Monday, June 7, 2010

Marino & Mimic 5000 Meter NCAA Start List

Event 27 Women 5000 Meter Run

Final only. Random draw. Double waterfall. 2/3 on main
Name Year School Seed

Section 1 Timed Finals
1 Risper Kimaiyo SO UTEP 16:37.46
2 Brianna Felnagle SR North Carolina 16:16.06
3 Kathy Kroeger FR Stanford 16:39.80
4 Amanda Marino JR Villanova 16:19.30
5 Semehar Tesfaye SO Iowa St. 16:42.27
6 Caroline McDonough FR Columbia 16:27.66
7 Juliet Bottorff FR Duke 16:29.87
8 Holly Van Dalen SO Stony Brook 16:25.55
9 Angela Bizzarri SR Illinois 16:33.81
10 Deborah Maier SO California 16:37.95
11 Emily MacLeod JR Michigan St. 16:14.52
12 Claire Richardson JR Harvard 16:31.83
13 Jessica Engel SO Oklahoma 16:38.96
14 Paula Whiting JR Tulsa 16:41.15
15 Mia Behm SO Texas 16:35.96
16 Amanda Goetschius SO Charlotte 16:19.26
17 Marie Louise Asselin JR West Virginia 16:20.43
18 Alex Banfich SO Princeton 16:16.14
19 Jackie Areson SR Tennessee 16:27.36
20 Beverly Ramos SR Kansas St. 16:37.46
21 Lisa Koll SR Iowa St. 16:28.58
22 Alex Kosinski JR Oregon 16:34.95
23 Bogdana Mimic FR Villanova 16:24.43
24 Nicole Blood SR Oregon 16:38.80


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