Monday, July 2, 2012

Olympic Trials/European Championships Summary

Several Villanova athletes competed in the US and Canadian Trials, as well as the European Outdoor Championships, over the past week. Here's a summary of their efforts:

US Olympic Trials (Eugene, OR)
(1) Bobby Curtis finished 10th (27:58.48) in the 10,000 meter final.
(2) Nicole Schappert advanced to the 1500 meter final, and finished 10th in 4:13.51.
(3) Frances Koons ran 16:45.93 in finishing 14th in heat #1 of the 5000 meters semi-final.
(4) Shericka Ward was DQ'd for a false start in the 100 meter hurdles prelims.
(5) Jen Rhines scratched from the 10,000 meters and DNS'd in the 5000.

Canadian Olympic Trials (Calgary, BC)
(1) Sheila Reid won the 5000 meter final, in 16:15.23, but was left off the Canadian Olympic team.
(2) Carmen Douma-Hussar made the 1500 meter final, where she came 6th in 4:19.76.
(3) Allan Brett finished 13th in the 1500 meter semi-final, in 3:50.06.

European Championships (Helsinki, Finland)
(1) Marina Muncan advanced to the 1500 meter final, and finished 12th in 4:12.33.

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