Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bobby Curtis Runner-Up at USA 15K Championship

Bobby Curtis came second this morning in Jacksonville at the USA 15K championship. He covered the 9.3 mile road course in 43:40. Curtis hit 5K in 13:49 and 10K at 29:21, and the lead group hit the 8 mile mark in 37.44. Curtis ran in the lead pack the entire race, but was out-kicked by Ben True over the final quarter-mile. As he states in the post-race interview (above), with his new Hansons-Brooks training group, he's been working on "strength, strength, strength" and didn't really expect to be able to out-kick people at the end. Overall, he was quite satisfied with second, under the circumstances. Three-time defending champion Mo Trafeh was beaten into 8th place.

On the women's side, Jen Rhines finished 20th in 52:24. She's regaining form after down time due to injuries.

 1. Ben True             43:38
 2. Bobby Curtis         43:40
 3. Ryan Vail            43:43
 4. Sean Quigley         43:45
 5. Christo Landry       43:46
 6. Tim Ritchie          44:01
 7. Craig Curley         44:04
 8. Mo Trafeh            44:11
 9. Tyler Pennel         44:17
10. Donn Cabral          44:20

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