Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sonia O'Sullivan Goes 18:08 at Carlsbad 5000

Sorry that this one slipped by for a week, but on April 1 in Carlsbad, California former world champion and Olympic silver medalist at 5000 meters (and former Villanova legend) Sonia O'Sullivan competed in the Carlsbad 5000 road race. She finished in 18:08, 6th among master's women. Sonia competed along with a number of Aussies from the Melbourne Track Club who are doing a spring running tour in the United States, working from West to East, culminating at the Penn Relays. Her husband Nic Bideau is the Director of the club and has coached both Adrian Blincoe and Bobby Curtis. Here are the top finishers among master's women:

Masters Women 40+
1. Dorota Gruca --- 16:58:00
2. Kathleen Jobes Bethlehem, PA 17:24:00
3. Cassandra Henkiel Austin, TX 17:46:00
4. Grace Padilla Los Angeles, CA 17:54:00
5. Tania Fischer Santa Monica, CA 18:01:00
6. Sonia O’Sullivan Melbourne, Austr 18:08:00
7. Verity Breen Burlingame, CA 18:12:00
8. Jenny Newton Missoula, MT 18:18:00
9. Carmen Ayala-Troncoso Austin, TX 18:33:00
10. Suzy Schumacher Phoenix, AZ 18:34:00
11. Kate Maurer Scottsdale, AZ 18:35:00
12. Christine Kennedy Los Gatos, CA 18:38:00
13. Beth Ellickson Glendale, AZ 18:47:00
14. Mary Thane Missoula, MT 19:00:00

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