Friday, July 13, 2012

Schappert & Reid at Belgian Flanders Cup 1500

Nicole Schappert and Sheila Reid will contest the 1500 meters at the Flanders Cup fixture in Belgium on Saturday. As the start list below reveals, the meet is populated with many athletes who will compete at the London Games at the end of the month.

Flanders Cup -- Women's 1500 Meters Start List
9800   MANDERS Marlies        PACE
9907   VAN LEEUWEN Ellen      PACE
9775   BETTICHE Amina         ALG
9917   MACKEY Katie           USA
9916   REID Sheila            CAN
9915   SCHAPPERT Nicole       USA
9914   MALOY Elizabeth        USA
9912   HUDDLE Molly           USA
9911   TOMLIN Renee           USA
9930   MILLER Ashley          USA
9910   INFELD Emily           USA
9907   RAMOS Beverly          PUR
9909   CONLEY Kim             USA
9906   MCNEICE Kelly          IRE
9905   HOWARD Julia           CAN
9925   JINNOUCHI Ayako        JPN
9904   PRAUGHT Aisha          USA
9895   VAN MIERT Lesley       NED
9903   LEHMANN Valérie        SUI
9927   SMIT Angela            NZL
9902   SAMIRI Tauria          ITA
9901   BONGIOVANNI Ombretta   ITA
9899   CHEEVER Jamie          USA
9894   PRUVOST Fanny          FRA
9780   HOFSTEDE Helen         NED
9897   MCKAIG Alissa          USA
9896   FLÛCK Joëlle           SUI
9893   GOLDKAMP Mary          USA
9892   RUIJTERS Evelien       NED
9891   SOETHOUT Jana          GER
9890   NICKLESS Bethany       USA
1803   MARECHAL Anne-Sophie   BEL
9642   WEVER Lisanne          NED
9512   TRUONG Perrine         SUI
9889   MELLSOP Caroline       NZL
9888   KORLIMA Lonah Chemtai  KEN
9887   TAKA Azaunt            ISR
9510   GADISH Roni            ISR

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