Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hugo Beamish's Plans for 2011-12 Include World University Games and Indoor & Outdoor Seasons for Villanova

Here's a blog post from Hugo Beamish (via the Runners Tribe folks in Australia). In it, he lets everyone know that despite graduating from Villanova this spring, he'll be back for the indoor and outdoor seasons in 2012 (he's used up all his cross country eligibility). Also, he's getting ready for the World University Games in China next month, where he'll run the 5000 meters.

Been a bit of a delay in actually producing this blog after accepting a few weeks ago. Currently taking summer classes which have reluctantly taken priority, although I am writing this during an urban hydrology and stormwater management lecture which is a little duller than usual.

Despite graduating in May from Villanova and the possibility of no more classes, the thought of a real job meant more school was by far the better option. Luckily I have an indoor and outdoor season left for a 5th year that I am going to do at Villanova. No cross country, which while devastating means I can go to World Uni Games mid August after qualifying in the 5k indoors this year (by running 13:51).

It’s a bit odd not to be doing the usual slow build up, mileage only for cross country over the summer here but this outdoors was a bit average so another chance to run on the track is sweet. After only racing three times outdoors I took a week or so of easy running before beginning a few weeks of tempos and threshold.

Week looks a bit like this at the moment with about 75 miles total.

Tuesday: 4-6 mile tempo
Thursday: low key hills (8-10 about 1min long)
Friday: 6x1mile at threshold
Sunday: Long run (about 14 miles)

I have few more weeks of this before one session a week becomes a track workout. That will get me through to the 7th of August when I head to Hong Kong before actually going to Shenzhen. No idea what to expect but pretty excited for the race/trip. Excited to be doing some travelling with few others. Race is a heat and final. As for the conditions, training here is pretty perfect as it is consistently above 30 and miserably humid. Luckily there is a summer school crew here plus the reliable Dan Lewis, although he’s tryna bail from mile repeats tomorrow morning, so there’s a few people to run and hang with.

Will be back with an update next week if all goes to plan.

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