Thursday, June 9, 2011

Matt Gibney Advances to NCAA Final in Men's 1500

Matt Gibney returns to the NCAA 1500 final for the second time in his career, finishing 4th in the faster of the two heats this evening in Des Moines, Iowa. His time was 4th fastest overall. Heat #1 was very slow -- about 6 seconds slower than heat #2 turned out to be. As a result, both qualifiers on time came from heat #2, which produced 7 of the 12 finalists. The 7th place finisher in heat #2 was 4 seconds faster than the winner of heat #1. There was a crash in Gibney's heat, resulting in Penn State's Ryan Foster being DQ'd and Abdi Hassan and Kris Gauson being advanced to the final, making it a 14-person final. Interestingly, AJ Acosta failed to advance. Here are the combined results:

Place Athlete Name Yr      Affiliation        Time
1 Dorian Ulrey (SR) Arkansas 3:42.44 Q
2 Miles Batty (JR) BYU 3:42.84 Q
3 Chris O'Hare (SO) Tulsa 3:43.03 Q
4 Matthew Gibney (SR) Villanova 3:43.06 Q
5 Jeremy Rae (SO) Notre Dame 3:43.35 Q
6 Darius Terry (JR) Arizona State 3:44.46 q
7 Johnathan Shawel (JR) Notre Dame 3:44.82 q
8 Brett Johnson (SO) Virginia 3:47.96
9 Matthew Centrowitz (JR) Oregon 3:48.67 Q
10 Patrick Casey (SO) Montana State 3:49.05 Q
11 Erik van Ingen (JR) Binghamton 3:49.07 Q
12 Julian Matthews (JR) Providence 3:49.24 Q
13 Dumisane Hlaselo (JR) Florida 3:49.26 Q
14 Michael Hammond (JR) Virginia Tech 3:49.45
15 A.J. Acosta (SR) Oregon 3:49.81
16 Blake Shaw (JR) USC 3:50.39
17 Duncan Phillips (JR) Arkansas 3:50.61
18 Jake Edwards (SR) Ohio State 3:51.07
19 Eric Jenkins (FR) Northeastern 3:51.21
20 David Bishop (SR) New Mexico 3:52.30
21 Don Wasinger (SR) Kansas 3:57.85
DQ Ryan Foster (SR) Penn State
DNF Abdi Hassan (SR) Arizona ADV
DNF Kris Gauson (SR) Butler ADV

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