Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sheila Reid to Contest 1500 at Canadian Nationals

Still basking in the afterglow of her triumphant distance double at the NCAA championships in Des Moines, Sheila Reid is readying herself for another major test -- this time against the professionals at the Canadian Nationals in Calgary. Reid will compete in the 1500 meters during the meet, which would commence on Wednesday, June 22 when the 1500 qualifying heats take place. If she advances out of the heats, the semi-final would be on Friday the 24th, with the final the following day.

How does Reid stack up against the best 1500 meter women in Canada? She has the third fastest seed time in the event, based on the current list of entries. Here are the 12 entrants currently declared in the event, with their seeds.

Women's 1500 meters

1. Stellingwerff, Hilary 4:06.99
2. Elmore, Malindi 4:09.10
3. Reid, Sheila 4:11.85
4. Van Buskirk, Kate 4:15.37
5. Belleau-Beliveau, Karine 4:17.49
6. Cliff, Rachel L. 4:18.45
7. Hinther, Ashley 4:18.82
8. Wyman, Jillian 4:25.50
9. Hughes, Mélanie 4:29.55
10. Roy, Joanie 4:33.28
11. Moran, Deirdre 4:58.88
12. Digby, Erica M. NT

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