Monday, April 28, 2014

Nova Gals Sweep Distance Relays with 4x800 Title

Emily Lipari, Kelsey Margey, Nicky Akande and Angel Piccirillo after repeating as 4x800 Champions


PL School/Affiliation Mark Athletes ID
1 Villanova 8:21.49 Kelsey Margey (2:06.33), Angel Piccirillo (2:06.00), Nicky Akande (2:05.67), Emily Lipari (2:03.50) AA
2 Oregon 8:22.54 Claudia Francis (2:08.20), Samantha Murphy (2:08.42), Annie Leblanc (2:04.07), Laura Roesler (2:01.86) AB
3 Georgetown 8:31.03 Rachel Schneider (2:08.52), Sabrina Southerland (2:06.09), Becca Deloache (2:08.08), Andrea Keklak (2:08.37) AC
4 Tennessee 8:35.22 Alexis Panisse (2:07.63), Kianna Ruff (2:08.05), Brittney Jackson (2:09.94), Amirah Johnson (2:09.62) AE
5 Princeton 8:45.40 Meghan McMullin (2:10.82), Zoe Sims (2:12.22), Molly Higgins (2:13.06), Kim Mackay (2:09.31) AH
6 Fordham 8:50.90 Titi Fagade (2:10.96), Kristen Stuart (2:12.54), Melissa Higgins (2:13.16), Mara Lieberman (2:14.26) AL
7 Charlotte 8:51.18 Rachel Miller (2:12.05), T'Sheila Mungo (2:12.00), Taylor Carcella (2:12.94), Maraya Slatter (2:14.21) AQ
8 Northern Illinois 8:59.14 Ali Olson (2:12.59), Meghan Heuer (2:13.71), Jamie Burr (2:19.02), Julie Cronin (2:13.83) AS
9 Indiana 8:59.23 Samantha Gwin (2:16.30), Kellie Davis (2:14.67), Taylor Wiley (2:15.64), Samantha Ginther (2:12.65) AN
10 Army 8:59.39 Katrina Donarski (2:15.05), Allie Sutherland (2:14.80), Elizabeth Moton (2:19.77), Jennifer Comfort (2:09.78) AR


Gina Procaccio

Coach - Villanova University

"I didn't think lightning would strike twice. I don't know what to say...I decided to go with the exact same relay from last year (2013 Penn Relays 4x800 Champions). I told them to try to channel last year. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain."

Emily Lipari

Anchor - Villanova University

"I know that Laura (Roesler) is a very competitive person and that she was looking to do the same thing to me that I did to her last year (Lipari out-kicked Roesler to win the 2013 Penn Relays 4x800). I had to put a good lead on her, and I could feel her coming...I didn't want to give her an opportunity to edge me out on he the line, so I took off with everything I had left in the tank with 200 meters to go. (My teammates) ran with so much heart."

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