Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Beamish Back Building Base

Here's the latest update from Villanova's former Big East 5000 meter champion Hugo Beamish, who in March of this year took his first national title by winning the New Zealand 5000 meter crown.  You can see that race and the results HERE.

In this update, we find that Hugo, who owns a 13:47 PR at 5000 meters, has been set back by injuries and some bad luck, but is now back on the road to reclaiming fitness.

Hugo Beamish: “Drama”

Folks, blog number one.

Unfortunately this blog comes after a devastating team loss at NZ road relay champs. In hindsight, it is lucky we even managed to field a team as the ongoing Wellington injury saga took its toll. I had very moderate expectations coming into the race as it was to be workout number 1 after several months of sporadic running. So after running quite terrrrribllyy, my performance served as a nice reality check and provided some motivation to get fit again. The weekend was not a total loss however. Several highlight runs from within the Scottish Team meant we were still in with a chance come the final lap. Other highlights included evening mini putt in Akaroa, where the owner left us to shoot hole in ones and lock up as he boosted off on his electric skateboard. Then there was the 35 dollars I won at the casino.

My state of fitness was due to an aborted cross country season that was beginning to look quite good. I managed a race at North Islands off the back of some good training. Big ups to the winter crew who made the jogs and sessions entertaining. Mile repeats after work with newly purchased headtorches imported from a lady in China.

Then there was the day I was running along the river bank, came around a blind corner, had a head on collision with a kid on a push scooter, flew across the ground, banged my knee on the ground.


Having a sore knee six weeks later was frustrating.

And here we are now. Getting back into a routine of 80+ miles, tempo runs, 6xmile repeats, and protein shakes. This will be the plan for the next few months.

 Watch out for kids on scooters.

Look after your fascia.

Amen to daylight savings.

Stay cool.

Go Nike.

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