Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Curtis FloTrack Blog: Three Weeks Out

Here's Bobby Curtis's latest NYC Marathon blog for FloTrack:

3 Weeks to Go

Time is flying. I have 3 weeks until the ING New York City Marathon and I’ve just completed my second full week of training in Mammoth Lakes. This week was a scheduled down week so I recorded only a modest amount of miles, 97 to be exact. Nothing earth shattering, but after 129 miles last week, rest is more important than advancing fitness. The weather is finally coming around in Mammoth, 80 degrees with sun has become the norm.

Detailed Training

Monday: 7500ft. 9 miles AM at 7:00 pace, 6 miles PM at 7:00 pace.

Tuesday: 7500ft. 4x2k with 2:30 rest. Splits were between 5:45 and 6:00 for the 2Ks, I didn’t wear a heart rate monitor or watch as the workout was relaxed and easy. Warm up & warm down. 6 miles PM at 7:00 pace.

Wednesday: 7000ft. 9 miles AM at 6:30 pace, 4 miles PM at 7:00 pace.

Thursday: 7500ft. 3 miles slow in the AM. 4 miles slow in the PM.

Friday: 7000ft. 9 miles AM at 6:30 pace. 6 miles PM at 7:00 pace.

Saturday: 3 miles at 7:00 pace straight into 15 mile tempo (goal splits: 5:45 for 5 miles, 5:30 for 5 miles, 5:15 for 5miles). Actual times ended up being 5:40ish for 5 miles, 5:20ish for 5 miles, and 5:05s for 5 miles. Total time 1:21:00. Warm down. Very pleased with workout. 6 miles PM at 7:00 pace. HR graph:

Sunday: 7 miles AM at 7:00 pace. PM 10 games of table tennis.

ING New York City Marathon Links:

This week I’ve been trying to familiarize myself with the classic duels, distinguished athletes and memorable moments in the history of the ING New York City Marathon. Here is what I stumbled across that got me excited:

Wrong Turn: Video. Amazing focus and determination displayed by German Silva in 1994

Rod Dixon vs. Jeff Smith
: Video. Rod Dixon triumphs, heartbreak for Jeff Smith in 1983

Vintage Salazar: Article. Sports Illustrated article about Salazar’s big WR run in 1981

Photos from Mammoth:

This is a photo of two local Vitamin D junkies, Pat Smyth and Angela Bizzarri, getting their daily UV fix on a café patio.

I took this photo during my easy jog Sunday morning. Gorgeous trail.

One Last Thing

I’m doing some fundraising for a NYC non-profit named Charity: Water. You can win some cool stuff by donating ten bucks and predicting my marathon time in NYC. Don’t worry, I’ve got some skin in the game! I’ve been donating $1 per every mile of training since Sept 1. Check it out:


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