Friday, July 1, 2011

Matt Gibney Discusses his New 1500 PR

Next up for Gibney is the 1500 at the Victoria International Track Classic on Sunday, July 3. Here's the start list for that race.

Event 11 -- START LIST
Men 1500 Meter Run INT.

1 Kisorio, Silas Oklahoma Christian
2 Martinson, Geoff Prince George T&F
3 Foster, Ryan Unattached
4 Brosnan, Sean Unattached
5 Gibney, Matthew Villanova
6 Boorsma, Kyle Speed River Tfc
7 Jamieson, Carlos Cptc New Balance
8 Berkis, Anthony Windsor ON
9 Corrigan, Peter Running Room Athletic Club
10 Borrego, Diego Zatopek Club
11 Marpole-Bird, Justin Canada
12 Lincoln, Matt Canada

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