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Sheila Reid Close to PR at New York adidas Grand Prix 1500

Sheila Reid came 6th tonight in New York over 1500 meters in a season's best 4:07.47 (her PR over that distance is 4:07.07 from July 2012).   Reid bested several international stalwarts, such as Morgan Uceny and Canadian Hilary Stellingwerff, in running her #2 time over 1500 meters.  As the above video shows, Reid led at the bell but was not able to live with the finishing pace of several runners and came sixth.

Rank Athlete Nation Result Diamond Points Diamond Ranking















Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Villanova 2013 Signee Ben Malone: The Mile Split Interview

2013 Track Chats: Meet 4:05 miler Ben Malone

Malone gunning for McGorty in the COA Mile at the Penn Relays. (Photo by Patty Morgan)

MileSplit - Ben, you have been on a roll so far this outdoor season!  You won the Loucks mile in a slower time (if you could call it that!), but an awesome tactical race.  Talk a bit about that…
Ben - Well I've been pretty happy overall with how its gone so far. This is really my first injury-free outdoor season and I'm truly enjoying it.  Penn didn't end up the way I had wanted it to, but I've learned a lot from that race and it can only help me for the future.  Loucks was a lot of fun, I went in there with no pressure and just wanted to enjoy myself and that's what I did. I knew I was capable of running with anyone in that field and I was happy to come out on top, but at the same time excited to race Edward again the Dream Mile.
MileSplit - Then earlier this week you ran a NJ state record of 3:46.97 for 1500m, better than the 3:48.0 set by Kevin Byrne back in 1977.  What is it like to take down a record of such historical significance?
Ben - It's truly humbling to have my name on the same lists as some of the legends such as Kevin. He's an all-time great and to accomplish something that he did in high school really speaks to the significance of it. Truly an honor to have one of his records.
MileSplit - What type of shape do you think you are in and how does this shape your goals for the 2013 track season? How fast do you think you can go and in what events?
Ben - I believe I'm in the best shape of my life. My goals have stayed the same since the beginning of the year. I'm never one to throw numbers out there but I know what I'm capable of and I just have to focus on doing one thing for my next couple of races and that is crossing the finish line before everyone else.
MileSplit - What stands out as the most exciting thing about this school year with what you have accomplished so far?
Ben - This school year has been a lot of fun. I've had a lot of great experiences and I'm really enjoying myself. If I had to pick one thing, it would probably have to be winning the Milrose Mile. It wasn't a crazy time or an all time performance but it really gave me my confidence back after a shakey cross country season and it put me in a select group of some really incredible runners who have won that race before me.
MileSplit - What stands out as the most exciting thing about your entire running career so far?
Ben - Whew, this is a tough one, there have been so many things that I've just been so lucky to be a part of and I'm so thankful to have the opportunities that I've had. I think picking out one thing would be doing all of the others an injustice, but to single on out, running at Hayward field during the Olympic trials was something I'll never forget for the rest of my life.
MileSplit - When & how did you get started in track & field?
Ben - I started running in middle school because my dad has always told me about how he was a runner in high school, college and after college. I ran the 100/200/400 and had a lot of fun with it, and the distances may have changed but the enjoyment hasn't.
MileSplit - Person/people most influential to your success in track & field?
Ben - This is about near impossible to answer. So many people have effected my life and my career in such great ways and I would need an entire book to thank each one of them. First and foremost comes my mom and dad. They've done everything for me and supported me through thick and thin and have always acted in my best interest. I wouldn't be anything without them. Then of course comes Coach Murtaugh. Along with being a great coach and mentor, hes been a great friend. We've experienced this roller coaster ride together and no one knows what I've go through at each race and each day better than him, and I couldn't think of anyone better to go through it all with. So many memories we have created throughout my career and we will both never forget them.
MileSplit - Keys to your successful training program?
Ben - There's no secrets and nothing ground breaking. We've kept it simple, and just focused on staying healthy and staying focused. One thing my coach has told me is your gonna hear a lot of things from a lot of different places and people try to over complicate things and over think things, and hes taught me that at the end of the day all you need to do is focus on giving your greatest effort to win the race and at the end of the day if you can say that, only positives can come from what you accomplished.
MileSplit - Your favorite track & field meet?
Ben - There's nothing quite like Penn Relays. It's atmosphere and history is so great and unique that every time you step out on that track it is a privilege. You can't help but think of all of the greats who competed on the same track. There's no other meet in the world like it and I think that's what makes it so fun.
MileSplit - Your favorite performance from a Collegiate/Pro athlete?
Ben - If I had to chose, I would go with Robby Andrews running down Andrew Wheating in the Penn 4x800 2 years ago (I think it was 2 years ago). It was such an exciting race and you knew once those 2 anchors touched the batons it was going to be an instant classic and it didn't disappoint.
MileSplit - Fellow athlete(s) you most enjoy competing against?
Ben - Although he has graduated I loved running with Zavon Watkins. He's a tremendous talent, a class act, and great competitor. I think it's also great running against him because we're so similar in the way we want to race. Can't wait to see him in college.
MileSplit - What are your long-term goals in track & field?
Ben - Its hard for me to think about long term goals because there are so many different variables in track and field and so many different things can happen to change the future. So I just try to focus one race at a time or one season at a time. Of course I have the dream of making an Olympic team but it's just way too early in my career to be thinking about things like that.

The Fun Run

MileSplit - Favorite food?
Ben - Anything with Buffalo/hot sauce.
MileSplit - Beach or Pool?
Ben - You go to the beach, then finish off in the pool!
MileSplit - Facebook or Twitter?
Ben - Always gotta be on top of your twitter game.
MileSplit - Going out or chilling at home?
Ben - Going out, you gotta live it up!

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OXY HP Provides Positive Vibe for Curtis & Schappert

Bobby Curtis ran well at the OXY High Performance 5000 meter race tonight, coming 6th in a very deep international field in 13:24.15 -- his second-fastest career 5000 to date.  In so doing, Curtis improved some 8+ seconds over the controlled 5000 he ran at Payton Jordan two weeks ago when he ran 13:32.57.  His coaches at Hansons-Brooks are bringing Curtis along slowly this outdoor season, with the intention to have him peak at the USA championships (June 20-23), where he will try to make the US team over 10,000 meters for the world championships in Moscow. 

Event 8  Men 5000 M Run
        Meet: * 13:12.87  2012        Mo Farah, Nike OTC       
     Stadium: # 13:12.87  2012        Mo Farah, Nike OTC       
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Farah, Mo`                   Nike                  13:15.68
  2 Ritzenhein, Dathan           Nike                  13:17.38
  3 St Lawrence, Ben             New Balance           13:18.81
  4 Gabius, Arne                 Nike                  13:21.39
  5 Braun, Aaron                 adidas                13:22.37
  6 Curtis, Bobby                Hansons-Brooks        13:24.15
  7 Solinsky, Chris              Nike                  13:27.03
  8 Puskedra, Luke               Nike                  13:31.88
  9 Stilin, Joe                  Unattached            13:33.13
 10 Fraser, Rory                 Bowerman AC           13:36.47
 11 Braden, Forest               Bruin Bruisers        13:37.93
 12 Okello, Tonny                Santa Monica          13:39.43
 13 Furst, Stephen               adidas                13:41.69
 14 Romero, Juan Carlos          Mexico                13:41.91
 15 Vega, Aldo                   Unattached            13:45.68
 16 Webb, Alan                   Nike                  13:46.53
 17 Nageeye, Abdi                Netherlands           13:54.29
 18 Wacker, Andy                 adidas                13:54.60
 19 Borrego, Diego               Zatopek               14:09.20
 -- Rupp, Galen                  Nike                       DNF
 -- Emanuel, Lee                 New Balance                SCR
 -- Gonzalez, Mauricio           Porvenir- Colombia         SCR
 -- Levins, Cam                  Nike                       SCR
 -- Tully-Doyle, Colton          Brooks                     SCR

Also, another positive step forward for Nicole Schappert at OXY HP. The former Villanova All-American is on the mend after surgery earlier this year forced her to miss the indoor season. Schappert, who was the USA #1 indoor miler in 2012, had just returned to the track a week earlier at a low-key meet in West Chester, PA outside Philadelphia (where she ran 4:15.98 -- go HERE for those full results).  Tonight at Occidental College, Schappert took another step toward competitiveness as she improved to 4:11.80.  Good to see Schappert back on the circuit and working hard to regain race fitness.  After a superb 2012 (when she set her 1500 PR of 4:06.87), look for her to get back in the mix in even top-tier competitions.

Event 5  Women 1500 M Run
        Meet: * 4:05.92  2012        Shannon Rowbury, Nike      
     Stadium: # 4:05.92  2012        Shannon Rowbury, Nike      
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
  1 Mackey, Katie                Brooks                 4:04.60#
  2 Cain, Mary                   Unattached             4:04.62#
  3 Sifuentes, Nicole            Saucony                4:04.65#
  4 Brown, Sarah                 New Balance            4:05.27#
  5 Lucas, Julia                 Nike                   4:05.89#
  6 Buckman, Zoe                 Nike                   4:05.91#
  7 Kuijken, Susan               Nike                   4:06.59 
  8 Coburn, Emma                 Colorado               4:06.87 
  9 Conley, Kim                  New Balance            4:07.17 
 10 Tomlin, Renee                Nike                   4:08.09 
 11 Simpson, Jemma               Nike                   4:08.51 
 12 Lagat, Violah                Unattached             4:08.87 
 13 Stellingwerff, Hilary        Speed River/           4:10.47 
 14 Van Buskirk, Kate            Brooks                 4:11.14 
 15 Schappert, Nicole            Brooks/NYAC            4:11.80 
 16 Wilson, Heather              Njnytc                 4:12.58 
 17 Gallagher, Kerri             Pacers New Balance     4:12.97 
 18 Franek, Bridget              Nike                   4:15.09 
 19 Van Alstine, Amy             adidas                 4:15.65 
 20 Brown, Stephanie             Arkansas               4:16.10 
 21 Praught, Aisha               Nike                   4:16.66 
 22 O'Connell, Jessica           University of Ca       4:17.17 
 23 Carlyle, Laura               Bowerman AC            4:17.39 
 24 Guevara, Cristina            Mexico                 4:17.67 
 25 Mecke, Dana                  San Antonio Elite      4:18.30 
 26 Salerno, Melissa             New Balance            4:18.60 
 27 Thomas, Callie               Unattached             4:18.67 
 28 Tauro, Danielle              Njnytc                 4:19.07 
 29 Cliff, Rachel                Vancouver Th           4:19.66 
 30 McShine, Pilar               Trinidad & Tobago      4:19.91 
 31 Miller, Ashley               Asics                  4:20.64 
 32 Hagans, Lauren               Asics                  4:21.06 
 33 Infeld, Emily                Nike                   4:21.23 
 34 Beck, Cat                    Cptc New Balance       4:23.20 
 35 Bizzarri, Angela             Brooks                 4:23.27 
 36 Digby, Erica                 Vancouver Th           4:24.75 
 37 van der Wyk, Tracee          Unattached             4:26.33 
 38 Jordán Ordiales, Cristin     C.D. Seoane- Pampín    4:31.43

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

VIDEO: Swarthmore Last Chance 1500

Here is the video of Monday's 1500 meter race at the Swarthmore Last Chance meet at the Widener track. Villanova's Sam McEntee (3:44.69) and Josh Lampron (3:46.09), running unattached, finished 1-2, and Villanova-bound high school star Ben Malone (green vest) came third in the USA #1 prep time of 2013. The time of 3:46.97 is a New Jersey state prep record.

1500 Meters Heat 1
 1. McEntee, Sam        Villanova     3:44.69
 2. Lampron, Joshua     Unattached    3:46.09
 3. Malone, Ben         Unattached    3:46.97
 4. Schilit, Jordan     Haverford     3:47.25 
 5. Schellberg, Pat     Unattached    3:47.91 
 6. Hatch, Charlie      Unattached    3:48.41 
 7. Urie, Ryan          Syracuse      3:49.16
 8. Garrity, Chris      Widener       3:49.54
 9. Awad, Thomas        Penn          3:49.61
10. Jamieson, Carlos    CPTC NB       3:50.29
11. Slate, Chris        Unattached    3:52.44 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

RUNNING TIMES Q&A with Villanova's Emily Lipari

Lipari anchored 2013 Penn Relays wins at 4 x 800 and DMR

5 Minutes with Emily Lipari

The Villanova junior talks about relays, records and what it's like to await the baton in the anchor spot

John A. Kissane
Running Times

May 10, 2013

Emily Lipari arrived at Villanova University in suburban Philadelphia in the fall of 2010 as one of the nation’s finest high school prospects. She immediately stepped in to contribute, running top 5 during her first cross country season as the Wildcats, led by Canadian Sheila Reid, won a national championship for the second straight year. During the indoor season, Lipari ran the lead-off leg for the Villanova distance medley relay team that won the national title. Last March she achieved individual All-American honors in the mile indoors, and this past fall she kicked off her junior year by running No. 1 on Villanova’s cross country team and finishing 25th for the Wildcats at nationals.

Running track has been a different experience for Lipari this spring, as she no longer has Reid as a world-class teammate and mentor. But the Greenvale, N.Y., native hasn’t been rattled by the increased expectations. At the Penn Relays in April, she was named women’s athlete of the meet for relay events after anchoring Villanova’s victorious DMR and 4x800m teams. In the 4x800, Lipari closed in career-best 2:02.25 to propel Villanova to a new collegiate record (8:17.45) in the event. Running Times caught up with the five-time All-American prior to the Big East championships, where Lipari won the 1500m in 4.24.25.

For the rest of the story and an interview with Emily, go HERE.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Swarthmore Last Chance Meet: McEntee, Lampron (& Malone?)

Sam McEntee at the 2012 NCAA Outdoor Championship meet

Several of the Villanova men traveled over to the Swarthmore Last Chance meet this afternoon in search of NCAA regional qualifying times.  Sam McEntee won the 1500 in 3:44.69, placing him at #24 in the East region.  Josh Lampron ran unattached and went 3:46.09 to finish second overall.  Of note, one future Wildcat -- prep senior Ben Malone -- competed as well and set a New Jersey state high school record over 1500 in running 3:46.97 (equivalent to a 4:04.7 mile).  It's the #1 prep time in the USA so far this outdoor season.  Here are the Villanova results:

400 meters
Kyle Chou        49.46
Bryan Murphy     49.60

800 meters
Andrew Golato     1:56.35
Richie Bohny      1:57.58

1500 meters
Sam McEntee           3:44.69
Josh Lampron +        3:46.09
Ben Malone #          3:46.97 !
Chris Pietrocarlo     3:55.89
Harry Warnick +       3:56.40
Tom Trainer           3:57.44
Charlie Bates +       3:58.77
   + = unattached
   # = unattached (Pascack Valley High School, NJ)
   ! = New Jersey state high school record

Villanova-Bound Malone Wants to Go Out with a Bang

Pascack Valley's Ben Malone will not run in state Meet of Champions
Sunday, May 12, 2013
The Record

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — When Ben Malone steps to the line in the Lou Lanzalotto Bergen Meet of Champions 800 on May 28, it will be the last individual race he runs in New Jersey in his high school career.

Malone winning the 2013 Millrose Mile
The Pascack Valley star, who set the Bergen County mile record two weeks ago when he finished second at the Penn Relays in 4:05.59, made that a certainty when he accepted an invitation to run in the Dream Mile at Icahn Stadium at Randall's Island on May 25, the same time as the second day of the state sectionals.

Malone broke a 34-year-old record at the prestigious Glenn Loucks Games mile run in White Plains, N.Y., on Saturday, handing two-time national cross-country champ Edward Cheserek of St. Benedict's a rare individual loss (see race story, video, and results posted below).

"I wish I could do both," said Malone, who will meet 10 of the best high school milers in the country as part of the Diamond League international meet held May 25. Malone placed a distant 11th in last year's race, which was run after the state Meet of Champions, setting a then-Bergen County record of 4:07.02. The race was won by Bernie Montoya of Arizona in 4:01.32.

"It's disappointing that I have to choose, but I want to close out my high school career with the best possible performance against the best possible runners I can and this is the place to do it."

Malone, who will run the 800 meters and the 4-x-400 relay at this weekend's Red Littler Bergen County championships, and Cheserek, sat third and fourth through a slow tactical first two laps in the Loucks Games race. The first 800 meters was run in 2:11, far slower than the 2:01 that Penn Relays winner Sean McGorty ran two weeks earlier. The pace picked up on the third lap as Malone and Cheserek moved to the front and went through in 3:13, with Cheserek taking a slight lead with about 250 meters to go as the duo broke away from the rest of the field.

"Time was never a consideration today, but once we went through the first 400, I knew I had to prepare for a real fast finish," said Malone, who will run at Villanova. "As the race kept going my mouth started to water because it was exactly the race I wanted."

Malone bests Cheserek at the Loucks Games mile
 As they reached the midway point on the final turn, Malone edged alongside and then slightly ahead of Cheserek, who had split 4:03.7 for 1,600 meters in Thursday's distance medley. As they turned toward the finish line, Malone opened up even further and pulled away to a 10 meter win in 4:09.73, breaking the 4:10.5 record set by Greg Herzog of White Plains in 1979.

"This was an awesome win," said Malone, who might be able to race in the 4-x-400 relay at the state Group 3 meet if his team finishes in the top six without him at sectionals.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Denault Punches Ticket to NCAA Regional with 3:42.08 at UVA

Rob Denault set a new 1500 meter PR of 3:42.08 yesterday in Charlottesville at the Virginia Challenge, earning a spot in the NCAA regional meet. His time, roughly equivalent to a 3:59.8 mile, was good for second place behind sub-4:00 man Matt Elliott of Brooks, and placed Denault in the #7 spot in the region.
Section  1 -- Men's 1500                                                    
1 Matthew Elliot               Brooks                 3:41.91
2 Robert Denault            FR Villanova              3:42.08
3 Isaac Presson             JR North Carolina         3:42.28
4 Tony Jordanek                NEO TC Elite           3:42.64
5 John Gregorek             JR Columbia               3:42.72
6 Daniel Everett            SO Columbia               3:42.83
7 Ross Proudfoot               Guelph                 3:44.43
8 Charles Philibert-Thibou     Laval                  3:44.64
9 Bobby Peavey              JR Georgetown             3:44.92
10 Ryan Hagen               SR Virginia Tech          3:45.12
11 Zak Seddon               FR Florida State          3:45.47
12 Lee Gilmer                  Furman Elite           3:46.73
13 Andrew Lantz             JR Davidson               3:50.45
14 Alex Taylor              SR Appalachian State      3:53.77
-- Paul Reilly              SR La Salle                   DNF

Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's Ben Malone over Edward Cheserek at Loucks Game Mile

Villanova-bound Ben Malone stormed back with a closing lap of 56.0 today at the Loucks Games in White Plains, NY to beat future Oregon Duck Edward Cheserek in a battle of New Jersey prep phenoms.  Cheserek, the two-time defending Foot Locker Cross Country national champion, is the US high school record holder over two miles indoors (8:39.15), and owns a 4:02.21 mile PR.  Malone is the 2012 national indoor champion over 800 meters and won both the Eastern States two mile and Millrose prep mile titles this year.  His mile PR is 4:05.59, set at this year's Penn Relays.  The two Jersey stars might very well have been college teammates: Malone committed to Villanova on October 13th of last year, while Cheserek visited Villanova on his final recruiting visit in early February before signing with Oregon on February 20th .

The race video is available HERE.  

Here are the top 15 finishers across all three heats:

  1 Malone, Ben           12   Pascack Valley         4:09.73   10   
  2 Cheserek, Edward      12   St. Benedicts          4:11.19    8   
  3 Manahan, Ryan         12   Marcellus              4:13.07    6   
  4 Shine, Stephen        12   Briarcliff             4:13.47    4   
  5 Holt, Eric            12   Carmel                 4:14.45    2   
  6 Kelly, Sean           11   Chaminade              4:14.78    1   
  7 Kelley, Bryce              Chariho                4:16.72        
  8 Coppinger, Patrick    12   Lowell                 4:18.34        
  9 Germano, Philo             Albany                 4:19.09        
 10 Meehan, Tom           11   Eastport-S Manor       4:20.31        
 11 Greene, Sidgie        12   Thomas Jefferson       4:22.52        
 12 Gordon, Conor         12   Franklin Academy       4:22.63        
 13 Ball, Ronaldo         12   Curtis                 4:22.68        
 14 Pompilj, Marco        10   Collegiate School      4:22.86        
 15 Marlow, Morgan        12   Franklin Academy       4:23.40      

Malone sits on Cheserek's heels at Loucks Games mile

Malone wins by 10 meters over Edward Cheserek

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Carrie Tollefson Going Long: October Marathon in the Offing

Carrie Tollefson Readies For Debut Marathon

By Competitor News
Published May 9, 2013

Tollefson at 2007 Yokohama Ekiden Relay
She has already proven herself on the track and roads in shorter distances.

One of Minnesota’s fastest distance runners is preparing to move up to the marathon.

According to a press release from Twin Cities in Motion, Carrie Tollefson will run her debut at 26.2 miles this October at the 2013 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.

Tollefson is a 13-time Minnesota high school state champion.

“It is time for me to join the crazy group of marathoners and have some fun running the streets of the Twin Cities with everyone else,” she said. “I have loved representing this state at different running events around the world and it only made sense to try this event right here where my running career started. I am so excited to run, and scared at the same time.”

The Twin Cities Marathon boasts a field of 12,000 and is already half full.

This year will mark the race’s 32nd year in existence. The marathon course runs from downtown Minneapolis to the State Capitol in St. Paul.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nnenna Lynch: My Villanova Story

Rhodes to Success

Villanova Magazine

Spring 2013
Nnenna Lynch '93 LAS, senior policy adviser on economic development to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former Villanova track star and the University's first Rhodes Scholarship recipient, speaks to Villanova Magazine.

Tell us about your job in New York City Hall.

I am a part of the team that sets and implements NYC's economic development strategy.  Our mission is to create jobs and increase the tax base toward the end of making sure that the city is as strong as possible economically. Mission has been front and center in my career and definitely connects back to my Villanova experience.

What positions preceded and led to your current post?

I left my position as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs to be a junior partner at a small, mission-based, for-profit real estate development company focused on distressed neighborhoods. At the time, it was my dream job. I loved working to transform buildings and neighborhoods, as well as the combination of business acumen and creativity it required.

So "Ignite Change. Go Nova" must resonate with you.

I was happy to see this embracing of the Augustinian and Catholic tradition at Villanova. This is something that resonated with me as a student and still does. A key part of life is trying to make the world a better place.

How did you get into running, and what has it taught you?

Running was something I was good at from an early age. In first grade I could beat all of the boys in my class. Also, I have an older sister who was fast, and she led the way in terms of joining a team and taking it seriously.

The word that best describes what running has taught me is "doggedness." That captures the perseverance and focus it cultivates. For example, I finished 182nd, 38th, 12th and third in my four trips to the NCAA cross-country nationals. While part of that progression was growing older and stronger, part of it was my insistence on continually improving. Applying a similar mindset to my other pursuits is one of my strengths.

Another lesson that I only appreciated in retrospect is the importance of relying on others. Middle- and long-distance runners are known as individualists, and there's some truth to that stereotype, but to be successful, you have to rely on many other people: coaches, training partners, physios, agents, friends and family.

What was the transition to Villanova like after growing up in Manhattan?

It was quite different, but I enjoyed the change of setting and pace. That said, sometimes I craved an urban setting and would head down to Philly for a bit.
 Is there anyone who particularly influenced you as an undergraduate?

There are a few teachers who stand out as particularly energizing and supportive: Dr. Barbara Wall, Dr. Keita, Dr. Eckstein, Dr. Conn and Cathy Staples. I was also inspired by the work at Campus Ministry.

What was it like to be Villanova's first Rhodes Scholar?

In college, I didn't know what a Rhodes Scholarship was! Someone at Villanova appreciated my talent and capability and said, "Nnenna should apply for this." This captures the best a university can do for its students-to see their potential and direct them toward the best possible means of maximizing it. It was special to be the first and put Villanova on the map in that regard.

What advice do you have for today's Villanova students?

Actively pursue your passions and interests every opportunity you get. If you have a project to do for a class, think about how to tie it in to your interests instead of doing what's convenient. Seek out internships and jobs that excite you, not simply those that pay the most. It's as important to eliminate options as it is to find the things that are meaningful. A fulfilling career will set you on a course of happiness, success and spiritual well-being.

Tell us about your overseas athletic experiences.

I represented the US in international competition four times. Competition took me to Morocco, South Africa, and throughout Europe and the US. In addition to traveling the world to compete, I participated in training camps in the French Alps, Kenya and Mexico.

Are you still running races? Do you think your children will follow in your

What I do now is definitely not racing. It's more like participating. I have no athletic aspirations anymore; I just want to stay fit. For a few years, I did triathlons, which I loved. Now I just run two days a week (Saturday and Sunday) and occasionally enter road races. In 2012, I ran two 5Ks and actually won one-the Chilmark 5K in Martha's Vineyard, where we vacation in the summer. It was the slowest time in years, so I sort of won by default. In 2011, I ran a couple of half-marathons, including the Philadelphia half-marathon in 1:23. As for my kids, we'll see. I have a boy, 5, and a girl, 3. Both are very athletic and love to run, my daughter in particular. At this age, I'd just like to expose them to different sports. They'll get to choose what they focus on when they're older.

What awards or achievements are most meaningful to you and why?

The Rhodes Scholarship is the most meaningful because it was life-altering and not only represented my accomplishments but also my potential.


Since graduating, Nnenna Lynch has forged an impressive career and dedicated herself, along with her husband, to raising their two children.


5-time NCAA champion; USA cross-country trials winner, 1997, 1998; World University Games gold medalist, 1997; 6th in the Goodwill Games, 1998 

Other Achievements

Villanova's first Rhodes Scholar; NCAA Woman of the Year, 1993; one of People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in the World, 1994; Villanova University Varsity Club Hall of Fame inductee, 2011; Association of American Rhodes Scholars director

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Big East Conference Meet Highlights:
Lipari, Ellison & Women's 4x800 are Big East Champions

Emily Lipari took the 1500
The Big East conference outdoor championships came just a week after the Penn Relays and, frankly, seem to pale in comparison.  Villanova has always placed a premium on the Penn Relays, while the conference meet serves as a preparatory meet anticipating NCAA regionals.  That being said, the Villanova athletes competed well this past weekend, with some fine times and marks achieved.

Villanova won three Big East conference championships: Emily Lipari (4:24.25) won a tight women's 1500 meters, while Sam Ellison (1:49.90) defended his 2012 title over 800 meters.  Coming off an NCAA record 4x800 performance at the Penn Relays, the Villanova women waltzed to a comfortable conference win in that event.  The quartet of Stephanie Schappert, Ariann Neutts (replacing Angel Piccirillo off the Penn Relays squad), Nicky Akande, and Emily Lipari outclassed the rest of the competition to win by almost 10 seconds, in 8:34.23.

In other noteworthy efforts, Jordy Williamsz (3:47.83) and Rob Denault (3:48.53) came 2-3 in the men's 1500 meters.  Angel Piccirillo (4:25.56) and Stephanie Schappert (4:26.17) finished 3-5 in the women's 1500 meters won by Emily Lipari.  Defending Big East champion Sam McEntee (14:33.37) came 5th in the men's 5000 meters.

Jordy Williamsz (r) and Rob Denault (l) finished 2nd and 3rd in the 1500 meters