Sunday, April 1, 2012

Danny Curran Invitational Performance List

While the most important performance of the weekend took place in Texas, where Shericka Ward turned in an NCAA #10 performance (13.16) in the 100 meter hurdles at the Texas Relays, there was plenty of action this weekend in Chester, PA at Widener's Danny Curran Invitational. Here are the results for Villanova competitors.


400 Meters
Cory Serfoss 7th of 70 51.09
Jake Stillings 17th 52.54
Matt Whalen 23rd 52.98

800 Meters
Joseph Capecci 2nd of 109 1:54.83
Dusty Solis 3rd 1:55.47
Phillip O'Connell 8th 1:57.35
John Castillo 19th 1:59.39

1500 Meters
Joseph LoRusso 2nd of 117 3:56.37
Dan Harris 5th 3:58.99
Brian Basili 6th 3:59.00
Tom Trainer (unattached) 7th 3:59.46
Greg Morrin 8th 3:59.48
Daniel Norman 10th 3:59.98
John Pickhaver 13th 4:01.33
Chris Fitzsimons 14th 4:01.83
Chris Pietrocarlo 15th 4:01.90
Brad Ackerman 17th 4:02.44
Chris O'Sullivan 18th 4:02.71
Charlie Bates 20th 4:02.93
Robert Hurlbut (unattached) 31st 4:08.14
Richie Bohny 45th 4:13.97

Pole Vault
Chris Dougherty tie-6th of 19 4.20m

Long Jump
Elbert Maxwell 1st of 37 6.66m
Lazaro Tiant 3rd 6.37m
George Bodziock 23rd 5.50m

Triple Jump
George Bodziock 13th of 20 11.94m

Frank Anuszewski 8th of 31 43.66m
Drew King tie-20th 35.51m

Frank Anuszewski 2nd of 31 55.93m
Chris McLeod 10th 42.14m
Billy Berrigan 16th 37.05m
Drew King 20th 36.29m

Chris Glennie 15th of 28 51.66m
Connor Milanaik 17th 50.01m



100 Meter Hurdles
Katherine Petruzzellis 3rd of 38 15.36

400 Meters
Qualitra Brown 2nd of 42 58.85
Dominique Campbell 5th 59.97

800 Meters
Erin Ryan 2nd of 121 2:15.57
Mary Bohi 3rd 2:16.45
Shannon Browne 5th 2:17.20

1500 Meters
Emily Lipari 1st of 114 4:30.71
Bogdana Mimic 2nd 4:32.69
Ali Smith 3rd 4:36.74
Courtney Chapman 5th 4:37.79
Meghan Smith 9th 4:47.23
Megan Venables 10th 4:47.32

High Jump
Samantha Yeats tie-1st of 25 1.65m
Katherine Petruzzellis tie-3rd 1.55m

Pole Vault
Kathleen McPhillips tie-1st of 20 3.70m
Kim Logoyda tie-4th 3.40m
Melissa Meggiolaro tie-4th 3.40m
Erica Litvak ---- NH

Long Jump
Samantha Yeats 1st of 37 5.14m
Alexandria Reo 2nd 5.00m
Kathleen McPhillips 5th 4.90m

Triple Jump
Vitoria Profit 1st of 22 11.04m
Marie Minasi 2nd 11.02m

Julia Arduini 1st of 28 43.77m
Jamie Klein 2nd 39.17m
Alexi Stershic 22nd 30.05m

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