Monday, November 7, 2011

Post-Marathon Interviews with Bobby Curtis

Bobby Curtis talks about how the final 4 miles were marked by extreme tightness in his legs -- not the typical glycogen debt that hits runners after the 20 mile mark. Also he ruled out competing at the USA Olympic Marathon Trials. Curtis, who ran 1:01:53 at the Philadelphia Distance Run in late September, had been pegged for a possible top 10 finish at NYC. Certainly Curtis himself appeared confident going into the race.

“On the best day," he said a few days before the race. "I think I can run 2:09.”

Curtis hit the half in 1:05:23, and a strong debut seemed well within reach. Then the miles, and possibly the hills, began to take their toll.

"It was a good marathon until mile 21," Curtis said. "I was holding 5:00 minute pace. Then the 5's went to 5:15. Then 5:30. Then 6:00, then 7:00…"

"Before this race I thought there was a 1 percent chance I'd run the Marathon Trials," said Curtis. "Now, I'm not."

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