Friday, September 13, 2013

Williamsz Wins, Leads Villanova Men at Big 5 Invitational

The Villanova harriers launched the 2013 cross country campaign today at Belmont Plateau at the Big 5 Invitational.  On the men's side, Jordy Williamsz won the 6K (6 x 1K loops) race in 18:50.95 and headed a  1-4-9-15-18 finish (with a 20.4 second spread) for Villanova.  Rob Denault was just a few strides behind in 4th place, and uber frosh Patrick Tiernan started his Villanova career by finishing 9th overall, 5.5 seconds in arrears of his compatriot Williamsz. Seventeen Villanova men contested the race, including unattached frosh Ben Malone, Colin O'Mara and Drake Johnson. No Alex Tully (who figures to be in Villanova's top 5 this season) in today's race, while Dusty Solis made the first claim on the open #7 spot on the squad by gapping Harry Warnick & Kevin Corbusier by over 14 seconds.  To be continued.  The complete race results are HERE.

The Nova men's order of finish looked like this:

Villanova Men
1.  Jordy Williamsz       18:50.95
4.  Rob Denault           18:52.32
9.  Patrick Tiernan       18:56.46
15. Sam McEntee           19:09.18
18. Brian Basili          19:11.35
20. Dusty Solis           19:13.43
33. Harry Warnick         19:27.95
34. Kevin Corbusier       19:28.71
35. Chris O'Sullivan      19:31.06
38. Robert Hurlbut        19:35.22
46. Chris Pietrocarlo     19:52.72
47. Ben Malone (u)        19:56.34
48. Colin O'Mara (u)      20:04.20
50. Charlie Bates         20:06.14
55. Drake Johnson (u)     20:17.79
56. Chris FitzSimons      20:18.70
58. Josh Lampron          20:20.10

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