Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Matt Gibney Chasing Fast 1500 in Vancouver

Matt Gibney is entered in the elite 1500 meter race at this weekend's Harry Jerome International Track Classic in Vancouver. Last weekend he ran a 3:43.01 1500 in New Jersey and is likely to find himself in a fast-paced race here. The start list showcases Canadian 1500 champion Nathan Brannen. Six in the race have run faster than Gibney this year, so he looks to get towed to a new SB. Here's the start list.

TIMEX Men’s 1500m PR/SB NTL

Nathan Brannen’82 3:34.65/3:36.98 CAN
Taylor Milne’81 3:36.00/3:37.20 CAN
Geoff Martinson’86 3:39.12/3:39.58 CAN
Ryan Foster’88 3:41.26/3:41.26 AUS
Anthony Berkis’89 3:42.54/3:42.54 CAN
Peter Corrigan’89 3:43.76/3:43.76 CAN
Mathew Gibney’88 3:40.58/3:44.38 AUS
Diego Borrego’88 3:43.32/3:45.37 MEX
Kyle Boorsma’88 3:40.55/3:45.86 CAN
Justin Marpole Bird’88 3:44.53/3:46.91 CAN
Matt Lincoln’82 3:38.44/3:47.42 CAN

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