Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sam McEntee Wins 3000 Meter Crown at Big East Indoors

Sam McEntee doubled back from a 5th place finish (14:22.43) on Saturday in the 5000 meters to claim the 3000 meter title today at the Big East Indoor Championships in Geneva, Ohio. McEntee had to make a final lap charge to overcome both Andrew Springer of Georgetown and Martin Hehir of Syracuse to take the win in 8:03.95. His compatriot Jordy Williamsz (8:04.77) was third, less than a second in arrears. Villanova teammates Tom Trainer (8:30.79) and Brian Basili (8:33.24) came 19th and 22nd, respectively.

Men's 3000 Meter Final
  1 Sam McEntee               JR VILLANOVA              8:03.95I  10            
  2 Martin Hehir              SO SYRACUSE               8:04.33I   8            
  3 Jordan Williamsz          FR VILLANOVA              8:04.77I   6            
  4 Andrew Springer           JR GEORGETOWN             8:04.81I   5            
  5 Dominic Channon           SR PROVIDENCE             8:11.35I   4            
  6 Michael Clevenger         FR NOTRE DAME             8:12.59I   3            
  7 Ernest Kibet              FR LOUISVILLE             8:12.80I   2            
  8 Bobby Peavey              JR GEORGETOWN             8:12.96I   1            
  9 Jake Kildoo               SO NOTRE DAME             8:13.12I                
 10 Mark Dennin               SR GEORGETOWN             8:13.33I                
 11 Robert Molke              SR SYRACUSE               8:13.91I                
 12 Liam Hillery              SO PROVIDENCE             8:15.41I                
 13 Harvey Dixon              FR PROVIDENCE             8:16.92I                
 14 Bryan Fowler              SO CONNECTICUT            8:20.93I                
 15 Joseph Whelan             JR SYRACUSE               8:22.16I                
 16 Martin Grady              JR NOTRE DAME             8:23.55I                
 17 Luke Lovelace             SR LOUISVILLE             8:25.62I                
 18 Patrick Maag              SR MARQUETTE              8:28.47                 
 19 Thomas Trainer            SO VILLANOVA              8:30.79                 
 20 Ryan Urie                 SO SYRACUSE               8:31.10                 
 21 Walter Schafer            JR NOTRE DAME             8:31.99                 
 22 Brian Basili              JR VILLANOVA              8:33.24                 
 23 Tyler Byrne               SO LOUISVILLE             8:36.04                 
 24 Connor Callahan           SR MARQUETTE              8:36.76                 
 25 Lee Carey                 SR PROVIDENCE             8:40.02                 
 -- Collin Leibold            FR GEORGETOWN                 DNF

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