Thursday, June 10, 2010

Andrews' 1:45.54 Demotes Tufariello & Others

The University of Virginia's Robby Andrews (who came close to running for Villanova, but opted for Charlottesville) ran the third fastest 800 meters time of any American junior in history. In so doing, he bumped down a peg some great Villanova half-milers: Tufariello, Belger, and Marshall. Here is the list:


1:44.3h’ Jim Ryun Kansas 1966
1:45.34 Jose Parrilla Tennessee 1991
1:45.54 Robbie Andrews Virginia 2010
1:46.42 Anthony Tufariello Villanova 1978
1:46.45 Michael Granville Cal. H.S. 1996
1:46.5h Mark Winzenreid Wisconsin 1968
1:46.58 George Kersh Miss. H.S. 1987
1:46.67 David Mack Oregon 1980
1:46.99 Gabe Jennings Stanford 1998
1:47.0h’ Bob Smith LSU 1972
1:47.0h Jason Van Swol Illinois 1999
1:47.1h# Keith Colburn Harvard 1967
1:47.1h Mark Belger Villanova 1975
1:47.14 John Marshall Villanova 1982

h-hand time, ‘-880y-.6s, #-en route to 880y.

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