Sunday, July 10, 2011

Schappert 2nd, Koons 3rd at Halifax 1500

Tonight at the Alienn Meagher Track Classic in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Nicole Schappert was 2nd in 4:18.70 and Frances Koons third in 4:19.96. Schappert was 1 second off her 1500 PR, while Koons was almost 7 seconds off her 4:13.34 PR. Here are the complete results:

Women 1500 Meter Run

1.Howard, Julia Canada 4:17.29
2.Schappert, Nicole Team USA 4:18.70
3.Koons, Frances Team USA 4:19.96
4.Gollish, Sasha Canada 4:28.02
5.Frost, Nadia Canada 4:28.05
6.Cliff, Rachel Canada 4.29.54
7.Wyman, Jillian Canada 4:33.63
8.Crawley, Rachel Canada 4:42.04
9.Rawding, Hilary Canada 4:45.95
10.Manuel, Lynette Canada 5:41.05
--Frost, Lydia Canada DNF
--Jewett, Tamara Canada DNF

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