Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jen Rhines 3rd at USATF 10,000 -- Makes USA World Team

Jen Rhines made yet another Team USA tonight, qualifying for the US World Championship team by virtue of a typically professional performance in the USATF 10,000 meter championship race. Shalane Flanagan ran away from everyone else in the race, gapping everyone else by 40 meters within the first mile (4:52). Jen Rhines and Kara Goucher ran as tandem, also detached from the rest of the pack, but not in contact with Flanagan. Goucher sat behind Rhines for about 8000 meters and then left Rhines behind in a decisive surge. Goucher never threatened Flanagan, who won by 17 seconds in 30:59. All Rhines had to do was not get caught from behind and stay in third. Desi Davila closed the gap to Rhines somewhat, but was till 7 seconds in arrears at the finish.

1 Shalane Flanagan Oregon TC Elite 30:59.97
2 Kara Goucher Oregon TC Elite 31:16.65
3 Jennifer Rhines adidas 31:30.37
4 Desiree Davila Hansons-Brooks Distance Projec 31:37.14
5 Magdalena Lewy Boulet Saucony 31:48.58
6 Amy Begley Nike 32:34.75
7 Anne Bersagel New Balance Silicon Valley / A 32:54.08
8 Cassandra Slade Boulder Running Company/adidas 32:55.98
9 Sarah Porter unattached 32:57.15
10 Allison Grace Morgan ZAP Fitness Reebok 32:57.57
11 Emily Brown Team USA Minnesota / Asics 33:00.74
12 Danielle Stack Iowa State University 33:04.17
13 Katherine Newberry New York Athletic Club (NYAC) 33:05.31
14 Kathryn Matthews Boston U 33:11.00
15 Addie Bracy Carrboro Athletics Club 33:13.75
16 Nicole Feest Boulder Running Company/adidas 33:15.70
17 Tara Erdmann unattached 33:17.54
18 Stephanie Marcy Stanford 33:18.18
19 Bridget Lyons Georgia 33:24.95
20 Alisha Williams Boulder Running Company/adidas 33:32.59
21 Liz Costello Tennessee 33:52.55
22 Jeannette Faber Boston AA 33:52.95
23 Kim Ruck Clemson University 33:54.64
24 Kristina Vegh Sun Elite 34:05.64
25 Kara Millhouse Penn State 34:22.20
26 Zoila Gomez unattached 34:24.77
DNF Megan Hogan Team USA Minnesota / Asics
DNF Rachel Booth New Balance Silicon Valley / A

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