Friday, April 29, 2011

Villanova Women 3rd in 4 x 1500 at Penn Relays

According to the Penn Relays website, the race developed this way:

Just as Georgetown was the spoiler in Thursday’s college women’s distance medley relay championship, so Boston College dashed the Hoyas hopes of a distance double in Friday’s 4×1500. Thanks to a thrilling sprint from anchor Caroline King, the Eagles their first ever women’s Championship of America at the Penn Relays.

Richmond took the lead at the first exchange and held a wide margin halfway through the second leg. But BC’s Jillian King led a strong charge from the chase group to draw even at the exchange. Georgetown’s Renee Tomlin went to the front and slowly extended its lead. On the anchor leg BC’s King and Villanova’s Sheila Reid trailed the Hoyas’ Emily Infeld by as much as 30 meters with a lap to go. A big push from Reid brought the duo within striking distance, and King slingshot off the final curve to close quickly on Infeld.

Boston College hit the tape in 17:25.19, with Georgetown (17:25.65) and Nova (17:28.12) following.

College Women's 4x1500 Championship of America


1 Boston College 17:25.19
Caitlin Bailey (4:25.2), Jillian King (4:18.8), Siobhan Breagy (4:29.0), Caroline King (4:12.2) F

2 Georgetown 17:25.65
Lauren Borduin (4:24.4), Rachel Schneider (4:20.5), Renee Tomlin (4:23.9), Emily Infeld (4:16.9) D

3 Villanova 17:28.12
Ariann Neutts (4:21.7), Emily Lipari (4:26.9), Bogdana Mimic (4:26.1), Sheila Reid (4:13.4) B

4 Princeton 17:50.45
Greta Feldman (4:27.3), Alexis Mikaelian (4:18.7), Alex Banfich (4:32.3), Marisa Cummings (4:32.2) H

5 Richmond 17:58.28
Amy VanAlstine (4:19.7), Nicol Traynor (4:23.2), Jennifer Ennis (4:40.5), Alli Mannon (4:34.9) Q

6 Duke 18:07.70
Gabby Levac (4:27.6), Madeline Morgan (4:24.5), Juliet Bottorff (4:38.4), Rebecca Craigie (4:37.2) G

7 Texas 18:12.17
Betzy Jimenez (4:20.9), Sara Sutherland (4:28.8), Katie Hoaldridge (4:46.8), (4:35.7) I

8 Indiana 18:15.65
Breanne Ehrman (4:27.8), Chelsea Blanchard (4:27.0), Sarah Pease (4:36.1), Caitlin Engel (4:44.8) E

9 Mississippi State 18:27.31
Chloe Phillips (4:27.6), Katie Huston (4:33.1), Haley Greenwell (4:40.5), Katie Huston (4:46.1) O

10 La Salle 18:29.42
Caitlin Storbeck (4:27.6), Stephanie Bearish (4:41.7), Meghan McGlinchey (4:40.2), Wendy Hutchinson (4:39.9) N

DNF Tennessee DNF
Ramzee Fondren (4:34.7), Liz Costello (4:25.8), Brittany Sheffey, Chanelle Price A

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