Saturday, June 30, 2012

Marina Muncan Advances to European Champs 1500 Final

Marina Muncan, already named to the Serbian Olympic team, advanced today to the finals of the 1500 meters at the European Athletics Championships in Helsinki, Finland. She finished 7th in her heat in 4:12.33, but advanced on time to the finals. It marks the first time that Muncan has made it to the finals at the European outdoor championships (she did so at the indoor championships in 2007 and 2009, finishing 9th and 8th, respectively). Her outdoor PR at 1500 meters is 4:08.02 (set in August 2007), but Muncan has run sharply this year, running 4:08.33 on June 16th -- an Olympic "B" standard time that secured her spot on the Serbian Olympic team. Here are the qualifiers for the European 1500 final, with times from today's semi-finals:

European Championships -- 1500 Meter Final

Start List

1.  MISHCHENKO, Anna          UKR    4:08.95 Q   
2.  ÇAKIR - ALPTEKIN, Asli    TUR    4:09.44 Q   
3.  KHALEYEVA, Kristina       RUS    4:09.69 Q   
4.  MACÍAS, Isabel            ESP    4:10.06 Q   
5.  CAPKOVÁ, Tereza           CZE    4:10.22 q
6.  SUJEW, Diana              GER    4:10.72 q   
7.  GORBUNOVA, Yekaterina     RUS    4:11.58 Q   
8.  HARRER, Corinna           GER    4:11.59 Q   
9.  BULUT, Gamze              TUR    4:11.68 Q   
10. FERNÁNDEZ, Nuria          ESP    4:11.77 Q   
11. MÅKESTAD BOVIM, Ingvill   NOR    4:11.97 q   
12. MUNCAN, Marina            SRB    4:12.33 q 

Reid Wins Canadian Trials 5000 --- But Fails to Get Olympic "A"
Canadian Olympic Berth in Limbo

Sheila Reid won another Canadian national title yesterday at the Canadian Olympic Trials, winning the 5000 meters in 16:15.23. That win, unfortunately, will not automatically give her a place on the Canadian Olympic team. In order to be assured of such a spot yesterday, Reid needed to finish in the top three at the Trials and do so in an Olympic "A" time of 15:20 or less. Reid ran 15:23 earlier this summer, just short of that "A" standard, and yesterday's race, obviously, was much too slow for that to happen. However, no other Canadian woman possesses that "A" standard, and the Canadian authorities now have the option of (a) sending only Reid with her "B" standard (thanks to the so-called "Rising Star" provision, which allows a young "B" standard athlete to win a spot if no other athlete in that event has achieved the "A" standard), or not sending anyone at all to London in that event.

The Canadian Olympic authorities have taken severe criticism for two decisions: (1) not allowing top finishers at the Trials to chase the "A" standard after the Trials are done, and (2) holding those Trials in the first place at altitude in Calgary. The latter decision made it almost impossible for middle distance and distance runners to achieve the "A" standard at the Canadian Trials, and the decision not to allow post-Trials times to count toward the attainment of Olympic standards only added insult to injury. As it stands now, despite winning the Olympic Trials title and with no Canadian "A" standard competitors, Reid is not yet on the Canadian Olympic team.

Event 610  Women 5000 Metre Run
    Canadian: * 14:54.98  8/30/2003   Courtney Babcock                 
Championship: $ 15:08.90  2003        Emilie Mondor                    
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Points
  1 Reid, Sheila              89 Athletics Toronto     16:15.23        
  2 Brown, Megan              85 Athletics Toronto     16:16.44        
  3 Korir, Tarah              87 Athletics Toronto     16:41.94        
  4 Fraser, Natasha           81 BC Athletics          16:59.19        
  5 Thompson, Carise          92 Speed River Tfc       17:34.26        
  6 Hinther, Ashley           84 PR Athletics Track    17:37.44        
  7 Kennelly, Bevin           84 Excel Athletica       17:48.06        
  8 Pfister, Caroline         92 Sherbrooke            18:32.37        
 -- Souter, Jodi              88 Queen City S               DNF

Douma-Hussar Ousted in Canadian Trials 1500 Final

In what will in all likelihood be her final chance to return to an Olympic Games, 2004 Canadian 1500 meter Olympian Carmen Douma-Hussar failed yesterday in Calgary to make the team for London. She finished 6th in the 1500 meter final. Canada will send to the London Games Hilary Stellingwerff and Nicole Sifuentes, the only women in the top three finishers to have beaten the Olympic "A" standard of 4:06.00 in the designated period.

Women's 1500 meter Final
  1 Elmore, Malindi           80 Speed River Tfc        4:13.58        
  2 Stellingwerff, Hilary     81 Speed River Tfc        4:13.94        
  3 Sifuentes, Nicole         86 Unattached-Manitoba    4:14.06        
  4 Van Buskirk, Kate         87 Athletics Toronto      4:14.61        
  5 Kawamoto, Julia           83 Mercury Athletics      4:15.97        
  6 Douma-Hussar, Carmen      77 Guelph Track           4:19.76        
  7 O'Connell, Jessica        89 Ucac                   4:26.88        
  8 Jewett, Tamara            90 U of Toronto T.C       4:27.19        
  9 Cliff, Rachel             88 Speed River Tfc        4:31.59        
 10 Roy, Joanie               91 LE Coureur Nordique    4:35.74        
 11 Benson, Fiona             92 BC Athletics           4:35.75        
 12 Kasper, Kirsten           91 Unattached             4:42.59

Nicole Schappert Advances to Olympic Trials 1500 Final

Accomplishing something that her father was unable to do, Nicole Schappert has advanced to a final make-or-break race for a spot on the Olympic team at the US Trials. Former Villanova middle distance man Ken Schappert competed in both the 1972 and 1976 Olympic Trials at 800 meters, each time bowing out before the finals -- in 1972 he was eliminated in the first round after running 1:49.7; in 1976 Schappert went 1:49.51 to finish 4th in heat #2, but failed to get beyond the next round. Yesterday in Eugene, Nicole Schappert punched her ticket to the 1500 meter final by coming fifth in the first (and fastest) of two heats, running 4:09.60 and automatically qualifying for Sunday afternoon's 12-person race. Here's the result of both heats.

Women's 1500 meters -- Semi-Final Heats

 1.  Morgan Uceny        adidas         4:08.90 Q 
 2.  Jenny Simpson       New Balance    4:09.12 Q 
 3.  Margaret Infeld     N Y A C        4:09.38 Q 
 4.  Anna Pierce         Nike           4:09.51 Q 
 5.  Nicole Schappert    N Y A C        4:09.60 Q 
 6.  Treniere Moser      Nike           4:10.10 q 
 7.  Brenda Martinez     New Balance    4:10.73 q 
 8.  Katie Flood         Washington     4:11.38  
 9.  Renee Tomlin        Nike           4:11.39  
10.  Ashley Miller       Nebraska       4:11.49  
11.  Greta Feldman       Princeton      4:12.29  
12.  Karly Hamric        RIADHA         4:12.52 


 1.  Shannon Rowbury     Nike           4:09.96 Q 
 2.  Katherine Mackey    Brooks         4:10.54 Q 
 3.  Sara Vaughn         Nike           4:10.57 Q 
 4.  Sarah Bowman        New Balance    4:10.65 Q 
 5.  Alice Schmidt       Nike           4:10.94 Q 
 6.  Amy Mortimer        Saucony        4:12.04  
 7.  Kate Grace          NJ-NY TC       4:12.92  
 8.  Phoebe Wright       Nike           4:13.65  
 9.  Heather Kampf       Asics          4:14.03  
10.  Jordan Hasay        Oregon         4:15.52  
11.  Melissa Salerno     New Balance    4:16.33  
DQ   Gabriele Anderson   Brooks          --

Friday, June 29, 2012

Canadian Trials: Douma-Hussar Advances into 1500 Finals
Sheila Reid to Bank on the 5000

In Calgary last night, former NCAA champion and 2004 Canadian Olympian Carmen Douma-Hussar was the fastest qualifier into the Canadian Olympic Trials 1500 meter finals. Douma-Hussar won heat #1 in 4:20.86, automatically qualifying for this afternoon's final. In order to make the team, however, Douma-Hussar would need to (a) finish in the top three spots in the final and (b) finish the race in under 4:06.00. Two Canadian women -- Hilary Stellingwerff and Nicole Sifuentes -- have already bettered the Olympic "A" standard of 4:06.00, while Douma-Hussar's best time in this Olympic period is the 4:11.20 she achieved in Holmdel, NJ on June 16th. While Douma-Hussar has a 1500 meter PR of 4:02.29, it was set in August 2005; she has not run under 4:06.00 since 2007. She would need to do that today, and finish in the top three, to make her second Canadian Olympic team.

Event 608  Women 1500 Meter Run Championship
Friday 06/29/2012 - 2:25 PM
     Name                        Year Team                Prelims           
Section 1  Finals
  1  Cliff, Rachel                 88 Speed River         4:29.01 
  2  Kasper, Kirsten               91 Unattached          4:28.96 
  3  Roy, Joanie                   91 LE Coureur N        4:28.54 
  4  Benson, Fiona                 92 BC Athletics        4:28.38 
  5  O'Connell, Jessica            89 U OF C Athle        4:28.27 
  6  Elmore, Malindi               80 Speed River         4:23.69 
  7  Jewett, Tamara                90 U of Toronto T.C    4:22.93 
  8  Van Buskirk, Kate             87 Athletics To        4:22.40 
  9  Kawamoto, Julia               83 Mercury Athl        4:22.51 
 10  Stellingwerff, Hilary         81 Speed River         4:22.10 
 11  Sifuentes, Nicole             86 Unattach MB         4:22.21 
 12  Douma-Hussar, Carmen          77 Guelph Track        4:20.86

Sheila Reid qualified for the Canadian Trials at both 1500 and 5000 meters, and in both cases she had achieved the Olympic "B" standard (in her case, with a 4:07.77 in the 1500 on June 20th in San Diego and 15:23.64 in the 5000 meters on April 20th in Walnut, California). She therefore entered the Canadian Trials just short of the needed Olympic "A" standards (4:06.00 and 15:20.00, respectively) in each event. Reid decided that her best bet to make the Canadian team was via the 5000 meter competition; therefore, she did not compete last night in the 1500 meter semi-finals. She will make or break her Olympic quest tonight in the 5000 meter finals, when she will need to (a) finish in the top 3, and (b) run sub-15:20 in doing so. Here is the start list for that race.

Event 610  Women 5000 Meter Run Championship
Friday 06/29/2012 - 7:35 PM
     Name                        Year Team                   Seed           
Section 1  Timed Finals
  1  Wright (Metcalfe), Megan      82 Running Room       15:15.33 
  2  Kennelly, Bevin               84 Excel Athlet       16:42.79 
  3  Thompson, Carise              92 Speed River        16:31.38 
  4  Fraser, Natasha               81 BC Athletics       16:16.89 
  5  Pfister, Caroline             92 Sherbrooke         16:49.52 
  6  Hinther, Ashley               84 PR Athletics       16:41.06 
  7  Souter, Jodi                  88 Queen City S       17:18.41 
  8  Brown, Megan                  85 Athletics To       15:33.42 
  9  Carlyle, Laura                89 Unattached B       16:05.04 
 10  Kasper, Kirsten               91 Unattached         16:13.30 
 11  Korir, Tarah                  87 Athletics To       15:49.91 
 12  Reid, Sheila                  89 Athletics To       15:23.64

US Trials Update: Schappert Through to 1500 Semi-Finals

At the US Trials, former Wildcat Nicole Schappert advanced last night through to the semi-finals of the women's 1500 meters. Schappert, who has attained the Olympic "B" standard and has a PR of 4:07.79, finished fourth in heat #1 (4:16.89) and automatically qualified for the 24-person semi-final round. The first six finishers in the three heats, plus the next 6 fastest times, all qualified out of the preliminaries. The semi-final round will take place today at 3:45, pacific coast time. Schappert will be in the first of two heats. The top 5 in each heat advance, along with the next two fastest times. Here are the start lists for each semi-final heat.

Women's 1500 Meter, Semi-Final Heats

Final, Advance 12, top 5 plus next 2 on time
Heat 1

 1.  Ashley Miller       Nebraska
 2.  Morgan Uceny        adidas
 3.  Margaret Infeld     N Y A C
 4.  Nicole Schappert    N Y A C
 5.  Renee Tomlin        Nike
 6.  Brenda Martinez     New Balance
 7.  Greta Feldman       Princeton
 8.  Treniere Moser      Nike
 9.  Jenny Simpson       New Balance
10.  Anna Pierce         Nike
11.  Katie Flood         Washington
12.  Karly Hamric        RIADHA

Heat 2 

 1.  Amy Mortimer        Saucony
 2.  Katherine Mackey    Brooks
 3.  Sara Vaughn         Nike
 4.  Sarah Bowman        New Balance
 5.  Alice Schmidt       Nike
 6.  Shannon Rowbury     Nike
 7.  Phoebe Wright       Nike
 8.  Gabriele Anderson   Brooks / Team USA Minnesota
 9.  Kate Grace          New Jersey New York
10.  Heather Kampf       Asics / Team USA Minnesota
11.  Melissa Salerno     New Balance
12.  Jordan Hasay        Oregon

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nicole Schappert in Olympic Trials 1500 Heats Today

Former Villanova All-American Nicole Schappert toes the line today at 3:50 PDT in heat #1 of the women's 1500 meter prelims. Schappert has had a very nice outdoor season, and owns the 1500 meter Olympic "B" standard (having run 4:07.79 PR at the OXY High Performance meet in Los Angeles in mid May) as well as a fleet 2:04.91 PR over 800 meters from mid June. The Olympic "A" standard is 4:06.00. Here's the start list of her heat (the top 6 from each of three heats, plus the next 6 fastest times will advance to the semi-finals):

Heat 1 of 3  Women's 1500 meters

 1.  Nicole Schappert    N Y A C
 2.  Sarah Bowman        New Balance
 3.  Sara Vaughn         Bowerman AC
 4.  Jenny Simpson       New Balance
 5.  Lea Wallace         Nike
 6.  Heather Kampf       Asics
 7.  Kate Grace          NJ-NY TC
 8.  Shannon Rowbury     Nike
 9.  Cory McGee          Florida
10.  Stephanie Charnigo  NJ-NY TC

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sheila Reid & Carmen Hussar Vie for Olympic 1500 Berth

The women's 1500 meter semi-final at the Canadian Olympic Trials will highlight the running events for all Villanova fans tomorrow at 6:00 pm in Calgary. The race will showcase former Canadian Olympian and World Indoor silver medalist Carmen Douma-Hussar and recent Villanova All-Everything Sheila Reid. Neither Hussar nor Reid right now have the Olympic "A" standard (4:06.00) and will need to do so at the Trials if they wish to represent Canada at the Olympics in London. By all accounts, the Canadian Olympic authorities will not permit any runners to chase the "A" standard after the Trials are over (notwithstanding the fact that they allowed some runners to do so in 2008). Both Hilary Stellingwerff and Nicole Sifuentes have achieved the "A" standard and will make the Canadian team if they finish in the top three in the 1500 finals (Friday at 2:00 pm) at the Trials. Here's the start list for the race.


Event 608  Women 1500 Meter Run Championship Prelims
Thursday 28/06/2012 - 6:00 PM
     Name                        Year Team                   Seed           
  1  Stellingwerff, Hilary         81 Speed River         4:05.08 
  2  Sifuentes, Nicole             86 Unattach MB         4:06.90 
  3  Elmore, Malindi               80 Speed River         4:07.86 
  4  Reid, Sheila                  89 Athletics To        4:07.88 
  5  Douma-Hussar, Carmen          77 Guelph Track        4:11.20 
  6  Van Buskirk, Kate             87 Athletics To        4:12.28 
  7  Kawamoto, Julia               83 Mercury Athl        4:14.35 
  8  Belleau-Béliveau, Karine      83 Vainqueurs          4:14.64 
  9  Carlyle, Laura                89 Unattached B        4:17.77 
 10  Jewett, Tamara                90 U of Toronto T.C    4:18.87 
 11  Cliff, Rachel                 88 Speed River         4:19.18 
 12  O'Connell, Jessica            89 U OF C Athle        4:20.91 
 13  Kasper, Kirsten               91 Unattached          4:21.57 
 14  Raby, Arianne                 88 Unattached          4:22.68 
 15  Glenn, Caileigh               92 Newmarket HU        4:22.87 
 16  Benson, Fiona                 92 BC Athletics        4:22.97 
 17  Macpherson, Sarah             91 Fast Tracks         4:25.86 
 18  Butterworth, Lindsey          92 BC Athletics        4:25.89 
 19  Anderson, Katie               90 Harbour Track       4:25.93 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Scratch + DNS = End of the Olympic Streak for Jen Rhines

For the first time since 1996, Jen Rhines will not earn an spot on the USA Olympic team. After scratching from the 10,000 meters competition a week ago, which generated much speculation, Jen tonight was a DNS in the semi-finals of the 5000 meters. One assumes that injuries prevented the three-time Olympian (at three different distances) from competing tonight. If so, it's a shame that one of the most versatile and accomplished runners ever to wear a Villanova singlet would miss what looks to be her final chance to represent her country in the Olympics without battling it out on the track. Stay tuned as this story develops.

Canadian Running on Sheila Reid & the Canadian Trials 1500

Canadian Running provides the following perspective on Sheila Reid's chances for an Olympic "A" standard at this week's Canadian Olympic Trials. Two Canadian women -- Nicole Sifuentes and Hilary Stellingwerff -- already have the "A" standard and need only finish in the top three positions at the Trials to punch their tickets to London. Reid beat Stellingwerff into second last summer in winning the 1500 meters at Canadian Nationals. Reid has run the "B" standard twice in recent weeks and, if the commentary below is accurate, is not likely to attain it at the Canadian Trials. If Reid finishes in the top three at the Trials, whether she'll be permitted to chase the "A" standard after the fact remains to be seen.

Last-minute dash puts Sifuentes in Olympic position
June 21, 2012

It was by all means a last-ditch effort to get the Olympic “A” standard in the women’s 1500m and Nicole Sifuentes made it count. She and two other Canadian women found a small meet at a San Diego college on Wednesday night, hoping to achieve a fast time before the Olympic Trials next week.

Sifuentes (nee Edwards) of Winnipeg won the race in 4:04.76, a new personal best, and most importantly under the “A” standard of 4:06.00. Sifuentes joins Hilary Stellingwerff as the only Canadians with the “A” standard this season.

Sheila Reid of Newmarket, Ont., and Malindi Elmore of Kelowna, B.C. were also trying for the “A” standard, but fell short. Reid’s time of 4:07.77 was her second “B” standard of the season, while Elmore ran 4:11.62.

The Canadian Olympic Trials are in Calgary, June 27-30. Sifuentes and Stellingwerff just need to finish in the top 3 to secure their spots on the team for London. In order for a third Canadian runner to join them in the event, she would need to make the “A” standard. It’s unlikely that the Trials will produce fast times since the race is at altitude and won’t have any rabbits setting the pace.

Rhines & Koons on Tap in 5000 meter Semi-Finals

Jen Rhines embarks tonight on her quest for a fourth Olympic Games, while Frances Koons seeks her first. Both are running tonight in different heats of the 5000 meter semi-finals. The top 6 in each heat, plus the next four fastest times will advance to the 16-person final. Here are the start lists.

Women's 5000 Meters

Heat 1  

 1.  Angela Bizzarri          Brooks
 2.  Amanda Dunne             Saucony
 3.  Lisa Uhl                 Nike / Oregon TC Elite
 4.  Frances Koons            New Balance / New York A C
 5.  Kathy Kroeger            Stanford
 6.  Renee Metivier Baillie   Unattached
 7.  Julia Lucas              Nike / Oregon TC Elite
 8.  Emily Infeld             Georgetown
 9.  Brie Felnagle            adidas
10.  Emily Sisson             Unattached
11.  Julie Culley             Asics/N Y A C
12.  Abbey D'Agostino         Unattached
13.  Deborah Maier            Unattached
14.  Jackie Areson            Nike

Heat 2 

 1.  Nicole Aish             Unattached
 2.  Lauren Fleshman         Nike / Oregon TC Elite
 3.  Kellyn Johnson          adidas/McMillan Elite
 4.  Alissa McKaig           ZAP Fitness Reebok
 5.  Elizabeth Maloy         New Balance
 6.  Katherine Mackey        Brooks
 7.  Tara Erdmann            Unattached
 8.  Amy Hastings            Brooks
 9.  Alisha Williams         Boulder Running Company/adidas
10.  Jennifer Rhines         adidas
11.  Molly Huddle            Saucony
12.  Magdalena Lewy Boulet   Saucony
13.  Kim Conley              SRA Elite

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bobby Curtis Couldn't Respond: "I just had nothing to go with."

Key Quotes from Bobby Curtis after his 10th place finish at the US Olympic Trials:

"When those guys picked it up, I just had nothing to go with."

On the strategy of not doing any track races in the months prior to the Trials: "Clearly, it didn't work. I just thought ... I ran the last two Stanford races well off of just base training. I thought the race at the Trials would be similar."

"I didn't have the rhythm, I guess. That was probably due to lack of track running. ... Probably, as the summer goes on, I'll get faster on the track."

"I'm going to try to do a bunch of track races now. I built a great base -- I'm in good shape. Hopefully, I'll have something to show for it eventually."

Friday, June 22, 2012

Curtis 10th at Olympic Trials 10,000 meters
Runs 27:58.48 in Rain-Drenched Eugene

Bobby Curtis finished 10th tonight at the US Olympic Trials, ending his bid for a spot on the US team for London. Curtis was never in the mix once the race got through its early stages and in fact had to rally to crack the top 10. The race was contested under heavy rainfall, and three of the pre-race favorites ran together as if to ensure that (a) all three made the team and (b) Dathan Ritzenhein achieved his needed "A" standard. Once the latter seemed assured, USA NR-holder Galen Rupp easily sprinted to the lead, followed by Matt Tegenkamp -- that left Ritzenhein safely ensconced in third with an "A" standard in hand. The team strategy worked wonderfully as the holy trinity controlled the race throughout.

Curtis will now have to wonder if his pre-Trials strategy of avoiding races on the track throughout much of the spring and early summer was a wise one. Despite what seemed to be an excellent level of fitness coming out of training, Curtis was seemingly unable to insinuate himself into the mix at the front of the pack, despite a race pace that was fully within his own comfort zone (Curtis' PR is 27:24). Unfortunately, when it all comes down to getting it right on a single night, lots of things hinge on the stars aligning -- tonight they failed to do so for Bobby Curtis. One assumes that he'll be off to Europe for the pre-Olympic circuit to collect his wits. Don't be surprised if he reels off another impressive performance or two over there -- which will be little consolation for a man who seemed poised to make a statement at the Trials.

 1. Galen Rupp         Nike               27:25.33  M
 2. Matt Tegenkamp     Nike / OTC         27:33.94
 3. Dathan Ritzenhein  Nike               27:36.09
 4. Chris Derrick      Stanford           27:40.23
 5. Aaron Braun        adidas/McMillan    27:41.54
 6. Ryan Vail          Brooks             27:52.53
 7. Brent Vaughn       Nike               27:55.44
 8. Luke Puskedra      Oregon             27:56.62       
 9. Bobby Mack III     Unattached         27:58.07       
 10. Robert Curtis     Reebok             27:58.48     
 11. Hassan Mead       Minnesota          27:59.04
 12. Benjamin True     Saucony            28:08.17  
 13. Jacob Riley       Hansons-Brooks     28:08.32     
 14. Tim Nelson        Nike / OTC         28:15.11
 15. Joseph Chirlee    U.S. Army          28:17.84
 16. Jeff Schirmer     ASTF               28:35.18
 17. Chris Landry      Unattached         28:35.46
 18. Girma Mecheso     Oklahoma State     28:38.73
 19. Josh Simpson      AST                28:48.32 
 20. David Jankowski   ZAP/Reebok         29:00.67
 21. James Strang      Unattached         29:09.77
 22. Mikhail Sayenko   Brooks             29:18.57
 23. JC Trujillo       adidas             29:36.50
 DNF Scott Bauhs       Unattached

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reid goes 4:07.77 PR at San Diego Mesa College 1500
Still Seeking Olympic "A" Standard

Sheila Reid improved upon her 4-day-old 1500 meter PR yesterday in San Diego by running 4:07.77 at the USATF San Diego Summer Nights series. Reid ran 4:07.88 on June 16th. The San Diego 1500 race was put together to accommodate several runners looking for the Olympic "A" standard (4:06.00). The top three finishers achieved the standard, but Reid's PR was just short of the "A." One of those runners who achieved the "A" standard, Nicole Sifuentes, will be a major competitor of Reid's at the Canadian Olympic Trials.

A race video is available HERE. Reid has run two Olympic "B" times in the past 5 days. Here are the results.

Invite. Women's 1500 meters

1.  Nicole Sifuentes    Canada        4:04.76
2.  Anna Pierce         USA           4:05.42
3.  Lucy Van Dalen      New Zealand   4:05.76
4.  Sheila Reid         Canada        4:07.77
5.  Malinda Elmore      Canada        4:11.62
DNF Morgan Uceny        USA

Reid Repeats as First Team Academic All-American

Reid named to Capital One Academic All-America team for second straight year

Villanova University Sports Information
June 21, 2012

TOWSON, Md. - For the second straight year Sheila Reid (Newmarket, Ont.) has been named to the Capital One Academic All-America Track and Field/Cross Country Team, as announced on Thursday morning. Reid repeats as a first team Academic All-America selection after finishing her collegiate career in top form during the 2011-12 academic year.

Reid concluded her Villanova career as a five-time individual national champion, 12-time All-American and 12-time BIG EAST champion. She was also a five-time BIG EAST Academic All-Star and a three-time National Scholar-Athlete of the Year in addition to her two Academic All-America honors.

While making headlines for her career accomplishments and also establishing herself as one of the top athletes in Villanova history Reid was also completing a double major in English and Communications and maintained a 3.39 grade-point average.

During the 2011 cross country season Reid defended her individual national title at the NCAA Championships and was also the individual champion at both the BIG EAST Championships and NCAA Mid-Atlantic Regional for the third straight year. Her efforts during the season helped lead the Wildcats to their fourth straight conference title and a third place team finish at the national championships meet.

Following the end of the cross country season Reid was presented with the Honda Sports Award for cross country, marking the third time in her career she received one of the prestigious Honda Awards after being the winner for both cross country and track last year.

During the collegiate outdoor track season which just ended Reid anchored Villanova to a Championship of America title in the distance medley relay at the Penn Relays. It was the 30th title all-time at the Penn Relays for the Wildcats and the 11th in the distance medley relay. Reid also ran in the 5000 meters at the NCAA East Regional and the NCAA Championships, where she repeated as an All-American.

Reid was named the United States Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) National Scholar-Athlete of the Year for cross country after both the 2011 and the 2012 seasons and won the same award for the 2011 outdoor track season.

This past year alone Reid garnered spots on the Philadelphia Inquirer Academic All-Area teams for both cross country and track and was the cross country All-Area Performer of the Year for the second straight year. She also received the NCAS Scholar Baller Academic Momentum Award after the cross country season.

Prior to the announcement of the Academic All-America teams Reid was voted a first team Capital One Academic All-District selection, enabling her to move on to the national ballot.

To be eligible for the Capital One Academic All-America program a student-athlete must be a key contributor to his or her team, maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.30 or higher and have reached sophomore athletic and academic standings. Since the program's inception in 1952, Academic All-America honors have been bestowed on more than 15,000 student-athletes in Divisions I, II, III and NAIA, covering all NCAA championship sports.

Villanova has had a total of 49 student-athletes receive Academic All-America honors 64 times. Reid and men's cross country and track runner Matthew Gibney each received the honor for both the 2010-11 and 2011-12 academic years.

Lampron Named Massachusetts Gatorade Track & Field AOY

Mansfield track star Josh Lampron named Gatorade Track and Field Athlete of the Year for Massachusetts

Boston Herald, June 21, 2012

Boston Herald All-Scholastic track and star Josh Lampron of Mansfield was named the 2011-12 Gatorade Massachusetts Boys Track & Field Athlete of the Year. Lampron is the first Gatorade Massachusetts Boys Track & Field Athlete of the Year to be chosen from Mansfield High School.

The state’s returning Gatorade Boys Track & Field Athlete of the Year, Lampron won the 800-meter run with a meet-record time of 1:51.99 and the mile in 4:07.88 at the All-State Meet this spring, leading the Hornets to the state championship as a team. The 5-foot-10, 150-pound senior middle-distance and distance runner also swept the 800 (meet-record 1:52.03) and mile (meet-record 4:09.59) at the EMass Division 2 championships. Lampron captured third place at this month’s adidas Grand Prix Dream Mile in 4:02.98. He also won the mile at the 2011 New Balance Outdoor Nationals and placed third in the 1,500-meter run at the 2011 USA Track & Field Junior Outdoor Championships as a junior.

Lampron has maintained a 3.95 GPA in the classroom. A member of the National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society as well as his school’s marching and concert band, he has donated his time as a peer tutor and volunteered more than 100 hundred hours of community service on behalf the Boy Scouts of America as an Eagle Scout.

“I have had the distinct privilege to coach Josh for the past four years,” said Mansfield head coach Julie Collins. “He has been an outstanding team member. Josh was elected captain of our cross country team, winter track, and spring track and field teams by his fellow teammates. He is a team player, always leading by example. Josh encourages the younger athletes on our team and is willing to do whatever the coaches ask of him at practice and at meets. I think very highly of Josh and will miss him next year as he graduates to a bright future.”

Lampron has signed a National Letter of Intent to compete on an athletic scholarship at Villanova University this fall.

Two-time winner Lampron joins recent Gatorade Massachusetts Boys Track & Field Athletes of the Year Sam Bombaugh (2009-10, Falmouth), Mark Vetere (2008-09, Andover), and Omar Aden (2007-08, Charlestown) among the state’s list of former award winners.

Olympic Trials 10,000 Meter Analysis
LRC Calls it Rupp, Ritz, Curtis

2012 US Olympic Track & Field Trials Men's 10,000 Preview: Galen Rupp Is Heavily Favored, But Who Else Makes The Team?

June 20, 2012

We preview the men's 10,000 at the 2012 US Olympic Men's Track & Field Trials, but before we do that, we list the leading entrants so you can get some background info before you read our preview.

The Leading 13 Contenders

Those With The "A" Qualifer Of 27:45.00

Galen Rupp - 26:48.00 - American record holder. Only a flare-up of allergies could prevent him from making the team.

Bobby Curtis - 27:24.67 - Villanova alum has purposely stayed off the track so far this year as he wants to get his peak right. His 27:24 last year makes him the 7th-fastest performer in US history. 4th last year behind Rupp, Teg and Bauhs.

Tim Nelson - 27:28.19 - We think he's been injured, as our results database doesn't show much for him. Been overshadowed by DIII Track athlete of the year - Tim Nelson.

Matt Tegenkamp - 27:28.22 - No 10ks this year. 30-year-old is definitely past his peak but his peak was way better than everyone's but Ritz & Rupp in this race. 13:15.00 SB.

Chris Derrick - 27:31.38 - Ran 27:31.38 at Payton Jordan, also has run 13:19 this year.

Brent Vaughn - 27:40.21 - Ran 27:40.21 at Payton Jordan. TFN's pick for #3 has never finished higher than 5th at a US Champs on the track.

Ben True - 27:41.17 - Ran 13:26 for 5,000 at Pre.

Joseph Chirlee - 27:43.96 - Former Kenyan ran 28:32 on April 6, 28:16 on April 29th and 27:43 on May 30th.

Those Close To The "A" Qualifier

Dathan Ritzenhein - 27:50.82 - Says he's in sub 13-shape but he only ran 27:50 in heat in Hengelo. Has run 27:22 in the past.

Aaron Braun - 27:51.01 - Quietly having great season. 10,000 pb at Stanford and then just ran 13:20 PR in Portland on June 9th. Also 4th at Bolder Boulder.

Ryan Vail - 27:51.07. Ran 2:12 marathon at Trials. Recently PRed in 1,500 - 3:42.80.

Scott Bauhs - 27:51.78. DNF at Stanford 10,000 this year but was third last year at USAs. Ran PR in 5,000 at Occidental this year. That's the good news. The bad news is his 5,000 PR is 13:28.

Bobby Mack - 27:53.52 - 2012 US XC champ has lowered his PR from 28:11 to 27:53.52 this year.

Men's Preview

The first day of the 2012 US Olympic Track & Field Trials concludes in fine fashion with the first two running finals of the meet - the men's and women's 10,000 trials.

The men's 10,000 is first and this event is likely to please the crowd as Oregon's favored son, Galen Rupp, enters as the heavy, heavy favorite.

Galen Rupp - Heavily Favored
The American record holder at 10,000 (26:48.00) is in fine form, as he recently went sub-13:00 for the first time, at Hayward Field in the 5,000 at the Prefontaine Classic. He's a legitimate medal contender in the 10,000 for the Olympics. To be truthful, that statement of him being a legitimate medal contender is a statement we thought a few years ago we might not type again for a long time a non-African born runner.

What could derail Rupp?

A fall, you say? He's so much better than the third guy in this race that even a fall likely wouldn't stop him from making the Olympic team unless it was in the last lap of the race.

A lost shoe? Running a ton of laps barefoot would be a disaster, so Rupp would hopefully be smart enough to put his shoe back on. If he had big trouble putting it back on, then we could see that derailing him.

The pollen? This is really the only legitimate fear for Rupp, who has struggled with allergies throughout his career and wore a mask at last year's Trials (pic right). However, the pollen forecast seems to be cooperating, as the pollen count is supposed to drop from it's current high level to a medium level by Friday and it's going to be cool and rainy.

So look for Rupp to get the win. He's one of the world's best distance runners and he's in fine form.

The real drama then becomes - who else makes the team behind Rupp?

Ritz & Teg

In terms of talent, career accomplishments, and name recognition, the logical candidates are the two men in the field who have also previously made an Olympic team and gone sub-13 for 5,000 in their careers - Dathan Ritzenhein and Matt Tegenkamp. But both men have some serious question marks surrounding them.

At age 30, Tegenkamp seems suddenly to be past his prime. He hasn't broken 13:15.00 for 5,000 so far this year and hasn't broken 13:14 since that magical year of 2009 when he ran his 12:58.56. In some ways, it's amazing how quickly he's gone from a medal contender to someone who will be thrilled to make an Olympic team.

The injury-prone Ritzenhein, who is Rupp's training partner, also hasn't broken 13:14 since his own magical year of 2009 when he ran 12:56.27. He's claimed in recent interviews that things are going better than they were in 2009 when he ran 12:56, but wasn't Ritz also confident of his fitness heading into the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials in January, where he finished an agonizing 4th? If he's in sub-13:00 shape, then why did he only run 27:50 in the heat of Hengelo on May 27th? Is it possible he's forcing his workouts a bit to keep up with training partners Mo Farah and Galen Rupp, and not quite as fit as he thinks?

If the previous Olympians in Rupp, Ritz and Teg don't secure all three Olympic spots, then who else might end up in London?

There are a ton of candidates, as a total of eight Americans already have the "A" standard of 27:45.00 and another 5 in the field have run under 27:55 last year or this year.

Previous NCAA Champ Bobby Curtis

The leading candidate in our minds is 2008 NCAA 5,000 champ Bobby Curtis of Reebok.

He's in the sweet spot age-wise at age 27. The 7th-best performer at 10,000 in US history, also has the third-best 10,000 PR of anyone in the field at 27:24.67, which is better than Tegenkamp's PR. He's also got something on his resumé that Rupp, Ritz, and Teg have but no one else in the field has - an individual NCAA title.

Now Curtis hasn't run any track races this year and that's seemingly making some people nervous about his chances, as somehow he's being ignored by Track & Field News in their top 10 picks. To us, not having Curtis at least in your top 5 is a mistake, as his not running the track races has been by design, as last year he felt he peaked too soon, finishing 4th at USAs after running 27:24 at Stanford. Curtis seems to be in good form, running 3rd in the Healthy Kidney 10k in May (Curtis pictured far left). The winner of that Healthy Kidney 10k, Daniel Meucci of Italy, ran 27:32 at Stanford.

If three of the four former individual NCAA champs don't lock up the three individual spots, then the next logical place might be to look at the arguably the greatest American distance runner who never won an NCAA title - Chris Derrick of Stanford. Derrick has enjoyed a sensational 2012 as he's run 13:19 and 27:31. Only 11 Americans in history have ever broken 27:30 and Derrick is #13 in US history in the 10,000 - just .04 behind multi-time Olympian Todd Williams.

The big concern with Derrick is simple - is he past his peak for the season? The runner-up in both the 3,000 and 5,000 at NCAA indoors was only third in the 10,000 at NCAA outdoors. But the pressure is off now. Instead of desperately trying to win an NCAA title, he is trying to upset the form charts and make the Olympics just after graduating from college.

We could go on and on talking about the guys in the field, as the top 13 have a lot going for them. For example, we're sure some of you are saying, "Scott Bauhs was third last year and he just ran a 5000 PR." What about Aaron Braun, who has just ran 13:20 and also has run 27:51?

Those are all good darkhorse candidates, but the fact of the matter is there is a big difference between a 27:30 guy and a 27:50 guy - nearly one second per lap.

As a result, the three Olympians will most likely come from the 5 healthy guys who have run under 27:35 in their careers - Rupp, Ritz, Curtis, Teg and Derrick. That being said, there's reason to be nervous about 4 of those 5 and that gives hope to the other guys on our list.

A middling to bad race for these guys would be a 13:25/27:50 type performance, which is a good race for most of the guys in the field.

The Race Itself

Leading Olympic contender Dathan Ritzenhein and a slew of other guys don't have the "A" standard of 27:45.00. That doesn't concern us too much, as the weather forecast for Friday is great for distance runners (temp in the 50s, light winds). As a result, we certainly think the top three will end up under the "A" standard as a result. The question is who does the work to get them there? It's in everyone's best interest to do zero of the work but the problem is if someone doesn't do the work, then the time won't come. It's a classic example of the prisoner's dilemma expressing itself in running.

It would seem logical that Ritz would work with training partner Galen Rupp to set the pace. Rupp may be the only one good enough to run the first 5,000 in 13:55 from the front and not have that hurt him at all. But will that actually happen? Coach Alberto Salazar has always been incredibly focused on doing everything to help Galen Rupp and would that necessarily help Rupp? We guess one could argue that a sub-14:00 1st half would make falls less likely than if they go out in 14:30 like they did last year.

Ritzenhein recently did a 13:19/13:58 5,000 double in Portland. Was that second 5,000 run so that Ritrz would feel confident that he can lead the first 5,000 in under 14:00 and then maybe Rupp will take it from there?

The intrigue of "Who will do the work?" is one that certainly fascinates us. At the last Olympic Trials, there certainly was some disappointment expressed by Chris Solinsky after his teammate Matt Tegenkamp didn't uphold his end of the bargain in terms of leading the 5,000 final as they had pre-planned.

LRC Prediction:
1) Rupp - If he loses, it's a huge story. Not making the team is almost hard to imagine.
2) Ritzenhein - We just can't bet against the 12:56 talent, although we're still not 100% convinced.
3) Curtis - 27:24 is damn good. We want to see a new Olympian.

Looking for a darkhorse pick? Aaron Braun has been running well.

Want a guy to root for? LRC fan favorite (see here and here) and blue collar runner Bobby Mack. Mack is the US XC Champ and unsponsored. We talked to Mack about running in the LRC singlet, but that would have jinxed his chances. That doesn't mean you all can't pull for the unsponsored guy.

Quick Take #1: It's a shame 26:59 man Chris Solinsky isn't in this race and then it would really be full of intrigue as there might be a battle for the win and battle for spot #3.

QT #2: Making the Trials was incredibly hard this year. The 24th declared entrant, Jeff Schirmer, ran 28:20. That's really good. In 2008, the 24th declared entrant was Dathan Ritzenhein at 28:28.

At the last Olympic Trials, there were 9 declared entrants under 28:00. This year, there are 13.

Moment of Olympic Truth for Bobby Curtis

Bobby Curtis Racing For His Olympic Moment

By Rick Bozich

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – The Louisville running community has been gasping at Bobby Curtis from the moment he won the first of his 12 state championships as a St. Xavier High School freshman. At Villanova, Curtis quickly proved he could run middle distances with any college runner.

But there is just one way for a runner to make his name crackle across the country and the world – the Summer Olympics.

Friday night at the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials in Eugene, Ore., Bobby Curtis will run the most important 10,000 meters of his life -- the American qualifier for the 2012 London Olympics. The results of a lifetime of work revealed in 27 minutes and 30 seconds – or less.

"I was more nervous a month ago than I am now because the race is so soon," Curtis said. "This is what the last year, really the whole last four years have been focused on because it's hugely important to my career and hugely important to me as a person. It's something I've wanted to do for so long.

"It's dog-eat-dog for an Olympic spot."

The vital signs suggest Curtis as a carnivore. The top three finishers make the American team. In 2011 Curtis delivered the second-fastest 10K by an American, running a 27:24.67. His personal best ranks third in the Oregon field, which is led by American record-holder Galen Rupp.

(The race is scheduled for 9:45 p.m. EDT. The NBC Sports Network is scheduled to televise the meet from Hayward Field from 9:00 to 11:00.)

After he was out kicked over the final 800 meters and finished fourth in qualifying for the 2011 World Championships, Curtis changed his training strategy. He increased his mileage and ran his first marathon, finishing 14th (the third American) in New York City Nov. 4.

He trained in Australia for much of the winter and then moved to Mammoth Lakes, Calif., to stiffen his workouts at altitude (7,880 feet) several months ago. The only 10K Curtis ran this year was a road race May 12 at Central Park. He was the top American and third overall.

"I think he's going to do it," said Chuck Medley, Curtis' coach and long-time friend from St. Xavier. "This is something Bobby has talked about since he was a freshman at St. X. He's always been very aware of the other top runners and the times he had to run to be competitive nationally."

What appears different this time is Curtis, 27, is celebrating every step of the journey. His Twitter account has been an intriguing blend of training updates and one-liners, like this item Curtis posted Wednesday upon his arrival in Eugene:

"Remember, life will go on if you don't make the Olympics … it will just be a vastly inferior life."

His Tumbler account begins with a hilarious story. Curtis and training partners from Australia visited a California coffee shop and asked if they served an imaginary espresso drink called a "guetepans," which was actually a word that means "ambush" that Curtis borrowed from the National Spelling Bee. One of the baristas actually took the bait and made the drink.

"I've done my part," Curtis said. "Everyone kind of agrees I'm in the best shape of my life.

"The last 2K is where everyone, whatever they have, they show it then. I have to make sure I'm relaxed the first bit and stay in contact. Then the last three miles make sure I'm giving it everything I have and stay focused when the really big sprint happens the last three laps."

Curtis hasn't always been able to flush the anxiety from his system. Beginning with his freshman year in 1999-2000, he won a dozen Kentucky state titles at St. X – three in cross country, nine in track.

His Villanova career was interrupted by an overpowering struggle with insomnia that sometimes left Curtis unable to sleep for days. The insomnia stirred the expectant feelings of hopelessness that Curtis eventually learned to control, although it took five years.

Today he is thriving, a formidable professional runner who competes across the world for Reebok. He has plans to get married in late September – after he qualifies and then competes for the U.S. team in London.

"Right before the race will be one of those moments where we're all uncontrollably anxious," Curtis said. "But I'm ready to go."

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No Respect for Bobby Curtis at Track & Field News
Curtis Left Off its Top 10 at 10,000 meters

In a surprising move -- especially in light of the very positive vibe coming out of his final altitude training session at Mammoth -- Bobby Curtis is not listed on the final pre-Olympic Trials form chart released today by Track & Field News. Here's the list of men considered by the staff at T&F News to be among the top 10 finishers. It should be noted that three of these men do not yet have the Olympic "A" standard (which Curtis does) and that Curtis' qualifying time is better than everyone on the list except Galen Rupp, the American record holder. His 10,000 meter PR trails only Rupp and Dathan Ritzenhein. Let's hope that Curtis makes the experts at T&F News eat crow.

10,000 METERS                              PR at 10,000
 1. Galen Rupp (A)         (Nike)          26:48.00 (AR)  
 2. Dathan Ritzenhein (B)  (Nike)          27:22.28
 3. Brent Vaughn (A)       (Nike)          27:40.21
 4. Josh Chirlee (A)       (US Army)       27:43.96
 5. Matt Tegenkamp (A)     (Oregon TC)     27:28.22
 6. Chris Derrick (A)      (Stanford)      27:31.28
 7. Scott Bauhs (B)        (Mammoth TC)    27:28.06
 8. Ben True (A)           (Saucony)       27:41.17
 9. Tim Nelson (A)         (Nike)          27:28.18
10. Aaron Braun (B)        (adidas)        27:51.01

NR  Bobby Curtis (A)       (Reebok)        27:24.67

Piccirillo Named Pennsylvania Track Athlete of the Year

Pennsylvania Girls Track AOY: Angel Piccirillo

By Ben Rohrbach |

THE WINNER: Angel Piccirillo


School: Homer-Center (Homer City, Pa.)
Grade: Senior
Event(s): Middle-distance/distance
Height: 5-foot-9


Athletic achievement: Piccirillo won the 800-meter run with a time of 2:09.16 and the 1,600-meter run in 4:39.32 at the Class AA state championships, leading the Wildcats to a fifth-place finish as a team. Also the state’s 2011-12 Gatorade Girls Cross Country Runner of the Year, she was second at this month’s adidas Dream Mile. Her state title-winning clocking in the 1,600 ranked as the nation’s No. 1 time among prep competitors in 2012 at the time of her selection.

Academic excellence: Piccirillo has maintained a 3.35 GPA in the classroom.

Exemplary character: The vice president of the senior class, she has volunteered locally on behalf of the Salvation Army, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and blood-donation drives.


“Angel doesn’t run as if she is running from something, but rather toward something,” said Homer-Center coach Michael Gentile. “Her dedication and commitment to excellence as an athlete is only surpassed by her dedication and commitment in the classroom.”


Piccirillo has signed a National Letter of Intent to compete in cross country and track and field on scholarship at Villanova University this fall.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Collegiate Stars Reid & Hasay Fighting for Olympic Spots

College stars fight for Olympic dreams
NCAA rivals have multiple national titles, but face challenges

By Sara Germano, MarketWatch
Wall Street Journal
June 19, 2012

But Olympic trials are more than just a contest to decide who makes the team. Perhaps the most competitive event outside of the Games themselves, the trials are a showcase of the best athletes in each country. They’re also a chance to make a mark as a professional, to step up to the international stage and be established as one of the best in the world, potentially securing a lucrative future of endorsement deals and appearance fees.

It’s a period that can make or break careers, and for college athletes hoping to make it in the pros, such as Jordan Hasay of the University of Oregon and Sheila Reid of Villanova University, there couldn’t be a more pressure-filled time. Adding to the pressure is the fact that college and professional running are vastly different, and navigating those differences can be a major challenge.

Student athletes in the NCAA system race nearly every week from cross-country in the fall to the outdoor track season that ends in mid-June. They compete for personal glory but also to earn team points. Like all college athletes, they balance travel and races with school and socializing, and often have the broad support and resources of their university.

Pros on the other hand run largely on their own, or with a few key training partners. Finding sponsorships, physical therapy, coaching, and organizing travel falls entirely on their shoulders, or if they’re lucky, to their agents.

Even successful professionals can find it hard to earn a living from their sport: More than 80% of top U.S. professional track athletes make less than $50,000 a year, so many take part-time jobs. That’s what makes the coming weeks so important -- the ability to earn prize money is based in part on the potential to hit fast times and qualify for prestigious championships, like the Olympics.

Making the Cut

As with other sports, success at college doesn’t guarantee the same as a professional athlete. Reaching the Olympic qualifying times is a stretch even for NCAA stars Reid and Hasay.

Between them, the women have won seven individual NCAA titles, and over the past three years developed an on-track rivalry. But for all their success, and as they stand on the cusp of becoming world-class competitors, both have struggled this spring and their Olympic hopes are in the balance.

Hasay competed in the 2008 U.S. Olympic trials as a high schooler, advancing to the final in the 1,500 meters and setting a national high-school record in the process. Ever since, track insiders have been gleefully measuring her progress.

But this year, there’s been more pressure than ever, a fact that may have contributed to her lackluster showing at an April race, and Hasay’s claim that she wasn’t focused entirely on times but also on helping her college compete for the national team title. Oregon finished a close second to Louisiana State University in this year’s NCAA championships.

In April, Hasay did try specifically for the Games, running a paced 5,000 meter race in California, but she failed to make the qualifying-time standard. All her hopes now rest on next week’s U.S. Olympic Trials at her home track in Eugene, where the top three athletes in each event make the team for the Olympics.

But whatever happens next week, the Oregon junior remains bullish about her Olympic dreams.

“People put it like I’m only in it to make the Olympic team this year. I’ll be happy to make it in 2016, and that’s what I’m aiming for,” Hasay told MarketWatch.

Sheila Reid’s coach at Villanova, former Olympian Gina Procaccio, said the pressure of running for time isn’t something college competitors are used to.

“[Reid] never worried about times, just racing and trying to win,” said Procaccio.

Five-time NCAA champion Reid, who finished her studies at Villanova this spring and last week signed with agent Ray Flynn, will be in Calgary next week for the Canadian Olympic Trials.

Despite a slight injury — she tore her plantar fascia in the fall — Reid said she fell under the pressure of too many goals this season, of earning another NCAA championship, hitting top times in the 1,500 and the 5,000 and winning a Penn Relays title, only the last of which was achieved.

“I know I’m fit right now to run those fast times, it’s just about getting to a point where they come naturally,” she said. “I need to get more experience racing like that.”

To be sure, Hasay and Reid won’t be the only NCAA standouts competing for tickets to London this week. Among them, Chris Derrick, a recent Stanford University alum, is considered a favorite in the 10,000 meters, and Columbia University’s Kyle Merber set the American collegiate record in the 1,500 last month. Both are adept at running for time, but unlike Hasay and Reid, never won any NCAA titles.

Lewis Johnson, a track and field commentator for NBC, says the trials experience can benefit hopefuls even if they don’t win a berth to London.

While veteran athletes may simply use the trials as a stopover on their path to an Olympic medal, young runners “need to feel that pressure, even the disappointment, as it will fuel their careers for the next four years,” he said.

Reid, who hopes to sign a shoe contract soon, isn’t planning to rest after next week’s trials no matter what happens.

“I climbed my way to the top of the NCAA system,” she said. “I know I can do that on the world stage, too.”

Kelsey Margey Wins Mile National Title at NB Outdoor Nationals

Villanova-bound Kelsey Margey won the mile national title at the New Balance Outdoor Nationals in Greensboro, NC on Saturday. She defeated Wesley Frazier and others in the fast heat (heat #2), where the top 6 times were run. Margey entered this race having just won the New York state championship over 800 meters and taking runner-up in the 1500 meters. Below are the merged results from both mile heats.

  1 Kelsey Margey             12 Huntington, NY         4:45.84 
  2 Wesley Frazier            13 Raleigh, NC            4:48.28 
  3 Kennedy Weisner           14 Saint Marys, PA        4:51.60 
  4 Karina Ernst              12 Loveland, CO           4:52.84 
  5 Natalie Shields           12 Salt Lake City, UT     4:52.97 
  6 Sophie Chase              13 Burke, VA              4:53.10 
  7 Maggie Drazba             13 St. Marys, WV          4:53.67 
  8 Sarah Gillespie           13 Manchester, CT         4:54.79 
  9 Ellie Gonzalez            14 Baltimore, MD          5:00.83 
 10 Samantha George           12 Raleigh, NC            5:01.25 
 11 Bethany Neeley            13 Greentown, IN          5:02.35 
 12 Sydney Leiher             13 Beavercreek, OH        5:03.10 
 13 Delphi Cleaveland         13 Poughkeepsie, NY       5:03.24 
 14 Sarah Fakler              13 Phoenix, AZ            5:03.55 
 15 Claudia DiSomma           13 Sparta, NJ             5:04.98 
 16 Madeleine Berkson         14 Providence, RI         5:05.97 
 17 Autumn Greba              12 North Huntingdon, P    5:13.93 
 18 Julie Williams            13 Wilmington, DE         5:20.03

A post-race interview with Kelsey is HERE.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sonia O'Sullivan's First Triathlon a Success

Former world champion and Olympic silver medalist Sonia O'Sullivan debuted yesterday at the Monkstown sprint triathlon in County Cork, Ireland. She covered the 750 meter swim in 18:18 (5th fastest female), the 20 kilometer mile bike in 36:04 (2nd fastest female), and the hilly 5 kilometer run in 19:34 (fastest female). Overall, the former Villanova legend covered the 25.75 kilometer distance in 1:17:06, good for 2nd place among women (30th overall among 119 competitors). She tweeted afterwards: "Survived my first ever Triathlon...hardest part was the run & transitions...loads of room for improvement."

Click HERE for Sonia's results.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Marina Muncan Named to Serbian Olympic Team
Sheila Reid Gets Olympic "B" Standard at 1500 meters
McEntee Takes 1500 in 3:42.33 & Ward Sets School Record

Marina Muncan today became the second Villanovan selected to compete at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Muncan, 29, who is the Serbian national record holder at both the 1500 meters (4:08.02) and mile (4:31.52), joins her former teammate Adrian Blincoe, who was named to the New Zealand team last month. Muncan attained the necessary Olympic "B" standard (4:08.90) yesterday at the 27th New Jersey International Track Meet in Holmdel, NJ, when she ran 4:08.33. As the results below show, Sheila Reid won the race in a new 3-second PR and Olympic "B" standard 4:07.88 (the Olympic "A" standards is 4:06.00). Also in the race were former Wildcat Carmen Douma-Hussar (4:11.20), and current Villanovans Emily Lipari, who ran 4:14.89, and Nicky Akande 4:20.21. At 800 meters at the meet, Nicole Schappert ran a new PR of 2:04.91. Shericka Ward set a new PR of 12.97 in the 100 meter hurdles, a mere .01 off the Olympic "A" standard of 12.96 and a new Villanova school record. On the men's side, Sam McEntee blitzed a 3:42.33 (equal to a 4:00.1 mile) to win the men's 1500 meters by almost 6 seconds.

New Jersey International Track Meet  June 16, 2012

Event 15 Women 1500 Meter Run D'Alessandro Elite
Name Year Team Finals
1 Reid, Sheila        Villanova       4:07.88  OLY B
2 van Dalen, Lucy     Unattached      4:08.10  OLY B
3 Muncan, Marina      New balance     4:08.33  OLY B
4 Infeld, Maggie      NYAC            4:09.57
5 Hussar, Carmen      New Balance     4:11.20
6 Tomlin, Renée       Nike            4:12.30
7 Lipari, Emily       Villanova       4:14.89
8 Lamar, Annick       NYAC            4:15.07
9 Salerno, Melissa    New Balance     4:15.42
10 Akande, Nicky      Villanova       4:20.21
11 Beck, Catherine    New Balance     4:21.13
12 Koch, Erin         New Balance     4:22.28
13 Murphy, Joanna     New Balance     4:31.69
14 Andrianos, Leah    Syracuse Cha    4:36.36
15 Mazzeo, Denise     New Balance     4:42.97
16 Swiatocha, Alex    Westchester AC  4:50.09

Event 17 Women 800 Meter Run J. Clark Dig Elite
Name Year Team Finals H#
1 Mackey, Katie       Brooks          2:02.87 
2 Feldman, Greta      Princeton       2:04.21 
3 McDonald, Kimarra   Unattached      2:04.48 
4 Snapp, Nijgia       Unattached      2:04.58 
5 Schappert, Nicole   NYAC            2:04.91 
6 Cox, Chelsea        Georgetown      2:05.88 
7 McKenzie, Lorain    Unattached      2:06.18 
8 Graves, Carmen      Roanoke         2:07.16 
9 McManus, kathryn    NYAC            2:08.30 
10 Henkel, Lauren     Shore AC        2:09.03 
11 Carlin, Jesse      Unattached      2:09.60 
12 Bradshaw, Andrea   New Balance     2:14.81 
13 Quinn, Caitlin     New Balance     2:21.83 
14 Clark, Deanna      New Balance     2:22.46 
15 Liebrecht, Alma    New Balance     2:25.60

Event 22 Men 1500 Meter Run E. Coghlan Elite
Name Year Team Finals
1 McEntee, Sam       Villanova        3:42.33
2 Matthews, Julian   Unattached       3:48.05
3 Guarino, Josh      Syracuse Cha     3:48.22
4 Walsh, Aidan       NYAC             3:49.39
5 Sheinbaum, Julian  Unattached       3:49.67
6 Heibell, Chris     Garden State     3:51.34
7 Jamieson, Carlos   New Balance      3:52.05
8 Marantz, Cameron   Bryn Mawr Ru     3:52.37
9 Pitts, Andrew      New Balance      3:53.34
10 Grout, Alex       Syracuse Cha     3:54.17

Villanova-Bound Lampron 4th at US Junior Nationals
Runs World Junior Team Qualifier

Josh Lampron finished 4th today in the 1500 meters at the US Junior Nationals in Bloomington, Indiana. The Villanova-bound Lampron's time of 3:47.90 (equivalent to a 4:05.7 mile) is a World Junior Championship qualifier. Lampron owns a 1500 PR of 3:45.74 and a mile PR of 4:02.98. In his race today, Lampron beat several collegiate runners, including Penn State's Robby Cresse, the American collegiate record-holder at 1000 meters.

Indiana University Track & Field 
     2012 USA Junior Championships - 6/15/2012 to 6/17/2012     
                      Bloomington, Indiana                      
Event 10  Men 1500 Meter Run
   World Jr.: W 3:30.24  2002        Cornelius Chirchir, KEN    
American Jr.: A 3:36.1h  1966        Jim Ryun                   
USA Jr. Meet: M 3:42.8h  1974        Tom Byers                  
    WJC Qual: & 3:48.00                                         
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
  1 Mudd, Austin                 Wisconsin              3:46.50&
  2 Yorks, Izaic                 Unattached             3:46.67&
  3 Noelle, Chad                 Oregon                 3:46.69&
  4 Lampron, Josh                Unattached             3:47.90&
  5 Creese, Robby                Penn State             3:48.99 
  6 Nowak, Craig                 Unattached             3:50.12 
  7 Skeete, Owen                 Indiana University     3:51.59 
  8 Buchanan, Reid               Unattached             3:51.60 
  9 Brewer, Chris                Oregon                 3:53.35 
 10 Rainero, Ben                 Unattached             3:55.72 
 11 Greenwald, Jeremy            Georgia Inst           3:55.95 
 12 Urie, Ryan                   Syracuse University    4:00.02

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sheila Reid Goes Pro
Represented by Flynn Sports Management

How many NCAA XC individual titles have you won, Sheila?

Flynn Sports Management has announced that Sheila Reid has signed on and will be represented by the agency. Her page at FSM is HERE. The agency is headed by Irish mile national record holder Ray Flynn, and also represents former Villanova All-American Marina Muncan. Reid's PRs and career highlights are listed as:

Personal Records
 800 Meters       2:06.38    2010 BIG EAST Championships
1000 Meters       2:43.70    2011 BIG EAST Championships 
1500 Meters       4:10.73    2012 Prefontaine Classic 
       Mile       4:35.30    2011 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix 
3000 Meters       8:56.92    2011 NYRR II 
5000 Meters      15:23.64    2012 Mt. SAC Relays 
6000 Meters (XC) 19:34       2010 NCAA Mid-Atlantic Regional

Individual National Champion 2010 + 2011
Individual NCAA Mid-Atlantic Region Champion 2009, 2010, 2011
Individual BIG EAST Champion 2009, 2010, 2011
Honda Award 2010 USTFCCCA National Athlete of the Year 2010, 2011
USTFCCCA Mid-Atlantic Region Athlete of the Year 2009, 2010, 2011
All-American 2009, 2010, 2011
All-Mid Atlantic Region 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011
All-BIG EAST 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011
BIG EAST Athlete of the Week September 28-October 4, 2009
BIG EAST Athlete of the Week October 11-17, 2010
BIG EAST Athlete of the Week October 10-16, 2011

NCAA Champion Distance Medley Relay (2011)
All-American Mile (2009)
All-American 3000 Meters (2010, 2011)
All-American Distance Medley Relay (2010, 2011)
USTFCCCA Mid-Atlantic Track Athlete of the Year
2011 BIG EAST Champion 1000 Meters (2010, 2011)
BIG EAST Champion Mile (2010)
BIG EAST Champion 4x800 Meter Relay (2010, 2011)
BIG EAST Champion Distance Medley Relay (2011)
All-BIG EAST 1000 Meters (2010, 2011)
All-BIG EAST Mile (2009, 2010)
All-BIG EAST 4x800 Mete Relay (2010, 2011)
All-BIG EAST Distance Medley Relay (2011)
Most Outstanding Track Athlete of the Meet 2010 BIG EAST Championships
BIG EAST Athlete of the Week January 25-31, 2010
BIG EAST Athlete of the Week January 10-16, 2011

NCAA Champion 1500 Meters (2011)
NCAA Champion 5000 Meters (2011)
All-American 1500 Meters (2010, 2011)
All-American 5000 Meters (2011, 2012)
Honda Award 2011 USTFCCCA National Athlete of the Year 2011
USTFCCCA Mid-Atlantic Track Athlete of the Year 2011
Penn Relays Champion Distance Medley Relay (2012)
BIG EAST Champion 800 Meters (2010)
BIG EAST Champion 1500 Meters (2011)
BIG EAST Champion 5000 Meters (2011)
All-BIG EAST 800 Meters (2010)
All-BIG EAST 1500 Meters (2009, 2011)
All-BIG EAST 5000 Meters (2011)
All-BIG EAST 4x800 Meter Relay (2010)
BIG EAST Track Athlete of the Week April 11-17, 2011

Villanova Bound Warnick Takes CT State Title in 3200 Meters

Warnick unleashes final lap kick to take state title

Here's a video of the Connecticut state final in the 3200 meters, which took place on June 4. Harry Warnick, who won the New England indoor mile championship on March 2nd, here sets a new 3200 PR in his run-away win. Connor Rog led the field by 50 meters with 600 to go, but Warnick unleashed a monstrous kick to blow by his rival for the win. Warnick would finish second (9:17.38) at the New England outdoor championships over the same distance 5 days later.

Boys 3200 Meter Run
 Open Record: # 9:00.20  2007        Adam Vess, Xavier                         
    Name                    Year School               Finals    Points
  1 Harry Warnick             12 Fairfield WA         9:12.72   10   
  2 Connor Rog                12 Fairfield PR         9:18.87    8   
  3 Joe Crafa                 11 Rocky Hill           9:19.14    6   
  4 Jake Feinstein            11 Newtown              9:23.85    5   
  5 Dhahran Velasquez         10 Capital Prep         9:26.38    4   
  6 Thomas Moore              12 Danbury              9:26.47    3   
  7 Muad Hrezi                12 Naugatuck            9:28.68    2   
  8 Edward Wilson             12 Conard               9:34.55    1   
  9 Sam Lagasse               12 Westhill             9:36.66  
 10 Michael Johnston          12 Darien               9:40.38  
 11 Neal Hulstein             11 Ellington            9:40.89  
 12 Matt Mensher              12 Tolland              9:41.55  
 13 Alex Ostberg               9 Darien               9:41.75  
 14 Nathan Arndt              12 Amity                9:44.07  
 15 Connor Hilbie             12 Berlin               9:45.37  
 16 John Hansell              11 New Milford          9:47.60  
 17 Dave Scheibenflug         12 Wolcott              9:48.41  
 18 Thomas Day                12 Haddam-Killi         9:48.48  
 19 Dan Moroney               12 Suffield             9:48.91  
 20 Kyle Hamel                12 Southington          9:49.28  
 21 Trevor Hopper             10 Ridgefield           9:49.98  
 22 Christopher Madaffari     12 Brien McMaho         9:53.69  
 23 Jeremy Brown              11 Coginchaug           9:53.85  
 24 Colin Sauter              11 Tolland              9:55.27  
 25 Jon Cahill                12 Canton               9:55.85  
 26 Quinton Hoey              11 Watertown            9:59.47  
 -- Louis Tobias              11 Cromwell             DNS  
 -- Logan Fulton              11 Joel Barlow          DNS  
 -- Nick Walker               12 Old Lyme             DNS

Amanda Marino 18th at NYRR New York Mini 10K

Former Villanova All-American and US Olympic marathon trials participant Amanda Marino finished 18th at the New York Road Runners (NYRR) New York Mini 10K on Saturday. The 22-year old ran 35:06 (5:40 pace), three minutes off Edna Kiplagat's winning time. She ran splits of 17:12 and 17:54.

NYRR New York Mini 10K -- Top 20 Finishers

 1.  Edna Kiplagat        32  Kenya       32:08
 2.  Aheza Kiros          30  Ethiopia    32:18
 3.  Hilda Kibet          31  Kenya/NED   32:34
 4.  Diane Nuruki         27  Burundi     32:38
 5.  Firehiwot Dado       28  Ethiopia    32:51
 6.  Stephanie Rothstein  28  USA         33:04 
 7.  Lara Tamsett         23  Australia   33:06
 8.  Aziza Aliyu          26  Ethiopia    33:22
 9.  Lindsey Scherf       25  USA         33:26
10.  Claire Hallissey     29  UK          33:33
11.  Desiree Davila       28  USA         33:38
12.  Lidia Simon          38  Romania     34:03
13.  Irvette Van Blirk    24  S. Africa   34:04
14.  Serena Burla         29  USA         34:18
15.  Kate Reed            29  UK          34:23
16.  Hirut Beyene         20  USA         34:39
17.  Barbara Parker       29  USA         35:01
18.  Amanda Marino        22  USA         35:06
19.  Ilona Barvanova      39  Ukraine     35:49
20.  Hope Krause          24  USA         35:58

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nova Recruit Michaela Wilkins Takes 400-800 MD State Double

Sky's the Limit for Michaela Wilkins
Mt. Hebron's Wilkins is girls Athlete of the Year again

Senior won two golds with record breaking performance at state meet

It was at the indoor state meet just over four months ago when Mt. Hebron senior Michaela Wilkins started envisioning the end of her high school running career.

She had just won a gold medal in the 800, but it was what happened in the 500 — when she was knocked to the track after colliding with another runner and rallied to place third — that had her looking ahead to a fresh start outdoors.

"I just look forward to better meets," she said at the time.

And better meets were exactly what was ahead for Wilkins.

Four years of hard work culminated this spring for Wilkins with four gold medals at the county championships (400, 800, 4x400 and 4x800 relays), four more at the 3A East regional meet, and two more gold medals in the 400 and 800 at the state meet in late May, including a record-breaking performance in the 800.

"It feels really good, because I accomplished my goals," said Wilkins, who also earned her second consecutive track Athlete of the Year award for her efforts.

This season was especially memorable for Wilkins because not only did she enjoy individual success, but also team success. Alongside fellow senior Karli Buescher, junior Rachel Yep and freshman Taylor Williams, among others, the Viking girls were one of the deepest and most dominant teams in the state. And it showed, as they easily won the county and regional meets, carrying over their success from the indoor season, and placed third at 3A states.

"There were three words that describe her: discipline, dedication and determination," coach Tee Carter said. "She's a good kid and I'm happy for her and the example that she set for the young girls on the team. ... She's left a remarkable (example) for those young ladies, and even throughout Howard County."

The Mt. Hebron girls last swept indoor and outdoor county and regional track titles in 2007.

"It was really exciting because it's been a long time since Mt. Hebron has won counties and regions two (seasons) in a row," Wilkins said. "We all had a really close bond because we ran together in so many (individual) events and relays."

Next up for Wilkins is the outdoor senior nationals this weekend in North Carolina, where she will be running the 400 and the 800. Her goal is to break 55 seconds in the 400 and 2:09 in the 800. To reach those marks, she would have to shave almost a half-second off of her best time in the 400 this spring, and more than three seconds off of her best 800 time. That personal best, 2:12.02, was set at the outdoor state meet. It gave Wilkins' the 3A state record in the event, breaking an 18-year-old mark by .45 of a second.

Hitting times like that would put Wilkins among the nation's elite track athletes.

So while those goals are lofty, one would be wise not to put anything past Wilkins.

"I feel like I've put the hard work in to achieve those goals. I feel like I'm prepared," she said.

Later this summer, Wilkins will get a little time off for some much deserved R&R during a vacation to Myrtle Beach, S.C. And then in the fall it's off to Villanova, where Wilkins has earned a full athletic scholarship. She plans to specialize in the 400 and 800, and says that the only difference from high school will be that she hopes to train a little more seriously and be a little more competitive with the fastest runners in the nation.

"I would not be surprised if in the next couple of years she is among those top athletes competing at the Olympic trials," Carter said. "I would say that the sky is the limit for her as far as the 800."

She also has academic goals. She plans to major in journalism, with designs on one day becoming a fashion journalist. And the fact that she gets to attend a school such as Villanova because of her athletic abilities is a privilege that she does not take for granted.

"It was a lot of hard work at the beginning, but it feels really good to be able to look back and see how it has all paid off," she said.

Where are They Now? 800/1500-Man Kevin Dillon

Kevin Dillon left Oshawa, Ontario in 1978 to attend Villanova as the Ontario 800 and 1500 meter champion. In March of that year, Dillon finished 8th overall at the IAAF World Junior Cross Country championships in Glasgow, Scotland. While at Villanova, he was part of the 1981 Millrose Games 2-mile relay championship quartet (7:24.9) along with Marcus O'Sullivan, Anthony Tufariello, and John Hunter. Dillon also participated in three NCAA cross country championship meets, and was Villanova's second scorer as a freshman at the 1978 race. As the story below details, Dillon returned to Ontario after graduation from Villanova and eventually found his calling as a high school coach and teacher at his alma mater. Among other accomplishments, Dillon was Matt Hughes' high school coach -- Hughes finished 4th at the Pan Am Juniors as a prep senior and took a scholarship to Louisville. Hughes went on to win the NCAA steeplechase title in 2010.

Dillon teaches athletes to become solid citizens

By Jim Shaw/The Oshawa Express

Kevin Dillon has been a teacher at Paul Dwyer high school for 26 years and counting.

His first love, however, is teaching track and field.

Dillon instructs mathematics, accounting and physical education. Despite his impressive skills with numbers, he's better known as a track and field guru. He is a former two-time Ontario track and field champion. His double triumph occurred in 1978.

“That was 34 years ago and it seems like yesterday,” says Dillon with big smile.

His wins were recorded in the 800 and 1500-meter events at Kingston.

Oshawa born, he started his work career at the General Motors van plant in Scarborough.

“I was just like every other Oshawa kid,” he says, adding he enjoyed accepting a sizeable paycheque.

Kevin Dillon, VU '82
But it didn't take long until he tired of the daily grind, fighting traffic to and from the Queen City.

As a youngster he always wanted to be a teacher or a professional athlete.

Back in 1978, he accepted a track scholarship from Villanova University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was unheard of, especially for Canada, where hockey is ranked as number one. Universities came knocking after he was declared eighth best in the world for cross-country, competing as a junior in Scotland. Recognition in track is gained with your time rather than the amount of wins.

The Scottish meet experience saw the worst possible conditions, yet he was a gamer performing under pressure. His specialty is the 400, 800 and 1,500-meter. However, his world ranking brought the USA scholarship for this unknown Canuck.

Upon graduation he returned home and continued his relationship with his high school sweetheart Barbara. The couple's first date happened at a Paul Dwyer high school play of Anne of Green Gables. He married Barbara after graduating from teachers’ college.

At first he accepted a teaching position within York region. But then he realized why he departed GM. He decided to approach Dwyer's principal Sister Anne Shank about returning to the school he knew best.

In an Oshawa moment an offer was on the table and he accepted.

Today Barbara and Kevin are blessed with three lovely and successful children, Marcus, 23, Katie, 21 and Eric, 19. Mom was also a high school track ace, being a standout in the same 400, 800 and 1,500-meter events winning for the University of Toronto.

Work ethic is vital in the Dillon household. Kevin feels the tutoring he received from his Dwyer track coach Joe Pender was a blessing for him and his teammates.

Being a track ace requires intensity. For Dillon it takes a special individual to be successful. Now he enjoys cycling on his 20-speed bike, swimming and pickup hockey with his buddies. Like in his hay day, he doesn't allow for any half-measured performances. He's strictly business.

Of course he looking towards retirement. He could end his career within the next five years, he hopes.

Recently, the Dillons purchased accommodations in Naples, Florida.

“I'm getting older,” he says.

But one thing he refuses to do is give up his support and enthusiasm for high school track. He wants to give back to the sport as much as people did for him.

That loyalty he is always passing on to his students, he says.

“Sports isn't everything in life. It does create a strong foundation of becoming a solid adult citizen,” quips Dillon.

Ronnie Delany's Search for Olympic Gold

Here's a nice article from Saturday's Irish Independent. Staggering to think of, Delany won 34 consecutive races between January 1956 and March 1959. Among the 34 was an Olympic Gold Medal at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics (photo above). Fore more on that race, go HERE and HERE.

World records met with shrug as Delany hunted gold

By Sean Diffley
Saturday, June 09 2012

Ronnie Delany's carrying of the Olympic flame was, in contrast to times past, surely the slowest of his running career.

A droll smile, perhaps, with memories of half a century ago where beer-infused spectators in Madison Square Garden booed him for just winning another indoor mile but not bothering about setting another record.

Delany's philosophy was a simple policy of winning his races and not striving to improve on the stop-watch. Indoor athletics, virtually unknown this side of the world, was hugely popular in the US, with sell-out crowds in the smoke-filled arenas, and Delany was a huge star, unbeaten -- and lustily cheered when he broke the indoor mile record three times, ovations he scorned.

There were also famous meetings in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Milwaukee and other centres throughout the winter months, and Delany was the leading sports story every week in the big American newspapers.

Strangely, Delany's fame in the US was much more widespread than in Ireland, even after his 1500m Olympic victory in 1956.

And the same applies to his Irish and Villanova successor, the 'Chairman of the Boards', Eamonn Coghlan, who also broke the mile indoor world record -- three times -- and was a bit more concerned with chasing records.

Now the expense of modern-day sport has meant the demise of indoor meetings in the US. Only the Millrose Games survive. That is the meeting where Delany and Coghlan regularly won the famous Wanamaker mile.

In his indoor days in the States, Delany was often compared with sporting icons like Jesse Owens, Joe Louis, Babe Ruth and Ben Hogan.

From January '56 to March '59 Delany won all 34 mile races he ran and, pushed a bit in three, he set new world indoor records.

His opponents were the cream of American milers and a succession of noted foreigners, including the Hungarian world 1500m record holder Istvan Rozsavolgyi.

In fact, in that month of March 1959, Delany beat Rozsavolgyi three times.

A week after that he ran his last indoor mile in Chicago, which was his 40th consecutive win indoors.

That last mile in Madison Square, his fifth last, the Hungarian pressured him to a new world record of 4:01.4. Lo and behold, in that last race of his career his 'connoisseurs' in the stands gave him a resounding ovation.

Like Cinderella and her glass slipper, he sent them home happy.

Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 Signee Kieran Brennan Takes 3rd in NY State Champs 800

Villanova recruit Kieran Brennan (Pearl River, NY) finished third in the 800 meters at the New York State Championship meet.

Event 554  Boys 800 Meter Run Championship
    Name                    Year School                  Finals 
  1 Zavon Watkins             12 Liverpool-1            1:51.21  
  2 Brian Crimmins            12 Horseheads-1           1:52.48  
  3 Kieran Brennan            12 Pearl River-1          1:53.67  
  4 Robert Rhodes             12 Boys & Girls-1         1:54.06  
  5 Cory McCarty              11 Elmira-1               1:54.22  
  6 Tyler Scheving            12 Barker-2               1:54.33  
  7 Colby Burke               12 Rush-Henrietta-1       1:54.52  
  8 Kalen Sullivan            11 W. Seneca West-1       1:54.72  
  9 Dylan Murphy              11 Kellenberg-1           1:54.93  
 10 Derek Palafox             12 Bellport-1             1:55.02  
 11 Ben Griffin               12 Hannibal-2             1:55.58  
 12 Andrew Mullen             11 Brighton-1             1:55.82  
 13 Christian Delago          12 Shaker-1               1:56.14  
 14 Andrew Keresztes          12 Port Jefferson-2       1:56.16  
 15 Kevin Kreider             12 St. Anthony's-1        1:56.21  
 16 Harry Martin              11 Bayport-Bluept-2       1:56.23  
 17 Will Garcia               12 Collegiate-2           1:56.39  
 18 Travis Correa             12 Bellport-1             1:56.89  
 19 Alex Wood                 11 Ogdensburg-2           1:56.95  
 20 Austin Becker             12 Broadalbin-2           1:57.57  
 21 Jeremy Hassett            12 Newark-2               1:57.67  
 22 Marco DiBella             12 Coleman-2              1:57.80  
 23 Charlie Bascom            12 Watkins Glen-2         1:58.57  
 24 Adrian Race               12 Newark Valley-2        1:58.94  
 25 Peter Sander              11 Dover-2                1:59.07  
 26 Seth Bulich               12 Catskill-2             2:00.09  
 27 Tom Bonaro                12 Pearl River-1          2:00.84  
 28 Ethan Vinson              11 Potsdam-1              2:00.89  
 29 Barret Waling             12 Seton Catholic-2       2:01.48  
 30 Jamil Ferguson            12 Cardozo-1              2:01.74  
 31 Jonathan Greenwood        11 Freeport-1             2:02.22  
 32 Jeff Wells                12 Phoenix-2              2:03.03  
 33 Matt Crawford             12 Bethlehem-1            2:03.33  
 34 Fredric Lang              11 Mineola-2              2:03.52  
 35 Shane Lopez               12 Minisink Valley1       2:04.89  
 36 Will McDuffie             12 Collegiate-2           2:08.01