Monday, June 25, 2012

Rhines & Koons on Tap in 5000 meter Semi-Finals

Jen Rhines embarks tonight on her quest for a fourth Olympic Games, while Frances Koons seeks her first. Both are running tonight in different heats of the 5000 meter semi-finals. The top 6 in each heat, plus the next four fastest times will advance to the 16-person final. Here are the start lists.

Women's 5000 Meters

Heat 1  

 1.  Angela Bizzarri          Brooks
 2.  Amanda Dunne             Saucony
 3.  Lisa Uhl                 Nike / Oregon TC Elite
 4.  Frances Koons            New Balance / New York A C
 5.  Kathy Kroeger            Stanford
 6.  Renee Metivier Baillie   Unattached
 7.  Julia Lucas              Nike / Oregon TC Elite
 8.  Emily Infeld             Georgetown
 9.  Brie Felnagle            adidas
10.  Emily Sisson             Unattached
11.  Julie Culley             Asics/N Y A C
12.  Abbey D'Agostino         Unattached
13.  Deborah Maier            Unattached
14.  Jackie Areson            Nike

Heat 2 

 1.  Nicole Aish             Unattached
 2.  Lauren Fleshman         Nike / Oregon TC Elite
 3.  Kellyn Johnson          adidas/McMillan Elite
 4.  Alissa McKaig           ZAP Fitness Reebok
 5.  Elizabeth Maloy         New Balance
 6.  Katherine Mackey        Brooks
 7.  Tara Erdmann            Unattached
 8.  Amy Hastings            Brooks
 9.  Alisha Williams         Boulder Running Company/adidas
10.  Jennifer Rhines         adidas
11.  Molly Huddle            Saucony
12.  Magdalena Lewy Boulet   Saucony
13.  Kim Conley              SRA Elite

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  1. Did Frances and Jen run? Not seeing Jen in heat 2. Didn't see Frances in heat 1. PK '95