Monday, February 18, 2013

Runner's World Q&A with Millrose Games Champ Sheila Reid

The only woman to outgun Mary Cain in the Wanamaker Mile was Canadian Sheila Reid, a winner of multiple NCAA cross country and track titles at Villanova who is now a professional athlete. Reid ran last in the race for the first 600 meters, but moved up to the lead with two 200-meter laps remaining. She triumphed in 4:27.02 [the #1 mile time in the world this year]. And then, very graciously and knowingly, she took Cain’s hand and insisted they do a victory lap together. Which is just what the jubilant Armory crowd wanted.

We spoke to Reid after her mile win.

Were you worried at all early on? Was dropping to last place in the cards, in the race plan?

Sheila Reid: It was a good field and it went out quick. I’ve got a good feel on that sort of pace. In the back wasn’t slow, it was just not as fast as the front girls. But you should never bank on people coming back to you, so I did have to start cranking it up a notch.

Were the fractions along the way about what you expected?

SR: I think so. I kind of stopped looking after 800. I just wanted to be real comfortable, no quicker than 2:12 through the half. And then, from there on out, I was just trying to feel good, trying to feel out the other girls and how they were feeling.

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