Monday, April 28, 2014

Villanova Men Seize Penn Relays 4 x 800 Crown


PL School/Affiliation Mark Athletes ID
1 Villanova 7:16.58 Josh Lampron (1:51.80), Dusty Solis (1:49.45), Jordan Williamsz (1:48.77), Samuel Ellison (1:46.58) AB
2 Penn State 7:18.99 Wade Endress (1:53.35), Za'Von Watkins (1:48.97), Ryan Brennan (1:49.73), Brannon Kidder (1:46.96) AA
3 Georgetown 7:19.27 Ryan Manahan (1:51.42), Billy Ledder (1:50.68), Amos Bartelsmeyer (1:48.59), Ahmed Bile (1:48.60) AE
4 Wake Forest 7:20.49 Simon Holden (1:51.36), Thomas Bojanowski (1:50.50), Kyle Eager (1:49.78), Kyle Graves (1:48.87) AG
5 Stanford 7:24.99 Scott Buttinger (1:53.14), Justin Brinkley (1:51.57), Marco Bertolotti (1:50.89), Luke Lefebure (1:49.40) AD
6 Georgia Tech 7:25.44 Jeremy Greenwald (1:52.13), Zack Fanelty (1:54.70), Shawn Roberts (1:48.74), Brandon Lasater (1:49.88) AC
7 Columbia 7:25.90 Denzel Woode (1:53.84), Harry McFann (1:51.04), Rob Napolitano (1:51.04), Connor Claflin (1:49.99) AF
8 Monmouth 7:27.16 Andrew Langille (1:51.86), Domenick D'Agostino (1:54.80), Alex Leight (1:52.12), Dylan Capwell (1:48.41) AN
9 Texas A&M 7:27.84 Gaines Kinsey (1:53.57), Josh Hernandez (1:51.82), Cameron Cardwell (1:52.68), Hector Hernandez (1:49.78) AJ
10 Brown 7:27.90 Tyler Benster (1:53.25), Matt Bevil (1:52.81), Colin Savage (1:51.80), Henry Tufnell (1:50.05) AH
11 Princeton 7:36.48 William Paulson (1:53.16), Luke Brahm (1:56.67), Michael Williams (1:54.52), Bradley Paternostro (1:52.14) AI
12 Cornell 7:41.73 Hong Cho (1:55.08), Will Weinlandt (1:51.06), Eric Bice (1:54.38), John Schilkowsky (2:01.23) AM


Sam Ellison

Anchor - Villanova University

"Unbelievable. You can't really find words for it. This environment is very special. You can't really get a crowd like this anywhere else in the world, whether it's the Olympics, World Championships; there's nothing like the Penn Relays. They're kind of the Super Bowl of our sport." "Our coaches always tell us 'run for the vest,' run for the jersey. In our field house we just have a hallway full of wheels, and we take it very seriously. For us to have all of the talent we have on this team, it's kind of weird that we haven't won one yet, but sometimes it just takes the right day, the right time, the right guys, to come together." "Certainly we were all trying to be like Emily (Lipari) today. She's an unbelievable athlete. We're certainly proud of her." "You just want to be a part of it and bring one home for your team, your coaches, and your school."

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