Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On this Day in 1975: Marty Liquori Sets US National Record

Liquori was ranked #1 in the World over 1 Mile and 5000 meters -- the last American to accomplish either

On July 17, 1975 Marty Liquori broke Steve Prefontaine's national record in the 2-mile run by crossing the line in 8:17.12 to win in Stockholm, Sweden. Prefontaine had set his second national record (8:18.29) over two miles almost exactly one year earlier, but Liquori bested a strong field -- including both New Zealand's (Dixon) and Sweden's (Garderud) reigning 2-mile record holders and the reigning Olympic 1500 meter gold medalist (Walker) -- to claim the US record.  Liquori's run on this day bested his previous PR over two miles -- 8:25.27 set one year earlier on the same track -- by over 8 seconds. Liquori's new national record would last 19 years, until being broken by Marc Davis (8:12.74) on August 24, 1994.

2 Mile Run
Stockholm, Sweden  July 17, 1975

1.  Marty Liquori     USA     8:17.12  NR
2.  John Walker       NZL     8:20.57
3.  Anders Garderud   SWE     8:20.94
4.  Rod Dixon         NZL     8:26.40

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