Friday, December 31, 2010

Tollefson Wins Low Profile 10K in Jamaica

Carrie Tollefson continues her low-key return to competitive running after numerous injuries and the birth of her first child. Earlier this month Carrie won a 10K road race held in conjunction with the Raggae Marathon in Negril, Jamaica. This race represents a step up in distance for Tollefson, known primarily as a 1500-3000-5000 runner. While at Villanova, she won 3 NCAA titles over 3000 meters and a fourth at 5000 meters (in addition to an individual XC title); she won the US Olympic Trials 1500 meters in 2004.

Top 10 Results

1. Carrie Tollefson 35:05
2. Shana-Kay South 39:49
3. Roshae Burrell 39:50
4. Molly Ann Blake 40:44
5. Shaniek Watson 41:51
6. Roxanne Tyrell 42:34
7. Jhevre Hall 42:36
8. Chante Roberts 42:47
9. Lisa Buchanan 43:21
10. Tiffany Thomas 44:39

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