Friday, May 20, 2011

USATF Championships Predictions

The gurus at Track & Field News have made predictions of the USATF championships scheduled for later this summer. The championships will serve as the trials, as it were, for the USA World championships team. Three former Villanova athletes figure prominently in the mix for spots on that USA World team: Bobby Curtis, Frances Koons, and Jen Rhines. Here's what T&F News predicts (click the title of this post to go to the complete list of predictions).


1. Chris Solinsky
2. Galen Rupp
3. Bobby Curtis (right)
4. Matt Tegenkamp
5. Tim Nelson
6. Brent Vaughn
7. Scott Bauhs
8. Ryan Vail
9. Aaron Braun
10. Brian Olinger


1. Molly Huddle
2. Jenny Simpson
3. Jen Rhines (below, right)
4. Lauren Fleshman
5. Liz Maloy
6. Frances Koons (left)
7. Angela Bizzarri
8. Julie Culley
9. Neely Spence
10. Renee Baillie

1. Shalane Flanagan
2. Amy Begley
3. Kara Goucher
4. Amy Hastings
5. Jen Rhines (right)
6. Lisa Koll
7. Megan Hogan
8. Katie McGregor
9. Meghan Armstrong
10. Rebecca Donaghue

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