Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Koons Comes 7th at USA 20K Championships

Frances Koons finished 7th yesterday at the USA 20K championships held in New Haven, CT.  Competing well above her normal optimal distance (Koons was an NCAA All-American at 5000 meters, both indoors and outdoors, and was runner-up at the 2009 NCAA Indoor Championships at that distance), Koons finished in 1:11:03, some 1:06 behind race winner Meghan Peyton.  Moving up in distance seems to have gone well for Koons, as she competed well (she went through the 10K mark in 34:45, just 5 seconds off the leader) over the 20K road course only one year removed from finishing 5th at the USA 1 mile road championship.  You can see Frances cross the finish line at about the 18:35 mark of the race video above.  Here are the top results from yesterday's race:

Womens 20k
Name  Time
1 Peyton, Meghan  1:09:57
2 Suver, Mattie  1:10:25
3 Comfort, Caitlin  1:10:43
4 DiCamillo, Katie  1:10:51
5 Thomas, Wendy  1:10:52
6 DiCrescenzo, Delilah  1:11:00
7 Koons, Frances  1:11:03
8 Fryburg-Zaitz, Kristen  1:11:47
9 Erb, Esther  1:11:54
10 Thweatt, Laura  1:12:18

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