Sunday, April 22, 2012

Penn Relays Q&A with Marcus O'Sullivan & Gina Procaccio

Here are excepts from last Wednesday's opening Penn Relays press conference:

Marcus O'Sullivan
Head Coach, Villanova Men's Track & Field

On the importance of the Penn Relays:
"This is as big as it gets. I compare this to the nervous energy that I would expect I would have gotten at Olympic Games or World Championships. This is my barometer. This is what I can compare it to. This is a rite of passage, in my mind, to go on to the next level."

On pressure of being a local team:
"If you are Villanova and you are local, there is so much more expectations put on you and I try to be sensitive to that because I've experienced that. Consequently, there is no better stage than the Penn Relays."

Gina Procaccio
Head Coach, Villanova Women's Track & Field

Opening statement:
"I think we have our best shot in the last few years to bring home another wheel. We're definitely looking forward to having a really strong DMR. And what I am most excited about is I think this year we are actually going to have a 4x800. We haven't had a 4x8 in this meet in over 10 years."

Some other events to keep an eye on:
"We'll have a few girls in the distance night on Thursday and I know our sprint coach thinks he's going to have a pretty decent 4x100 running this year - as well as a hurdler, a couple girls in the hurdles."

Here is the entire press conference:

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