Thursday, December 9, 2010

Curtis 3rd, Blincoe 4th at Zatopek 10

The two most recent Villanova men's NCAA individual champions (Curtis over 5000 meters, Blincoe over 3000 meters) ran today in the Zatopek 10 in Olympic Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. Bobby Curtis came 3rd in 28:08 and Adrian Blincoe was fourth in 28:25. A look at the times below reveals that the top runners were spread out on islands. Josphat Menjo, who has 2010's top 10,000 meter time, won by 26 seconds. Ben St Lawrence and Bobby Curtis finished close together in 28:05 and 28:08, respectively. Then another big gap to Blincoe in 4th, in 28:25. Curtis's track 10,000 PR is 27:33.39 from May of this year. For Blincoe, the New Zealand 5000 meter national record holder, it was his first top-flight 10,000 meter race on the track.

Event 35 Men 10000 metres Open
National: N 27:29.73 2009 Collis Birmingham, VIC
Meet Record: M 27:22.54 1998 Luke Kipkosgie
Name Year Team Finals
1 Josphat Menjo KENYA 27:39.80
2 Ben ST Lawrence NSW 28:05.25
3 Bobby Curtis USA 28:08.78
4 Adrian Blincoe NZ 28:25.52
5 Luke Kipkosgei KENYA 28:47.45
6 Liam Adams VIC 28:57.11
7 Collis Birmingham VIC 29:09.26
8 Shawn Forrest VIC 29:16.62
9 Steve Kelly VIC 29:29.12
10 Alan Craigie ACT 29:29.48
11 Russell Dessaix-Chin NSW 29:31.99
12 Courtney Carter NSW 29:38.50
13 Toby Rayner VIC 29:39.75
14 Tim Rowe NSW 29:51.79
15 Luke Hurring NZ 30:08.65
16 Shaun Krawitz VIC 30:11.88
17 Andrew White VIC 30:16.55
18 Bradley Croker NSW 30:26.40
19 Wondwosen Geleta VIC 30:28.42
20 Nathan Hartigan VIC 30:47.41
21 Roberto Busi WA 30:48.78
22 Chris Hartley SA 31:18.41
-- Brenton Rowe VIC DNF
-- Jason Woolhouse VIC DNF
-- Adrian McLean VIC DNF

Here is the IAAF report for the race:

Thursday, 09 December 2010
Menjo takes Zatopek 10,000m in steamy Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia - Josphat Menjo won the 50th men’s Zatopek 10,000 metres on Thursday (9) with a move Australian legend Ron Clarke would have loved.

Just before half-way, the point of the race at which Clarke reckoned his opponents were at their weakest, Menjo burst out of the leading group of five runners.

After a first half of 13:58.30, 2010’s fastest man over 10,000m reeled out lap after lap at 66-second pace to break away decisively from Ben St Lawrence, Collis Birmingham, Bobby Curtis and Adrian Blincoe.

With lapped runners his only targets, Menjo raced to the line in 27:39.80.

“It was very tough,” Menjo said, referring to the humid conditions.

“It must have affected the pacemaker. When he tried to speed up, he couldn’t. I tried to push him, but he couldn’t respond.”

If it was hard for Menjo, it was harder for his rivals.

“When I tried to move, it was hard for the others to follow,” he said.

Menjo said his time was “great for December,” and said he would love to come back for the 51st race at the new Albert Park complex next year.

“If they tell me early enough, I will prepare and run even faster,” he said.

Behind Menjo, St Lawrence burst away from Curtis and Blincoe with six laps to run to take second place, and the Australian title, in 28:05.25. Curtis was third in 28:08.78, giving the American runner two top three finishes in the past three Zatopek races.

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