (5000, 10,000, and marathon) and has represented the USA at the last three Olympic Games. She was an Olympic finalist at 5000 meters in 2008. Carmen Douma-Hussar, who owns a world indoor championships silver medal at 1500 meters (2004, Budapest), represented Canada at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, where she finished 9th in the finals at 1500 meters.

Finally, former Villanova teammates Frances Koons and Marina Muncan will be competing as well. Koons has submitted credentials at 1500, 5000, and 10,000 meters. Muncan is entered in the 1500 meters. She set a new mile PR this weekend, was 2nd at the B.A.A. road mile last weekend, and hopes to continue a sold streak of quality running in the lead up to the naming of the Serbian Olympic team (Muncan is the Serbian national record holder at 1500 meters and the mile and has been a European Championships finalist both outdoors and indoors). Koons, an 8-time All-American while at Villanova, will attempt to secure a spot at the US Olympic Trials either at 1500 or 5000 meters.

10,000 meter specialist Bobby Curtis is not entered in any events at this point, notwithstanding the fact that he set his 10,000 PR at Stanford and seems to do well at this meet.

Meet Report: Widener Invitational

While some Wildcats were in Walnut, California at Mt. Sac Relays, and others were in Princeton at the Larry Ellis Invitational, still others stayed closer to home and competed at the Widener Invitational in Chester, PA. Here are the Villanova results:
M E N                               W O M E N

400 meters                         200 meters
Bryan Murphy            48.30      Qualitra Brown        25.20
Cory Serfoss            50.86      Dominique Campbell    26.43
Matthew Whalen          51.38
David Stillings         52.31      400 meters
                                   Qualitra Brown        58.44
400 meter hurdles                  Dominque Campbell     59.36
Nicoy Hines             51.75
                                   400 meter hurdles
1500 meters                        Faith Dismuke         1:00.94
Chris FitzSimons      3:51.67      Mary Bohi             1:03.47
Chris O'Sullivan      3:57.81
Chris Pietrocarlo     3:58.99      High Jump
Rob Hurlbut           3:59.46      Samantha Yeats        1.75 m
Juan Castillo         3:59.76
Brad Ackerman         4:00.21      Pole Vault
Charles Bates         4:00.33      Alex Wasik            3.87 m
                                   Kathleen McPhillips   3.57 m
3000 meter Steeple                 Melissa Meggiolaro       3.57 m        
Greg Morrin           9:38.18      Kimberly Logoyda      3.27 m
Danny Harris         10:08.18
Richie Bohny         10:47.52      Long Jump
                                   Alexandria Reo        5.48 m
High Jump
Matthew Sidney       1.95 m        Triple Jump
                                   Victoria Profit      11.01 m
Frank Anuszewski   50.05 m         Javelin
Drew King          42.59 m         Jamie Klein          42.26 m
Billy Berrigan     41.34 m         Alexandria Stershic  32.15
Chis McCleod       38.40 m

Penn Relays Q&A with Marcus O'Sullivan & Gina Procaccio

Here are excepts from last Wednesday's opening Penn Relays press conference:

Marcus O'Sullivan
Head Coach, Villanova Men's Track & Field

On the importance of the Penn Relays:
"This is as big as it gets. I compare this to the nervous energy that I would expect I would have gotten at Olympic Games or World Championships. This is my barometer. This is what I can compare it to. This is a rite of passage, in my mind, to go on to the next level."

On pressure of being a local team:
"If you are Villanova and you are local, there is so much more expectations put on you and I try to be sensitive to that because I've experienced that. Consequently, there is no better stage than the Penn Relays."

Gina Procaccio
Head Coach, Villanova Women's Track & Field

Opening statement:
"I think we have our best shot in the last few years to bring home another wheel. We're definitely looking forward to having a really strong DMR. And what I am most excited about is I think this year we are actually going to have a 4x800. We haven't had a 4x8 in this meet in over 10 years."

Some other events to keep an eye on:
"We'll have a few girls in the distance night on Thursday and I know our sprint coach thinks he's going to have a pretty decent 4x100 running this year - as well as a hurdler, a couple girls in the hurdles."

Here is the entire press conference:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sheila Reid Hits Big PR at Mt Sac 5000 -- Gets "B" Standard
Breaks Sonia O'Sullivan's 22 Year Old School Record

Tonight in Walnut, California Sheila Reid ran a 14 second PR over 5000 meters at the Mt. Sac Relays. Her time of 15:23.63 was good for 5th place and got Reid the international Olympic "B" standard (the "A" standard is 15:20.00). In the process, Reid eclipsed Sonia O'Sullivan's school record of 15:26.90 set in July 1990. That being said, Dartmouth's Abbey D'Agostino and Stony Brook's Lucy Van Dalen came home just in front of Reid and proved that Reid will have her work cut out for her at NCAA's this year as she attempts to defend the NCAA 5000 meter title she won last year.

Also in the race for Villanova was Bogdana Mimic, who finished in 15:44.15, ahead of several post-collegiate professionals. Former Villanova All-American Frances Koons ran 16:40.39. Here are the complete results of the race:

Event 220  Women 5000 Meter Run Invit. Elite
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Molly Huddle                 Saucony               15:15.91
  2 Eloise Wellings              Melbourne TC          15:20.67
  3 Abbey D'Agostino             Dartmouth             15:23.35
  4 Lucy Van Dalen               Stony Brook           15:23.54
  5 Sheila Reid                  Villanova             15:23.64
  6 Kim Conley                   SRA Elite             15:24.89
  7 Aliphine Tuliamuk            Wichita State         15:26.07
  8 Julie Culley                 Asics/NYAC            15:29.80
  9 Katie Mackey                 Brooks                15:31.59
 10 Emily Brichacek              Melbourne TC          15:31.65
 11 Emily Infeld                 Georgetown            15:34.26
 12 Emily Sisson                 Providence            15:34.54
 13 Sandra Lopez                 Mexico                15:37.00
 14 Adrienne Herzog              Brooks                15:42.90
 15 Brie Felnagle                Adidas                15:43.60
 16 Bogdana Mimic                Villanova             15:44.15
 17 Megan Wright                 New Balance           15:47.84
 18 Sara Hall                    Asics                 15:52.17
 19 Marisol Guadalupe Romero     Mexico                15:52.57
 20 Megan Goethals               Washington            15:58.12
 21 Anna Pierce                  Nike                  16:04.38
 22 Liz Costello                 Tennessee AC          16:08.95
 23 Lauren Kleppin               Western State         16:10.36
 24 Rebecca Donaghue             New Balance           16:19.36
 25 Brenda Martinez              New Balance           16:23.75
 26 Frances Koons                New Balance           16:40.39
 27 Emily Pidgeon                Unattached            16:45.34
 -- Katrina Wootton              Unattached                 DNF
 -- Malindi Elmore               Speed River TFC            DNF
 -- Elizabeth Maloy              New Balance                DNF
 -- Georgie Clarke               Unattached           X15:41.44

Nicole Schappert & Emily Lipari Run Fast 1500s at Mt Sac

Former Villanova All-American Nicole Schappert finished second tonight in the elite 1500 meters at the Mt. Sac Relays, in a very fast 4:12.94. Villanova's Emily Lipari improved her 2012 season's best time by over 7 seconds in finishing 8th in 4:17.17. In so doing, Lipari shattered her PR of 4:20.79 set in 2011 at the Swarthmore Last Chance meet.
Event 214  Women 1500 Meter Run Invit. Elite
World Record: W 3:50.46  1993        Yunxia Qu, China           
American Rec: @ 3:57.12  1983        Mary Slaney, Athletics West
 Meet Record: $ 4:08.92  1993        Maria Mutola, Mozambique   
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
  1 Katie Flood                  Washington             4:11.66 
  2 Nicole Schappert             NYAC                   4:12.94 
  3 Kristen Gillespie            Arkansas               4:13.41 
  4 Ashley Miller                Nebraska               4:14.53 
  5 Jessica Tebo                 Colorado               4:15.15 
  6 Rachel Schneider             Georgetown             4:16.21 
  7 Jessica Sparke               Great Britain          4:16.73 
  8 Emily Lipari                 Villanova              4:17.17 
  9 Heidi Gregson                Iona                   4:21.55 
 10 Madeline Chambers            Georgetown             4:22.05 
 11 Amanda Mergaert              Utah                   4:22.76 
 12 Shelby Houlihan              Arizona State          4:24.12 
 13 Katrina Drennen              Montana                4:24.46 
 14 Lauren Borduin               Georgetown             4:26.37 
 15 Josephine Moultrie           New Mexico             4:27.54 
 16 Rebekka Simko                Penn State             4:36.77

Marina Muncan Comes Second with PR at Mt Sac Elite Mile

Former Villanova All-American Marina Muncan ran a strong race in the Mt. Sac elite mile in Walnut, California tonight, finishing second in 4:31.52. The time established a new mile PR, indoors or outdoors. This effort comes on the heels of her second-place finish at the B.A.A. mile last Sunday in Boston. Here are the results of tonight's race:
Event 213  Women 1 Mile Run Invit Elite
World Record: W 3:50.46  1993        Yunxia Qu, China           
American Rec: @ 3:57.12  1983        Mary Slaney, Athletics West
 Meet Record: $ 4:08.92  1993        Maria Mutola, Mozambique   
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
  1 Hilary Stellingwerff         Speed River TFC        4:31.04 
  2 Marina Muncan                New Balance            4:31.52 
  3 Delilah DiCrescenzo          PUMA                   4:32.11 
  4 Lauren Bonds                 Adidas Raleigh         4:33.21 
  5 Bridey Delaney               NSWIS Sydney           4:34.14 
  6 Maggie Infeld                New York Ath           4:34.45 
  7 Orla Drumm                   Unattached             4:36.81 
  8 Lennie Waite                 TeamROGUE Elite        4:37.51 
  9 Jackie Areson                Charisma Sports        4:38.99 
 10 Alice Schmidt                Nike                   4:43.11 

Meet Report: Larry Ellis Invitational at Princeton

A solid group of Villanova competitors made their way to Princeton for the Larry Ellis Invitational. Noteworthy efforts were put in Nicky Akande, who hit a new 800 meters PR of 2:06.73, and Rob Denault, who had his redshirt removed. Here are the Villanova results from Friday night:
800 meters
Brian Tetreault      1:51.39
Chris FitzSimons (?) 1:52.00
Dusty Solis          1:52.30
Joe Capecci          1:54.57

Nicky Akande         2:06.73
Erin Ryan            2:12.06
Stephanie Schappert  2:13.20
Leanne Tucker        2:13.40
Shannon Browne       2:14.62

1500 meters
Sam McEntee          3:45.15
Rob Denault          3:45.89
Mathew Mildenhall    3:47.18
Joe LoRusso          3:50.73
Alex Tully           3:51.28
Chris O'Sullivan     4:06.46

5000 meters
Matt Kane           14:21.54
Brian Basili        14:34.44
Tom Trainer (UA)    14:40.04

Cats Competing at Princeton's Larry Ellis Invitational

Here is a list of the Villanova athletes competing at this weekend's Larry Ellis Invitational at Princeton. One interesting aspect in the heat sheets is that Rob Denault is entered in the 1500 meters in his Villanova singlet -- that is, he is not running unattached, as he has been all season. One wonders if Denault's redshirt has been removed and he is being considered for Villanova's 4 x 1500 at the Penn Relays. Stay tuned on that front.


800 meters 800 meters
Chris FitzSimons Nicky Akande
Brian Tetreault Shannon Browne
Joe Capecci Ariann Neutts
Dusty Solis Erin Ryan
Stephanie Schappert
1500 meters Leanne Tucker
Rob Denault
Joe LoRusso 1500 meters
Sam McEntee Summer Cook
Mathew Mildenhall Callie Hogan
Alex Tully Stephanie Schappert
Chris O'Sullivan
5000 meters
5000 meters Callie Hogan
Brian Basili Ali Smith
Matt Kane Meghan Smith
John Pickhaver Megan Venables
Ryan Sheridan
Alex Tully 3000 meter Steeple
Tom Trainer (unattached) Ali Smith

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three Relays for VU Women at Penn -- Two for the Men?

This below from today's Philadelphia Inquirer. The story indicates that the Villanova women will contest each of the major distance relays at Penn: 4x800, 4x1500, and the DMR. The men will perhaps contest only two of the three, despite being entered in all three. The Villanova men are the defending champions in the DMR.

Around the track. The Villanova women's team, anchored by multiple all-American and two-time NCAA cross-country champion Sheila Reid, likely will compete in all three distance relays - distance medley, 4x1500 meters, and 4x800. Reid, a fifth-year senior, is expected to anchor all three in her bid for her first career Penn Relays watch. . . . The Villanova men are entered in those three relays, but head coach Marcus O'Sullivan said he may decide to run two. One is the distance medley, in which the Wildcats are defending champions and have two runners back from that team - Brian Tetreault (Cinnaminson) and Samuel Ellison (Upper Dublin).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Marcus O'Sullivan on Sport, Running, Career

Here's a nice extended interview with Villanova's Marcus O'Sullivan as he reflects on the place of sport in society, motivation, his career as an elite runner and coach.

Recruiting Profile: Vaulter Virginia LaMacchia

Here's a story that highlights Bloomsburg, PA's Virginia LaMacchia, a pole vaulter who will be joining the Villanova squad in the fall. LaMacchia has a PR of 12'3" and recently finished as the PA state runner-up during indoor season. She placed 4th at last year's PA state outdoor championships.

Virginia's Mile Split page is HERE.

Shepard and LaMacchia Lady Blue Jays

Central Columbia traveled to Milton on Tuesday afternoon for a Track and Field Meet. Last year Virginia LaMacchia finished fourth in the state in AA in the girl’s pole vault while Ellen Shepard took ninth in the state in the AA girl’s 100 meter dash.

This was Ellen Shepard last year winning the District IV title in the 100 meter dash as a freshman. And so far this season the blue Jay anything but feeling the blues, but shining at the Selinsgrove invitational and sensational at Susquehanna.

“Just coming to track and being like so gifted and making it as far as I did. I was really happy and really lucky to make it that far. It was quite an experience,” said Ellen Shepard.

“It was very amazing. There’s some things we can do with Ellen to improve. I was talking to you earlier saying about she needs to work on her start. We need to get that start a little better and she will be running even faster times,” said Fred Lenig.

We’ve all heard about the super sophomore, but there is a senior on this Central Columbia squad Virginia LaMacchia. She competes in the pole vault and finished fourth at states last year and Virginia will stay in the state of Pennsylvania and accept a full scholarship for track and field to Villanova.

“I used to be a gymnast so that really helps and ties into pole vaulting with the form, and I just thought pole vaulting looked really cool. I just wanted to try it,” said Virginia LaMacchia.

“She’s expecting a good year for herself. She spends a lot of time with it. She goes to camps and works with vertical assault so she’s a student of the sport,” added Fred.

One athlete is aiming high. Lamacchia cleared 12’3″ during the indoor season, and another athlete (Shepard) looking for some increased speed -- 13.1 seconds on the cinder track at Milton isn’t bad.

“I’ve been lifting a lot working on my speed training and definitely my form,” added Virginia.

“My starts definitely what I need to work on the most because I always end up being behind in my start,” added Ellen.

The State Track and Field championships take place Memorial day weekend at the end of May and for Ellen Shepard and Virginia LaMacchia they would like to end up on top of the podium at Shippensburg.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Will Sheila Reid Finally Get Her Penn Relays Watch?

Sheila Reid Still Missing A Penn Relays Watch

Frank Bertucci

Villanova's Sheila Reid has won just about everything she could in her collegiate career, NCAA individual and team championships in cross country, the NCAA distance medley relay championship indoors, the improbable 1,500/5,000 double at last year's NCAA outdoor championships.

Everything but a Penn Relays watch, that is.

And now she has one last shot at that as a Villanova senior.

"It shows how difficult it is to win at Penn," she said. "It says something that I could win a national championship, but not (win) at Penn."

Reid will be the anchor on at least two distance relays at the 118th annual Penn Relay Carnival on April 26, 27, 28 at Franklin Field. She'll run the 1,600-meter leg on the distance medley on Thursday, and the last 1,500 meters on the 4x1,500 relay on Friday, with a possibility of running a 4x800 relay leg on Saturday.

And beyond Penn and her last NCAA championship meet this spring, there's the possibility of representing Canada in the Olympic Games in London in August.

"I would prefer the 1500 if I had the chance, but I'll try to get the (Olympic A standard) time in the 5,000," she said.

Reid took off the collegiate indoor season, with only eligibility left for this outdoor season.

"I looked forward to a break, but once I saw races and saw results I started getting antsy," she admitted. "I ran one race, a 3,000 at the Armory (in New York) and won. But I was training really hard, and hope that pays off later in the season."

And is another run at the 1,500/5,000 double on her schedule?

"I think they made it more difficult this year. They might both be on the same day," she said. "But I'd love to repeat."

But first, there's one last Penn Relays as a Villanova runner. The last Wildcat women's team to win a Championship of America relay at Penn was the 2006 DMR. And in this year's distance medley, it could come down to the anchor leg.

"Penn's (Villanova's) home turf," Reid said. "It will come down to who wants it the most."

Expect that to be Sheila Reid.

Meet Report: Delaware Outdoor Open

A contingent of Villanova men and women drove down I-95 over the weekend to compete in Newark at the Delaware Outdoor Open. The top performance at the meet was the Big East qualifier by Frank Anuszewski in the hammer. Here are the Villanova results from the meet:


400 meters
16. Cory Serfoss 51.26
19. Matthew Whalen 51.86
21. David Stillings 51.97

Long Jump
14. George Bodziock 18'0.25"

3. Frank Anuszewski 169'10" (BE)
4. Drew King 132'0"
6. Billy Berrigan 115'7"


200 meters
9. Dominique Campbell 27.09
13. Katherine Petruzzelis 27.15

400 meters
4. Dominique Campbell 59.28

800 meters
7. Katherine Petruzzelis 2:28.63

400 meter hurdles
2. Mary Bohi 1:04.73

Pole Vault
3. Kimberly Logoyda 10'11.75"

Monday, April 16, 2012

Meet Report: Miami Hurricane Invitational

A strong contingent of Villanova athletes traveled to Coral Gables, Florida over the weekend to compete in the Miami Hurricane Alumni Invitational. All told, a dozen Big East qualifying times were achieved. Perhaps the most noteworthy marks on the men's side were (1) the 6'10.75" high jump PR by Elbert Maxwell and (2) the 1:49.04 PR by Sam Ellison. Maxwell's leap set a new PR and placed him at #56 on the NCAA outdoor performance list. Sam Ellison ran a 1:49.04 PR over 800 meters, a time that places him at #30 on the NCAA outdoor performance list for 2012.

On the women's side, Samantha Yeats equaled her PR in the high jump (5'10"), which places her at #17 on the 2012 NCAA outdoor performance list. Christie Verdier's 54.06 in the 400 meters has her in the top 50 (#46) on the NCAA list as well.

Here are the complete Villanova results from the meet:


400 meters
8. Bryan Murphy 48.90 (BE)

800 meters
1. Sam Ellison 1:49.04 PR (BE) NCAA #30
2. Chris FitzSimons 1:51.07 (BE)

High Jump
3. Elbert Maxwell 6'10.75" PR (BE) NCAA #56
7. Matthew Sidney 6'4.75"

Long Jump
7. Elbert Maxwell 22'11.75" (BE)
10. Lazaro Tiant 21'7.50"


100 meters
21. Varonica Johnson 12.14 (BE)

200 meters
29. Qualitra Brown 25.40
30. Emerald Walden 25.74

400 meters
8. Christie Verdier 54.06 (BE) NCAA #46
21. Qualitra Brown 57.49

100 meter hurdles
6. Emerald Walden 14.43 (BE)

400 meter hurdles
8. Faith Dismuke 1:02.27 (BE)

4 x 400 meters
6. Dismuke-Verdier-Brown-Walden 3:51.46

High Jump
3. Samantha Yeats 5'10" PR= (BE) NCAA #17

Pole Vault
3. Alex Wasik 12'5.5" (BE)
4. Kathleen McPhillips 11'11.75" (BE)
5. Melissa Meggiolaro 11'5.75"

Long Jump
8. Samantha Yeats 18'0.5"
10. Samantha Francis 17'10.75"

Rhines Beaten into Second at More / Fitness Half Marathon

Ethiopian Alemtsehay Misganaw defeated Jen Rhines yesterday at the More Magazine/Fitness Magazine Half Marathon in New York City. Rhines owned the better PRs coming into the race (Rhines' 1:11:14 versus Misganaw's 1:12:48 at the half-marathon distance, and 2:29:32 versus 2:45:56 in the marathon), but Misganaw was able to pull away from Rhines late in the race to win by 40 seconds, 1:13.25 to 1:14:05. Misganaw's time set a new course record. The time of 1:14:05 was Jen's slowest half marathon on record, almost three minutes off the PR she set in January of last year in Houston. Michelle Frey, a 2:37:03 marathoner, was 3rd, almost 3 minutes behind Rhines, who is aiming at the 10,000 meters at the US Olympic Trials later this summer.