Saturday, June 11, 2011

Post-Race Quotes from Sheila Reid and Gina Procaccio

Thanks to the official Villanova athletics website (, here are some post-race reactions from Sheila Reid and her coach Gina Procaccio:

Sheila Reid...

On the pace of the race: I expected a slower pace quite frankly. That was wishful thinking because I am doubling tomorrow in the 1500 meters. You can't count on the pace to go out slow but it was nice the way it worked out. I just kind of shut my brain off and made sure to cover moves and take certain moves seriously. There was a lot of jostling at the beginning but I knew when Jordan (Hasay) went it was for real. I followed her and it paid off.

On adjusting her expectations of the pace the race began at: It just happens sometimes that you expect one thing and another happens. I thought the race would go out slow but it went out in [a pace of 1:11 for the first lap]. I don't think I went out that fast yesterday in my 1500 meters prelim. It was interesting but after that it was pretty even with [a pace of about 1:16] the rest of the way.

On the last 400 meters: I was just sidling up on Jordan (Hasay) and kind of testing her to see what she had. She wasn't quite responding so I just decided to go for it. It was kind of dangerous and I had some apprehensions doing it because she has caught me on the curve before but it worked out. I also had Emily (Infeld) on my shoulder which was a very familiar feeling. I feel awesome now that it is over.

On whether she has a good feel for racing against Jordan Hasay and Emily Infeld: I definitely do. I have the privilege of racing against Emily a lot and I don't take that for granted. I know that every time I meet her I have to bring my `A' game. I think it has been really positive for both of us (to race against each other so often) just in improving and getting national caliber competition on a regular basis. I went out to the Mt. SAC Relays in California this year thinking I would get to the West Coast and see some different people and some new competition but I wound up running against Emily and Renee (Tomlin) of Georgetown."

On the level of competition she faces: I get to race against such awesome people on a regular basis and that keeps me on my toes. I know that both Jordan and Emily are going to be back next year in cross country and we are going to battle again. I look forward to that so much. Winning would not mean as much if the competition wasn't tremendous, which it is.

On her training between the cross country and indoor and outdoor seasons: I think the most important elements of my training is breaks, taking scheduled breaks. When you have a good season it is tempting to start hammering away to improve and get huge PR's but you just are not going to last in the system doing that. Three seasons back to back is tough. It really is and I don't take it for granted. I take my breaks and then get back to training. It motivates me every time I take a break.

On the Villanova tradition: The Villanova tradition is so enormous and, at times, daunting. I am constantly striving to make Villanova proud and do right by the name. There have been so many wonderful women that came before me and they have gone on to do such amazing things. I am just trying to pace myself, train smartly and get up for the big races.

On doubling up and running the 1500 meters tomorrow: I am looking forward to it now that today's race is over. I can check this off my list and tomorrow is the third and final day. I am looking forward to it.

Villanova head coach Gina Procaccio...

On Reid's ability to finish strong: We practiced this at the BIG EAST Championships. That was the whole plan in having her run both the 1500 meters and the 5000 meters was to focus on the last 100 meters so that it would come naturally in races.

On her finish to the 5000 meters national championship race: When you get here you have to be so relaxed and calm the whole race to allow yourself to have that kind of a kick. Sheila did her job beautifully; she was perfect. She stayed calm even when she got back and slowly worked her way up to the front. I told her she needed to be near the lead with three laps to go and she executed the plan perfectly.

On what sets Reid apart from other runners: You need to be a very confident runner in order to win the races that Sheila is winning this year. She has become that type of confident runner this year and when you get to this level the confidence in your ability allows you to relax and be able to finish races as strongly as Sheila does.

On the national championship race only being Reid's third collegiate 5000 meter race: I wasn't worried about that. She was the NCAA cross country champion so the 5K in track wasn't going to be a problem for her. Sheila is so fit and I can just see in her training how strong she is.

On having coached all three of Villanova's outdoor 5000 meters national champions: It means that we are lucky to have been blessed with such great athletes consistently coming into our program.

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