Friday, October 1, 2010

Paul Short Run Results

While the top of the squads are at the Notre Dame Invite, several Villanova harriers competed today at the Paul Short Run at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. Here are the results. For complete results, click the title of this post.

Men's 8k

Chris O'Sullivan_______25:51____5:13
Brian Basili___________25:52____5:13
Chris Pietrocarlo______26:04____5:15
Dan Norman__________26:12____5:17
Mark Hogan___________26:21____5:19
Mark Lee_____________26:44____5:23
Dusty Solis____________26:49____5:24
Dan Harris____________27:08____5:28
Joe Capecci___________27:22____5:31
Richie Bohny__________28:05____5:40
Chris Williams_________28:07____5:40

Women's 6K

Meghan Smith__________23:12____6:14
Nicky Akande___________23:23____6:17
Kaitlyn O'Sullivan________23:30____6:19
Ariann Neutts___________23:31____6:19
Shannon Browne_________24:14____6:31


  1. Additional Villanova runners from Men's Open

    Chris Pietrocarlo is Villanova Fr/Fr

    5857 24 Christopher Pietrocarlo, 5 5:03 26:04

  2. And a few more Villanova runners.

    5852 69 Mark Lee, 5 5:05 26:44

    5858 210 Richie Bohny, 5 5:08 28:05

    5856 107 Dan Harris, 5 5:03 27:08

  3. Thanks, JDP -- I appreciate it.