Sunday, July 3, 2011

Schappert 3rd at Manchester Road Mile in 4:21

Nicole Schappert ran a 4:21 downhill mile in Manchester, New Hampshire, finishing third among the women. The men and women ran together, and the race had a massive 188 feet drop from start-to-finish. Nicole's official mile PR is 4:35. The men's race was won by Brian Gagnon in 3:44, while Julie Cully won the women's race in 4:14 -- both times are the fastest miles ever run on US soil, but rightfully are not considered records because of the nature of the downhill course. The official US national records for the mile are 3:46.91 (Allen Webb, 2007) and 4:16.71 (Mary Decker Slaney, 1986)

Women's Results

1. Julie Cully 4:14
2. Nicole Blood 4:17
3. Nicole Schappert 4:21
4. Malika Mejdoub 4:34
5. Caitlin Malloy 4:40

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  1. Photos from the race can be found at Champion Photo