Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another Big PR for Nicole Schappert
Former Villanova All-American Goes 2:02.86 at Belgian 800

And the beat goes on for Nicole Schappert. Today in Belgium, the former Villanova All-American (in the yellow top in video above) ran yet another big PR in a summer of PRs. At Ninove, Schappert ran a new 800 meter PR by finishing 9th in 2:02.86. This time surpasses her previous PR (2:04.91, set on June 17 of this year) by over two seconds, and continues a breakout 2012 for Schappert, whose 800 meter PR was 2:07.45 as recently as April of this year.

Memorial Rasschaert -- Ninove, Belgium

Women's 800 meters
 1.  Vessey Maggie      USA    1:59.98  
 2.  Moore Erica        USA    2:00.05  
 3.  Price Chanelle     USA    2:00.15  
 4.  Smit Angie         NZL    2:01.18  
 5.  Bereket Lemtem     SLS    2:01.22  
 6.  Mackey Katie       USA    2:02.23  
 7.  Wright Phoebe      USA    2:02.31  
 8.  Kubo Ruriko        JPN    2:02.35  
 9.  Schappert Nicole   USA    2:02.86  
10.  Parewyck Mariska   LAT    2:06.06  
11.  Debroux Charlotte  BEL    2:07.35  
     Den Haeze Wendy    BEL    DNF

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