Friday, July 16, 2010

1975 Miracle Mile, Kingston, Jamaica

On May 17, 1975 two Villanova greats took turns chasing Filbert Bayi in the Dream Mile in Kingston, Jamaica. In this race Bayi set a new World Record in 3:51.0, breaking Jim Ryun's eight-year old mark of 3:51.1. Marty Liquori came second and set a career mile PR (3:52.2 -- at the time the 5th fastest mile ever run), while 22-year old Villanova senior Eamonn Coghlan in third ran a 3 second PR and shattered the Irish and European Record, running 3:53.3. At the time, it was the finest mile race of all time. USA's Rick Wohlhuter also ran a career PR, in fourth 3:53.8. Bayi's world record would be short-lived, however. On August 12, 1975, less than 2 months later, New Zealand's John Walker would become the first sub-3:50 miler, running 3:49.4.

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